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  1. We enjoyed ABT on Summit in March. We are avid ballet goers and it was on par with our Chicago venues, though small scale.
  2. At any given moment I would say cabanas are 50-75 percent full (no sea days yet..today is first one). No no actual bar, but servers are extremely fast. service level is amazing on the retreat deck.
  3. L shape. I would suggest the odd side over the even. Their is a smell on the balconies of the even side.
  4. We went last night. It’s two 10 minute performances with a half hour violinist in between. Excellent performance.
  5. We are at Summit Qsine and waiters told us it’s changing around August to LPC.
  6. For the Hoppen doubters...it’s much more elegant in person. So far, the redesign is great, and exceeds expectations. That said, old problems die hard; we have had plumbers in our room for 3 hours. A bad smell became yellow/green water in all sinks/tub/shower/balcony tub. The “retreat model” doesn’t have a staffing plan either. It’s clear staff doesn’t ecactly know their role and are being pulled from place to place. other than that—it’s stunning
  7. Amateurs, don’t make me come across the hall from the even side!
  8. Interesting that our bag and laundry appeared and our mini fridge is properly stocked upon returning to the ship this afternoon 🙂
  9. Odd side is Hommer (excellent) even: Budi. (Budi has been scene working the retreat lounge in addition, however)
  10. Butler: day 3 and we finally got a restock of mini bar and not what we requested. One cabin got evening chocolates (super cool presentation) the other did not. We requested pillows, did not receive. Laundry went out Day one. Still not received. No beach bag provided in one room. 2: retreat concierge is Jess. She is great. 3: no, but they fetch drinks, about a 10 minute wait. Food from 11-4. Limited menus, think poolside cafe, but they deliver it. 4: haven’t seen mainstage shows, but ABT debuts tonight and looking forward to that.
  11. The app menus are not accurate, except for the everyday items. I had a New York strip last night and it was excellent!
  12. Will get some more pics, but yes lots of shade. You can see my DW is tired of my blogging!
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