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  1. Last month I used the regular web online check in, not the app (uploaded our face photos but only manually entered our Passport #s) so we didn't get "expedited arrival", but I did use the passes from the app in my iphone wallet. We got there at about 10:15-m (after dealing with the dropoff traffic) and even without expedited arrival, we just walked right in, took 30 seconds for a staff member to take photos of our passports with her tablet, then were ushered right to security where there was no line (and thus no separation for the expedited arrival folks), and once through security just had ou
  2. They will add the tip, but there is no tax. The only time you may be charged tax may be onboard the ship before departure on embarkation day.
  3. That area is exactly where I was thinking of attempting it (last time I was there, that area was pretty dead).
  4. Depends what kind of food you want. One awesome thing about the Oasis class is the large number of included dining options (and also upcharge). The newest included dining option for lunch is El Loco Fresh, and there are two new upcharge choices which are open on embarkation lunch Playmakers for pub food and Portside BBQ. For me, Park Cafe is always a classic choice.
  5. I personally really enjoy CP balconies. While it's not the same experience as an OV balcony, there is something really serene about the Central Park area, and it's great for people watching during the day. In the evening, it's nice to take 20 minutes out of the night to just sit on our semi-private space and listen to the live music and enjoy a glass of wine either to end the night or as a little reprieve between dinner and other activities. My pro-tip is to buy an electric battery operated tea light (preferably one that has a flicker effect) and place it on the table while you si
  6. Pretty straightforward question. I've had this small foldable nylon kite and thought it would be fun to toss it in my luggage.
  7. Also, I know yours is an Easter Carrib and I'm doing the Western itinerary, but if you can report back which nights are the formal nights and maybe snap some MDR menus, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and have an amazing cruise!
  8. My TA fowarded an email saying to be on the lookout for the second email. We're just taking the $50 since we're in a CP on Oasis, and would rather have the freedom of OBC than lunch at Giovannis (we loved Sabor, RIP), so it's moot, but I'm waiting for the email with the link currently.
  9. Yeah, since there is no penalty for cancelling a Cruise Planner order, if a package/excursion/etc is at a price you think is a good deal, just buy it to lock it in. If the price goes down, it only takes a minute or so to cancel the previous order for a full refund, and then immediately re-purchase it at the lower price. I've already done that twice with the Deluxe Beverage Package on my upcoming Oasis sailing.
  10. Yeah that is the same exact wine I got this past January... and that same letter. The wine was ok - maybe a step up from Bota Box, maybe. But it was nice to have something to pour on the balcony without running out to a bar. The real treat was the lunch at Sabor, but now with that being gone from Oasis in November, it's not a huge loss. Strange that dwelter never got at least the letter in 4 sailings...
  11. Yeah still nothing for Oasis in January. It's the first sailing after the change in policy too -so frustrating!
  12. Has anyone booked on an Oasis Class CP/BW already received the $50 OBC in their Planner yet?
  13. Well, technically speaking lowering guest expectations is enhancing them from RCI's perspective as a business. The lower the guest expectations, the easier it is to please them.
  14. From the early Oasis sailings until December 31, 2019, every CP balcony included a bottle of wine (should have just been in your room either on embarkation or delivered soon after), a complimentary lunch at Giovannis/Jamies Italian (can also be used at other specialty venues at lunch, such as Sabor), and a casino "class" (blackjack usually).
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