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  1. The Turkish Chicken Wrap and Vegetarian Empanada are two of my favorite items from RCI's MDR. The Tutti Salad Bar is also pretty great, but I actually enjoyed those two menu items even more... plus on Oasis I could get a similar made-to-order salad even on port days at the Park Cafe (yeah, I know it's not as many options, but it's still a lot to choose from).
  2. I've done Cocoa Beach on a NCL sailing that had Port Canaveral as a Port of Call. We did an "excursion" through the line which was just a shuttle between the Cruise Terminal and the Cocoa Beach Surf Shop (competitor right across the street from Ron Jon). They had mini busses running back and forth all day. The price was a little less than getting a cab from the Terminal we docked at (it was one of the further ones), and IMO it was fine. I'm sure RCI sells a similar if not the same "excursion". Once in Cocoa Beach, we checked out the two surf shops, including the small "museum" in Ron Jon, walked down the beach towards the Pier, and the walked back along Atlantic Ave checking out some of the small tourist trap shops to get out of the late afternoon sun. It wasn't our most exciting Port of Call ever, but it was fun, warm, and a nice day checking out a beach town we've never been to before.
  3. Also, if you will be sailing Oasis after this October, there may be an additional Freestyle machine at the new BBQ venue (there may also be one at El Loco Fresh, but that would be replacing Wipeout Cafe anyway). Additionally, as of last January, Sorrentos had fruit-infused water, lemonade and iced tea late into the night (past midnight).
  4. I did not see that socket this past January in my CP view Balcony. Is this only in OV Balconies, or did I completely miss it? I'll be on the look out next Jan.
  5. LOL, Honestly though I can see the demand for it as sometimes late at night all you want is a simple salty snack, not pizza, finger sandwiches or desserts. My wife usually desires that kind of food later in the evening, but we make sure to stock up a couple "back up" bags of chips from Park Cafe for the room for just such an occurrence.
  6. It usually, but not always, gets communicated to the Maitre d' and Hotel Director. My wife celebrated her birthday on the Oasis this past January, and essentially there was a birthday card delivered with our other documents on her birthday from the HD as well as some stuff from some of the retailers on board (Tiffany's offered her a free ring cleaning and class of sparkling wine). At dinner they had a special slice of cake with a candle for her, but I also made sure to talk to the host earlier that afternoon to make sure they knew it was her birthday. Some people have had more done (including a full size cake) some less, it really depends on the HD staff of that particular ship and whether or not the birthday was properly communicated to the shipboard staff from Miami. To make sure they sing happy birthday at dinner, definitely make sure the host/hostess knows sometime before.
  7. The phones in the staterooms display the time, but otherwise no clock in the room.
  8. Not exactly toiletries, but my wife has an iPhone 7 and forgot to pack her apple headphones with the lighting end and her dongle, and didn't notice until we were already checked in at the cruise port. After the shops opened the first night, we checked the main gift shop and they actually sold a pair of bluetooth earbuds for only $12. They had really short battery life and were cheaply made, but honestly, you'd see the same model for probably around $7-10 on land, and just as expensive as on the ship in a touristy area or small convenience store (if not more expensive). It was overpriced, but surprisingly not as bad as one would expect.
  9. There was a Beatles tribute band as the Headliner on our Oasis sailing in January. It was a fun show, and they did a decent enough job performing the songs, but don't go in expecting anything the caliber of Rain. In fact I'm pretty sure their setlist was just an abbreviated version of one of the Rain setlists (with the opening video clearly being pirated from the touring show on land). Overall, I'd give the show I saw a 3/5. My wife is a much bigger Beatles fan than I am, and while she had an amazing time just singing along to some of her favorite songs, she had a lot of critique on their actual performance/accuracy to the originals.
  10. I also used Go Port Canaveral for my actual hotel stay and transfer to the port (used Lyft for getting around Orlando the day before the cruise). Everything was smooth and effortless with GPC, so they get my recommendation.
  11. I found that when I was in Orlando, Lyft provided slightly lower fare quotes and faster pickup times than Uber. In general the experience will be identical using either app (most drivers are signed up for both services), but it really depends on the local market which is a better value/faster. I found Lyft edged out Uber over the one day I used in Orlando last month.
  12. Thank you so much for your timely reply! I’m waiting for my port transfer right now, and liked the offerings at Sabor a bit more than Giovanni’s so now I know what I’m having for lunch today!
  13. I know that the Starbucks on RCI ships accept the Starbucks gift cards, but do you need to bring the physical card with you, or do they have the scanners that read smartphone screens like in the land-based stores?
  14. Also, sometimes they open some key slots back up (either from cancellations or who knows, maybe manufactured scarcity). I am sailing this Sunday and The Key was sold out for my sailing on the Cruise Planner last night, but is available again today.
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