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  1. Yes, the Freedom does have self-service laundry. I believe there are two on each cabin deck. Last year, I used my Sail & Sign card to pay for the machines. Easy Peasy!!
  2. Sorry, I don't recall live music during the day. I believe some started between 6:00 and 7:00. The Observation Lounge even had live music in the evening!
  3. I was on the Joy a couple of weeks ago. Footloose was on days 2 and 3 at 7:00 and 10:00. Elements show was on days 5 and 6 at 7:00 and 9:30. We had made our reservations online, but when we boarded, we had a note in our cabin that the dates actually changed.
  4. I saw it a few weeks ago. It's a good show!! It ran a bit over 90 minutes. We did the 7:00 show and then went to the Newlywed Not So Newlywed game at 9:00.
  5. We just disembarked the Joy a week ago and I pasted my link below! We were a family of 4 and had no problem walking up to a main dining room and getting a table even without reservations. My daughter had made 5:00 reservations at one of the main dining rooms one day but when we showed up, they said that they didn't open until 5:30 ! That really puzzled us! Does it feel like a mega ship? Certainly at the buffet! We had a difficult time finding a table sometimes...especially the first and last days. Some folks took their plates to the Observation Lounge (the lounge also offers a limited food selection along with a Starbucks and bar). We had some issues arise during our cruise, so we had to wait in the guest services line a few times (the worst was about a 20 minute wait). The Observation Lounge can get busy, but we were always able to find a place to sit. Other than that, we really didn't get a feeling that the ship was sold out even though it was! We purchased the internet and had pretty good service! I used it mainly in the room, but also signed on throughout other areas of the ship. It was limited in just a few spots in our itinerary but overall, we were pleased with the internet. Everything is still fresh in my mind...if I can help with anything else, just let me know!
  6. Thanks for the feedback! Yes, there was an enclosed smoking area in the casino. There were tables and machines in the enclosed section, but I didn't go in there, so I'm not really sure which games were in there.
  7. So disembarkment... Once we understood the tags and stickers, it went quite smoothly! We opted for breakfast in the buffet (Garden Café) around 7:00. Had we waited about 30 minutes, we would have had a much easier time finding a table! Since our flight was after 3:00, we were in the last group (9:45) to disembark. We were told that we had to be out of our room at 9:00 so about 8:55, we made our way to a public area just to hear that they were ready for us! Easy! Going through customs was a breeze! We didn't stop and talk to anyone. We just held up our passport as we walked by a customs agent. Loved it! We were on the NCL transfer to Sea-Tac and there was quite a line, but we waited only about 15 minutes for a bus. The drop off was on the backside of the parking garage so we had to walk through it to get to the terminals. There is good signage and there are folks to help with directions. After about a 4 hour wait, we were on a plane home and once landed, we gladly found our luggage on the carousel. Time to get back to reality! Final thoughts Loved Alaska! I can't wait to go back! The excursions that we booked through NCL were fantastic. I really enjoyed the onboard entertainment (except for just one comedian)! Food? My choice, but I ate too much! There were just a few items that I didn't especially like, but there were so many other choices. No disappointment here, except for the number on the scale! We were disappointed with NCL considering our room configuration that was advertised incorrectly and could not be changed and their onboard app which was lacking attention to detail (the map had us incorrectly visiting Skagway instead of Icy Strait Point, the casino activities were sometimes listed as being in the Bliss Casino instead of the Joy Casino, the menus and hours of operation were missing from the app, etc). I just expected a bit more accuracy from them. To all who read my posts and are planning to go to Alaska, I wish you all a fantastic, magical vacation!
  8. I saw some rather large groups gathering in the Observation Lounge. That was one of my favorite spots on the ship!
  9. We had shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and bar soap in our bathroom. We may have had lotion too, but I didn't use it.
  10. You're welcome! We had a roll-call gathering, but I believe someone contacted NCL to set it up. It was in The District Brew House on sea day. The cruise director, Soozy, even recognized the organizer of the gathering during one of the games in the atrium.
  11. We were in Victoria, B.C. on Friday from noon until about 9:00. Here are the highlights: We didn't have an excursion booked so we didn't get off the ship until 3:00. Since we would be disembarking the next day, we had to figure out the luggage tags and stickers to wear on our clothes for the next day. I actually had to contact guest services because it just wasn't clear! We had 2 different luggage tags from NCL and our tags from the airline...none of the 4 of us could figure this out. Here's what we did...we paid for the NCL transfer to Sea-Tac and we signed up for Port Valet for our luggage to be picked up on Friday by 11:00 and taken to the airport. The next time we would see our luggage was in our home airport. Very convenient!! We put the airline luggage tags (printed and delivered by NCL in our cabin) on our luggage (none of the NCL tags) and then we would wear both the Port Valet and transfer sticker when we disembarked. We'll see how this goes when we disembark! Around 3:00, we got off the ship and took the short walk to Fisherman's Warf. After exploring a bit, we walked to the Inner Harbor, enjoyed some of the street performers, and eventually ended up at a restaurant to celebrate our daughter's birthday. We were going to take the water taxi back to the Fisherman's Warf, but since it was such a nice evening, we opted to walk back. This time, we walked back via Montreal Street which was through a residential neighborhood but it took us right to the pier. We enjoyed the previous "Newlywed Not So Newlywed Game" (rated PG-13 in the Daily) so we thought we'd give the "Perfect Couple Game Show" a try! It definitely was for mature audiences, so I don't know why it didn't have the same kind of rating in the Daily! We had never seen a show like this before...very entertaining! Sorry, I didn't get any menus from places we didn't visit (besides the buffet and main dining rooms, we only ate at Teppanyaki). We didn't save the Dailies but I do have some picture of certain pages (thanks to my son who couldn't get the app to work on his phone) and have attached what I have. Up next will be disembarkment morning and final thoughts!
  12. Yesterday was a relaxing day at sea! Here are the highlights: We participated in the events in the Atrium throughout the day. Deal or No Deal was very crowded and they brought out more folding chairs than they usually have! I didn't win anything, but it was still fun. The last Bingo session was held (no gambling in Canada) so we had to go to that and try our luck. Again, we didn't win, but it was still entertaining. I was surprised that the payout was rather large for the last game...over $1700! We relaxed in the Observation Lounge but the only thing we really saw was fog and lots of it! The foghorn was sounding at various times throughout the day. There were some board games scattered throughout the Observation Lounge so we picked up a Monopoly game. The game was a mix of a lot of other Monopoly games! Some cash was missing (we only had 4 $100s) and some property cards were missing/ Some properly cards were just written over to make them seem like another property (I had a real Marvin Gardens card but it was crossed out it pen to be Atlantic). It was a bit challenging to play the game to say the least! Our family really likes comedy so we went to the adult comedy session in the evening. The warm up guy should be headlining! Give the guy a promotion! The headliner was also very good. I dare say that I laughed so hard that tears rolled down my face but the guy sitting near me hardly made a chuckle. What tickles someone's funny bone might not tickle someone else's funny bone! Tomorrow, we'll be in Victoria, B.C. !
  13. Our room steward asked our preference to either have it out as a bed for the whole time or have it converted to a bed during turndown service. It would be up to you! I think it's just one big folding cushion. There is no topper placed on it...just a flat sheet fitted around it. The seams are horizontal...one at the arm of the sofa and the other about 8 inches from the foot of the cushion. I hope that helps!
  14. Yes, we have a category CB penthouse suite on deck 14. I've attached a picture of the sofa bed. It isn't really a murphy bed. It's a sofa bed and the cushions just pull out and are placed on the floor. My husband and I chose the sofa bed and to be honest, we have slept well. It might be that we are just exhausted but we have been comfortable sleeping on it!
  15. We visited Icy Strait Point yesterday! We were in port from about 7:00 to 5:00. Here are the highlights: Our excursion, Whales and Wildlife, met at 7:15 so it was a very early day for us! Breakfast was in the Garden Café at 6:00. After breakfast, we were in the elevator, and a lady asked what we were going to do in Skagway. Apparently she saw that the map on the app was incorrect also! I replied that I had already mentioned the error to a few crew members, but they didn't get it corrected. We were in Icy Strait Point as planned. The catamaran was docked very close to the Joy and it was very similar to the one we were on yesterday. We spotted humpback and orca whales and returned around 10:00. The next part was a bus ride through Hoonah (very charming) and finally to the Spasski River. We again had no rain so the walk was very comfortable (it was in the 70s so we didn't have to wear jackets) and peaceful. I really wanted to see a bear but we weren't so lucky. Maybe next time :). Our tour guide, Brandon, through the Spasski River was from Tennessee! He's just in Hoonah for the tourism season, and he mentioned how expensive it is to live in Hoonah...a gallon of orange juice is around $14, a gallon of milk is about $8, etc. We certainly didn't see the $25 jackets like we saw in the other 2 ports! We strolled along the shoreline as we made it back to the ship and appreciated the last time we would be in Alaska during this trip. I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant about this port of call, but I was pleasantly surprised how charming it was! I would definitely go back! We spent the afternoon playing a little trivia and just relaxing. Dinner was at Teppanyaki since it was my husband's birthday (oh, and there was a birthday cupcake left in the room sometime for him as well) and they sang a couple of times to him...once during the dinner and then afterwards when they gave him a cake to share. It really made him feel special...he's such a kid at heart! The food was very good and plentiful but sorry, I just didn't like the noise level. I've been to these kinds of restaurants before so I knew what to expect but the chefs were very energetic when they banged on the grill. Even my 21 year old son didn't like the noise level! In the evening, we just played a little bingo and walked around We're looking forward to a relaxing day at sea tomorrow! There have been some requests to share some menus and other items, so I'll try to gather them on the sea day!
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