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  1. Yes. There is a fair amount of angst at the decision. Not so much from locals, rather other (land-based) tourists to the island that seem to consider it as their own personal private spot. I can understand the thinking from both opposing sides. It is a pretty, pristine beach; considered as one of the nicest on the entire island. However, the revenue from the sale, as well as providing a few more jobs to the locals will provide a positive economic impact.
  2. That is Lighthouse Beach on the very Southern end of Eleuthera.
  3. What 'science' are you referencing? The fact that a significant portion of Floridians and/or visitors to the state are by-in-large super-spreaders ignoring the science? https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/florida-adds-5143-covid-19-cases-30-resident-deaths-wednesday/2413422/ The desired threshold in most states is a <5% positivity rate, in others <%3. For example, California is currently averaging @ 1.6%, New York's @ 3.3%. Florida's positivity rate is currently averaging @ 6%. Texas is @ 6.9% The full list is here (it's almost
  4. Blue Heaven. Have it seated at the bar.
  5. At the helm through the Medallion roll-out embarrassment, the Illegal dumping cover-up, the Covid-19 mismanagement, the canceled cruise-refund debacle, among other sweeping cutbacks/changes(pre-pandemic) to the Princess brand... Count me in as one that would see replacement, not advancement, as a more appropriate decision.
  6. I'm still not sure if I ought to be amazed at this repeated line of thinking. -- Somewhere in between flat-earth theory and chem-trails. Covid is much much more contagious than the annual flu. The more you know...
  7. Yes. I have taken it a couple of times 25 years ago; departing from Bellingham, WA. It does the real inside passage too -- w/ stops @ the smaller towns such as: Prince Rupert(B.C.), St. Petersburg, Wrangell and Haines which are kind of neat. One issue is that the stops in port are usually limited to only a few hours, so no real opportunity for extended excursions, although there's usually ample time to stroll around the towns or check out a park for a bit. No forays into Glacier Bay, but the sailing is FAR FAR superior scenery wise travelling through the
  8. CAVEAT: Some of this info may be outdated a few years. HAL has better cabins/bathrooms Princess has better onboard activities. HAL has better burgers Princess has better pizza HAL has better al fresco dining at rear of ship Princess has better pools HAL has better forward viewing Princess has better audience participation shows HAL has better quality live music Princess has better outdoor cinema viewing HAL has a better buffet layout/design Princess has better variety specialty or ethnic theme-night dining options HAL has
  9. Considering that the virus is largely transmitted through droplets... A better analogy would be building a chain link fence to keep dog crap out of one's yard. Sure, the dog crap can fit through the links in the fence, but it didn't get there on its own.
  10. Considering that they possess all of the rest of the former R-Class(Renaissance) ships in their respective fleets, It's highly likely that either Azamara or Oceania will purchase the Pacific Princess, once Carnival Corp. is desperate enough to let her go at a rock-bottom price.
  11. I would also have to state that our most memorable meal was at the Sterling Steakhouse, sailing on the Royal Princess(R-class) in French Polynesia. It was a formal night(the rest of the passengers were dining in the MDR that evening), and so we had the rear section of the restaurant to ourselves. The meal/service/ambience was fantastic. So much so, that the experience of that sailing 'sold us' on Princess(and cruising in general). How things have changed since then...
  12. How was this announcement a surprise to anybody?
  13. Princess needs new leadership if they expect to survive this.
  14. Hmmfff.... Butter balls are so tacky.
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