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  1. You can visit the two places much cheaper on your own. buying your Sagrada Familia tickets online before your cruise is essential as they sell out really quickly especially when there’s a ship in port. You can buy the stadium ticket at the stadium or online prior to your cruise. You can visit both by taxi, underground or HOHO bus.
  2. OMG that’s expensive for 7 nights. No wonder you passed. My Royal up bids were lower for a 14 night cruise.
  3. Celebrity has 5* service and food, 4* entertainment, less formal, larger drink measures ie free flow. Solstice class ships have good sized cabins including inside. P&O 3* service and food but 5* entertainment. More formal. Small optic spirit measures. Smaller cabins. Celebrity is more expensive but IMO worth it.
  4. I’m Scottish. We give the tour guide and driver a tip of approx €5 per couple. We tip between 10%-20% in restaurants at home and in Europe. My BIL lives in north east England and tips the same as us but his English g/f has palpitations at the thought of him leaving that much. 🙈😂😂 How much you tip is a personal thing. If it’s a big tip, 20%+ then just do it quietly and without fuss. The waiter/tour guide/driver will be a very happy bunnies.
  5. Yes we can book/buy anything online and cancel prior to sailing.
  6. 🙈😂😂😂😂😂😂 sole use with no devil! 👹 😂😂😂😂😂
  7. You can do this tour on your own. Barcelona port has its own port bus approx €5 return, much cheaper that the ships shuttle and it drops you off at the same place. The HOHO bus has 2 or 3 routes, 1 of which drops you off near the Nou camp. You can pre pay/book your HOHO bus to save waiting. It’s also best to pre book your stadium tickets. You will then be able to take your time looking round the stadium.
  8. We were select/mytime dining on Celebrity and they were able to make up a very large table our our soul use.
  9. I’m not assuming anything. What I said was for the poster to ask the Maitre’d as it will be up to them. There’s nothing to loose by asking.
  10. No there isn’t tables big enough to seat 13 never mind 19 but Celebrity made a table up for the 13 of us for our soul use. It can be done.
  11. Several years ago on Celebrity there were 13 of us. On the first night we were all at different tables, 2nd night after speaking to Maitre’d we were seated at 2 tables near each other, 3rd night after complaining they set up a table just for the 13 if us to use every night. We could turn up at anytime and our table and waiters Were waiting for us. Go go straight to MDR to speak to Maitre’d and make sure you are ALL seated together as they can do it you just have to be insistent.
  12. I’d get in touch with RCI and explain the situation and that you’ve had to cancel your CC to ask then how to change your CC details.
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