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  1. you’ve never met my hubby have you? 🙈😂😂 he gets very stressed out if we’re relaying on public transport. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙈😂 I’d take the train without any hesitation but hubby................not a hope in h**l. 🙁
  2. We’ve only used their included airfare once as the difference in price was minimal. However we’ve used our own flights on other cruises and have saved between £350-£500pp for cruise only. These saving have meant that I could book flights that suited us and book pre/post hotel for the same price as we saved.
  3. We have done several free walking tours and find them very informative.
  4. Your not getting my point either. People can book or not book ships or private tours it’s up to them. I was just adding some more tour options. As for cancelling a private tour that’s easy you just email them with Oceania’s free WiFi. Or maybe that’s too difficult for some people, if it is then I’m guessing they are the people who have to take ships tours. I think we will agree to disagree.
  5. There are plenty of local tours who do not ask for money upfront and there’s others who will refund your money if your port of call is cancelled. Most of the Med ports can be easily done under your own steam, no expensive ships tours required. However if people have got money to burn or are too frightened to do European ports on their own then the ships tours are the way to go. The only ships tour I would do in Europe is Civitavecchia to Rome as it’s nearly a 2 hour bus journey each way. Each to their own.
  6. This was our Deck 4 Sirena C1 cabin pre renovation. The cabin was very light. I think the deck 3 porthole will still give good light however the cabin is smaller than a C2 or C3.
  7. Well said. Everyone is fighting a different fight. How people deal with Covid-19, their health and cruising is their own choice. You have to do what you feels right for you and your health.
  8. Why is this not good advice? It’s different advice to open up different options for the OP. we need to keep small businesses going. Booking your own tours with a local company can be hiring a private car, booking a minibus for friends and family only. You just need to make sure you book a company who does not want their money upfront. a free walking tour is in the open air so much safer.
  9. Oceania tours are very expensive. You should look up locally run tours or free walking tours which every city has. Check what you want to see/visit and you might just be able to walk. South of France is lovely and has a good train service. oceania doesn’t have the ‘try to get all your money while onboard’. No photographers in your face, no hard sell. It’s very laid back. No formal nights. Specially restaurants are free and your allotted amount can be booked prior to sailing but you can rebook more nights while onboard. Red Ginger is my favourite, the sea bass is to die for. The food everywhere is excellent. I love the surf n’turf sandwich in the pool bar. The entertainment is very low-key. They have 2 BOGOF cocktail hours everyday and for me that’s the busiest and noisiest bit of Oceania as they are very quiet ships. Staff are fabulous. All non alcoholic drinks, including lattes, smoothies, ice cream drinks, non alcoholic cocktails, fizzy juice etc are free. we have been on Sirena twice, then one cancelled cruise last April but we’ve booked her again for April 21. 🤞🏻
  10. Lawsuits? Why? If you know what is happening before you cruise then surely there’s no basis to sue? Or is it because I’m Scottish that I’d never think of suing! 🤷🏻‍♀️
  11. I’ve just booked the 4 cat upgrade on 24th July for Sirena cruise April 21 Barcelona round trip. I think I was just very lucky that this TA was continuing the promotion. However I think I will phone them re the O member 10% off deal, if I don’t ask I won’t get. 🙈😂 mind you if my TA says that they cannot be combined then I’ll stick with the 4 cat upgrade as it was a good saving.
  12. Sadly Nowhere will be free of Covid-19 until there’s an effective vaccine.
  13. In Scotland we just started opening restaurants, pubs and non essential shops a couple of weeks ago all still to be 2 metre distancing. We have to wear masks in shops etc. which I think is a good idea to help keep everyone safe. My hubby is a driving instructor and he’s still not allowed to go back to work as there would be no social distancing. Our Oceania cruise in April was cancelled as was our Prague city break. We decided to cancel our P&O October cruise and move it to October 2021. We booked another Oceania cruise from Barcelona next April with fingers crossed that it will go ahead. keep safe everyone.
  14. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/22600-nclh-suspends-operations-for-norwegian-oceania-and-regent-brands.html oceania has suspended all cruises from 13th March to 11th April 2020.
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