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  1. Ah thank you - that makes me feel better. I won't panic yet then!!!
  2. Thank you - Is that Dec 2019 or Dec 2020 or Dec 2021 ?
  3. Hi - just a quick question regarding the new Cruise personaliser. I have just been and checked the cruise I have booked for 2021 and whilst it shows my cruise and cabin type. It does not tell me my cabin number. I have booked a Select price and selected a particular cabin which was confirmed on my paperwork from the travel agent. On the old Cruise personaliser I could see the cabin which I booked. However since changing to the new Cruise personaliser - it just has the cabin grade. Can anyone tell me if their cabin number is showing on the Cruise Personalise. Thank You
  4. Not sure about cabins but we were on her last August and felt generally Brittania was looking in really good condition. We have been on ships before due for refit and they have looked really tired. However Brittania felt surprisingly fresh - so even if they haven't done much in the cabins. I'm don't think you will be disappointed. I found this video on you tube which may interest you
  5. Hi - I also used a TA who I have used before (but never pre registered before). They were fantastic. Got me a great price, first choice of cabin and phoned me at 8.30am this morning to confirm. Can't get better than that. It was a great experience and would definitely use them again.
  6. Hi - if you google cruisemapper and go to deckplans - it has all the deck plans and all the symbols and their meanings. Hope this helps
  7. I think that Cannes is always a tender port. I might be wrong but cant see they have anywhere suitable to berth a ship that large. When we went to Monaco - berthed alongside.
  8. In our experience the seas around Cannes can change very quickly and can become rough very quickly. I remember on one occasion we chose not to get off because of the rough sea there and on another the sea was calm when we went ashore, - however later that day. My husband turned to me and said -" we need to get back now!!!!" I looked at him and he said "the weather is changing" Indeed the sky's were darkening and it was getting cooler. It took us half an hour to walk back by which time the sea was very rough. We managed to get back to the ship but it was a very bumpy ride!!!!! It wouldn't stop me going ashore again via a tender but I think it demonstrates how quickly things can change!
  9. Forgive me - if this has already been discussed - but when do P and O release the itineries for Summer 2021. Don't understand how you can register you interest if you don't know what cruise are available? Am I missing something here or am I just being a bit dumb!!!!!! lol
  10. Hi - as John said , Sofa beds are available on Britannia , Azura and Ventura - but I believe they are only available in certain Balcony cabins. I can't see any sofa beds in any inside cabins except there are a few on Iona in the larger insides. So that may be an option for you. When our DD was young we would always book a deluxe Balcony cabin - just so we had sofa bed for her - this was on Ventura and Azura. On our last cruise we booked a standard Balcony with a sofa on Brittania. With regards to a balcony and a young child - I understand your concern but as long as you use the top bolt on the patio doors, you shouldn't really have a problem. If you are still worried - I guess Iona is your best option. Sue
  11. When we were on Brittania last August our cabin steward said that they were opening up the central staircase during the refit. So fingers crossed !!!!!
  12. Thank you both, very helpful
  13. Hi , can anyone advise me if there are any bus stops where we can catch a hop on hop bus near to St. Peters Station please. Many thanks
  14. Thanks - everyone for your helpful replies. We will give it a go . They can only say no - worth a try anyway
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