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  1. Thank you that sounds like a good plan
  2. Thanks for the response. Can't find any info on P and O site. If anyone happens to find out. Please can they let me know. Thanks
  3. Hi - just wondering if anyone can tell me where the smoking areas are on Iona. Looking to rebook our cruise and want to avoid a smoking area!!!!
  4. Hi - we are in exactly the same position as you. We are also considering losing our deposit. I have written an email to P and O requesting that we are allowed to transfer our booking to a holiday in Summer 22. However I am still waiting for a response . The problem we have is that we already have a cruise booked with them for next year and cannot afford to have 2 cruises next year. They will not allow us to use the deposit as payment towards next year's cruise either. I am not happy as our deposit was a reasonable amount as we booked it later than normal due to Royal Caribbean cancelling
  5. Hi - as I see it this is only for cruises up to 15th of May. You cannot currently cancel a pre booked excursion unless your cruise is cancelled.
  6. This is what I have been suspecting for a while. Whilst I understand P and O have massive problem right now - so does the general public!!!!! Currently I stand to lose my deposit for this years cruise. I already have a cruise booked for next year and can't afford 2 cruises next year given this current situation. I am self employed and currently have no income til June. I also have booked shore excursions - I have been trying to get my money back to help with finances. Whilst I am not happy about losing my deposit - it is something I will just have to accept. But I would be furious if I
  7. Yes - we live in North Wales and the numbers of people coming in to our area have been ridiculous. Local people are furious - up until this weekend our local health authority had only got 7 confirmed cases. That has now doubled overnight to 15!!!!!!!! Why do people have to be so selfish!!!! What they don't realise is that our health authority covers a massive area and apparently only has 11 ITU beds and 4 ventilators!!!!!!
  8. Yes I'm sure you are right - all cruise operators must be going through a nightmare at the moment and I'm sure companies will be assessing the situation and also waiting for government and industry advice.
  9. Royal Caribbean didn't value us as customers when they cancelled our cruise, together with everyone else who had booked this summer. They cancelled Independence of the Seas from Southampton this Summer which left us with no holiday!!!!! Why did they cancel after advertising and taking bookings - because they didn't have enough ships to ferry passengers to their Coco Cay Resort.!!!! They didn't care about all the British customers who had already booked and paid deposits. I wouldn't mind if it was just one or two sailings but they cancelled the whole summer season!!!!!!!! I wouldn't mi
  10. I see that 19 staff have been confirmed as having Coronavirus on Grand Princess!!!!!! Once this starts to happen - I don't see how cruise ships will be able to function and they will have to start cancelling cruises!!!!!! The next problem will be whether or not cruise lines will survive financially. I wonder whether their insurance will cover them for a pandemic. Could we be looking at cruise lines collapsing ?!!!!!! Many cruise lines have invested heavily in huge new ships recently. How will they pay for them if they are unable to sail?
  11. Hi - that's what I thought but can't seem to find it now!!!!! Where did you get your insurance from or was it covered on your own policy? Just wondering if you can get a one off trip insurance.
  12. Hi - yes it's a ship excursion but I'm sure I read somewhere that you need to have adequate insurance. You've got me thinking now. May be I don't? I've looked through the info again and can't seem to find it now. I may have to phone P and o and check!!!!!! Thanks you could be saving me money!!!!!
  13. Hi - I have booked a kayaking excursion in the Fjords whilst we are on a cruise. Having phoned my insurance company I am told it would not be covered as it is sea kayaking. I have tried to upgrade my policy to cover this but they will not do this. Does anyone know if it is possible to buy insurance just for this activity or will I have to take out another insurance policy which will cover sea kayaking? Any advice much appreciated. Thanks
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