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  1. Monday night football is on espn. I don't think that channel is on the cabin tvs. You will have to watch in the sports bar or the casino bar.
  2. my friends boarded the Vista out of Galveston yesterday. They said they showed their card one time. Person looked at it. That was it. Said it took 3 seconds. Uploading the card doesn't help save any time because carnival cannot verify the information anyway.
  3. There is not a way to verify vaccine status. In Texas, the cruise lines do not have access to verify if someone is vaccinated or not. If I wanted to get a copy of my vaccine record from the state system it would take 14 business days. The Texas system is set up for schools and doctors to access, not private companies. I don't know about other states.
  4. Havana area is great. Pool area wasn't crowded at all. You can text to others on board through the carnival app for no extra charge. Just be aware that sometimes the text takes a long time to receive.
  5. You don't have to input a credit card. You can select cash account. Once onboard you can add a credit card if you like or add cash to your account at a kiosk.
  6. No one knows for sure how many breakthrough cases there have been because the CDC quit monitoring them. This from the CDC website. Identifying and investigating hospitalized or fatal vaccine breakthrough cases As of May 1, 2021, CDC transitioned from monitoring all reported vaccine breakthrough cases to focus on identifying and investigating only hospitalized or fatal cases due to any cause. This shift will help maximize the quality of the data collected on cases of greatest clinical and public health importance. Previous data on all vaccine breakthrough case
  7. My friends didn't provide any information except their name and date of birth. No insurance was filed or SS # given. Don't see how they can prove they were vaccinated if someone questioned the validity of their vaccine card.
  8. I have seen a couple of post where it is questioned that the 2 people were really vaccinated. There is no way for anyone to prove they have been vaccinated as there is not a data base for the cruise line to access. My 2 good friends were vaccinated at a local pharmacy. They showed me their vaccination cards, which were filled out by hand. Someone could make the leap that they faked their vaccination because the cards are hand filled out. This is a dangerous assumption to make as there will be positive tests for vaccinated passengers and crew.
  9. Where does say August will be vaccinated only?
  10. I didn't see anything in the press release that stated August would be Vaccinated.
  11. I am booked on a 4 day cruise out of Galveston at the end of August. I am hesitant to get the vaccine because I don't do well with medication and have some allergies. So I am in a waiting pattern. If required to cruise I will get the J&J shot. My hope is by then it will not be required. I wouldn't want to take a chance on the 5%.
  12. I believe New York has the same laws as Texas. You cannot purchase the beverage plan until day 2 of the cruise.
  13. The great thing about going on a cruise is you can book the cruise when they have a $50 deposit sale and make payments before the final payment is due. You don't have to go into debt or put it on a credit card.
  14. The problem with rapid testing is there will be a percentage of vaccinated people that will test positive. Just look at the Yankees last week, where 8 coaches and staff tested positive. if you have a vaccinated policy, why the testing?
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