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  1. I am not an antivaxxer, all my kids and grandkids are immunized. However, I do not want to get the vaccine for a variety of reasons. I don't get the flu shot and very rarely get sick. I am also allergic to certain medications. I will have to check with my doctor to see if the vaccine is safe for me take. If the vaccine is required for travel I will reluctantly get one. I also wear my mask where required. I hate wearing the mask and don't think it is effective for stopping the spread. I see over 90 % of the people in the Dallas area wearing the masks and the infection rate is spiking. I
  2. Yes, they can mandate that everyone be vaccinated prior to boarding. However, for most of this year, there will not be enough of the population vaccinated for the cruise lines to operate. This is why I don't think it will be a requirement at least in the short term.
  3. We received the RU9 offer. As my DW and I have never purchased Cheers on the 14 cruises we have taken, it was surprising we received the offer.
  4. I don't see how they can require everyone to be vaccinated in order to cruise over the next several months. Everything I am reading says it may be the end of 2021 before everyone in the country can be vaccinated. If cruising starts in March/April it will be without a vaccine mandate.
  5. I would have them be a no show at embarkation. You will be reimbursed for port fees/taxes and gratuities if pre-paid. We have a 3 person room booked on Panorama in Havana area. 3rd person may not go, however, there not any Havana rooms left, so we will let her be a no show.
  6. I am on the same cruise. I think 25% also.
  7. What is the difference between getting on a cruise ship and going to Walmart or Home Depot, or getting on an airplane. Are you not going to fly ever again?
  8. You don't need symptoms to be tested in Texas. I have several friends who had to be tested because they may have been exposed. All were negative.
  9. The problem I have is with getting tested prior to the cruise. I am cruising on the Friday after Thanksgiving. If I get tested on Monday I doubt I could get the results back by Wednesday. Everyone will closed on Thanksgiving. I would be really nervous at the port waiting on my confirmation on Friday. I heard the test is covered by insurance, unless you do a rapid test, then you have to pay. Since I haven't been tested I am not sure my options.
  10. I just checked and there are cruises available to book for November.
  11. I agree you should move your room if your a light sleeper or go to bed early. One time, we got a really good deal on an inside room, 4 day cruise where carnival picked our room. They assigned us a room on deck 8 under lido. From 11-12 at night it sounded like a herd of elephants above us because they were line dancing. I go to bed late, so it didn't bother me, however, my wife goes to bed early and kept her awake.
  12. Let me say this first. I am not Anti-Vaccine, but where does it end. Are you going to require a vaccine to go to a concert, sporting event, lecture, broadway show, etc.... any place with more than 20, 100, 1000 people???
  13. I think this information from around March when they were still cruising. Carnivals website does not list any restrictions for sailing. I am sure once they start sailing again, there will be some restrictions put in place. We will have to wait and see.
  14. With your time dining, you do not have to dine with the same people in your cabin at the same time. So, your wife could go earlier in the evening and you could go later. It works great for our group. We pick a time to meet and whoever shows up goes together. If you don't show up no big deal.
  15. yes, you can lock the exterior door to the cabana. They issue you a separate key card for this door.
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