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  1. Favorite area for an OV balcony - deck 6, aft, back side of the Boardwalk. Easy walk to the coffee shop in the AM, and kids could easily run to the carousel. Buy the coffee card if you are a coffee drinker - make sure they dont double punch for large coffees (they should not) get to shows about 30 minutes (or more) before the doors open to standby. Make reservations for the aqua theater show on the first night it occurs - if it is cancelled you can still catch it later on. if you wait, you may miss it. Skating rink is small, and you want a good seat for that show. book shows as soon as you can Wonderland is a great experience. If only doing one specialty restaurant, this should be it watch the hours of the flowrider and rock walls / zip lines - sometimes they closed for a few hours while the ship was in port. if looking to stay onboard (Nassau, looking at you), you may be disappointed if they close down.
  2. I saw it available on my sailing last Feb. not sure how popular it is.
  3. Wonderland - a unique experience, excellent food, great drinks! if you find yourself not liking the food, go to the windjammer when done (or have them bring you some "normal" food.). Regardless, its a great experience, and I actually liked the food.
  4. - Not necessary to have a balcony, but it is nice. If it was a deal breaker, I would be in the inside room to be on the ship. - Ship is less important then the itinerary. If doing this sailing more then one time in life, its a toss up. If it is a once in a lifetime trip - do the one way, ending in Alaska and then do the land portion. - Go to Seattle / Vancouver a few days early. Time adjustments. We go from the East coast so the 3 hours to Seattle and then 1-2 hours more on the cruise, it helps going a few days early (and Seattle is a fun town.) - IMO, the best inside viewing ship was the NCL Bliss - the 2 story, huge, made for Alaska lounge up front (and wrapping half way back on each side), complete with bars, buffets, etc. was amazing. Radiance ships would be great too. - We had a balcony room this past May, but spent much of the time on the upper decks, helipad, etc. while in Glacier Bay and in some of the other viewing areas. Pulling into port, and at sea, balcony was amazing as we would pop in and out, see the wildlife (lots of it.) and chat with our family and friends (we had 7 balconies in a row). - Skagway - rent a car, drive to Caraboo crossing and Emerald Lake. Cost of the car is less then one person on the train, and, IMO a much better trip. Stop when you want, take time, see wildlife right there, stop for pictures, stop at the Alaska sign. Plus, you get as much time as you want at the Crossing.. Train people only had an hour, was way to crowded by the time they got there - we had the place to ourselves for almost an hour before the first bus showed up! - Juneau - rent a car, head to Mendenhaul, explore the park, then head to town and see the whale statue, buy a real Ulu at the Alaska Knife works, and eat on the docks. Enjoy your trip - it is amazing!
  5. Buy it. Well worth the price if you drink specialty coffees often. Last year on Symphony I printed out and had in my room all the terms and conditions as well as all pages on the website pertaining to it in the unlikely event that they told me they would punch more then one time for a large. I have heard of it happening to someone on a different ship and sailing, but never met anyone it happened to. I was prepared. One old post on here was what made me have that info at the ready - apparently they had told someone a large was 2 punches, so they returned the card and RCI refunded them. Me, I would argue that it is not in any fine print if it ever came up. Bought it again for this months sailing on Brilliance (18th) will let you know how it goes.
  6. Juneau - rent a car from Avis - walking distance from port. Drive to Mendenhaul park. walk around on own, see the glacier, etc. then drive to town, have a nice dinner on the docks, go see the famous whale statue if you like. Skagway - rent a car from Affordable Car - have them leave it at the port for you. Drive up (need passports) to Canada / Yukon Territory (note, there is only one street to drive on - you would have to try to get lost - there are no turns). stop along the way, beautiful. Go up to Caraboo crossing, play with the sled dogs, go for a ride, have lunch, petting zoo, museum. this is the same place the trains go from the cruise line - you will have hours there, they will have under an hour. recommend making reservations here in advance, and also, note the added hour change in timezones from cruise port. lots of wild life along the way, including bears right on the side of road. Ketchican - walk the town, go to the first showing of the lumberjack show (buy tickets ahead of time, line up early for better seat selection). In my opinion, souvenirs in Alaska were inexpensive everywhere, but Ketchincan had the lowest prices overall. we have a family on 4-6 on Alaska cruises, and the rental car options keep costs WAY down, and allow us to take our time.
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