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  1. Cant find an answer and so far no response from Disney. If I book one of the few rooms left on a cruise and pay in full by the deadline, then other rooms open up the night of the deadline because people back out, can I apply my payment and switch to one of the newly available rooms? Will my Disney purchased insurance carry to the new room?
  2. Thanks for the info. I'll call and check on the meal plan.
  3. Looking at 3 nights on ship and 9 on land. Some days mention lunch included for the land portion during an included tour. What about the rest of the meals? It's a Yukon Double Denali with flights to Seattle included if that matters.
  4. Does anyone know if there is a difference in hotel room 'category' depending on ship cabin category? For a 9 day Land, 3 night Sea do you get upgraded hotel rooms if you are in a Suite versus an inside or ocean view? TIA- hoping to book tomorrow.
  5. No Spirit until 2020 Alaska. Where is she/where is she wintering? Sailed her on Sept 11, 2002 when she was new with my daughter and we were looking at doing the Spirit for memory's sake but she is missing until next spring. Anybody know why?
  6. Thanks- we were booked on the Boston round trip to Iceland and Greenland next fall that got cancelled. After looking at your photos I think it was for the best.
  7. Thank you- I googled your cruiseccritic name and found it. have a 24 hour hold on the last port room. Thanks for the quick reply.
  8. I'm not getting any signature to link to your review. But- am looking at booking HAL Santiago to Buenos Aires. One port verandah left- plenty of starboard options, Do I want the port room?
  9. Looking at a booking for Antarctica From Santiago to Buenos Aires with 4 days cruising Antarctica. One balcony left on Port side, plenty on Starboard. It looks like most of the South American 'sights' will be port side but Antarctica on the Starboard. If you have done this before which side would you choose and would it make a big difference? TIA
  10. Still looking for a replacement for the Boston to iceland and Greenland. Have looked at the 14 day from Seattle the last two years. Am going to check into this some more- I love the Fjords in Alaska and Norway- not many options any more for College Fjord.
  11. Would like to go to CC for a brief snorkel yet spend most time at the pool without crowds. I am thinking most people get off in the morning and then come back after lunch- would that be correct? So if I got off the ship at 2ish would I have the best of fewer people on the ship in the morning and at the beach in the afternoon?
  12. This was one of the offers to switch for the cancelled 24 day Iceland/Greenland/Canada for September 2019. Can't find anywhere it exists. Any help?
  13. It has taken me 10 years to get my husband to cruise again- he got pneumonia on the Volendam in 2008. I have always wanted to do the two segments of the Voyage of the Vikings- Boston to Iceland and Iceland to Boston leaving out the rest of the trip. So disappointed.
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