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  1. Looking forward to our very first Celebrity cruise in Jan 2020 to New Zealand from Sydney Australia on Solstice. We will have Elite level due to being Diamond with Royal Caribbean. From researching on CC am I right in thinking that free alcoholic drinks are available from most bars from 5pm - 7pm every night and these are unlimited? Also are there nights when these are NOT available (first/last night on board etc)? Any other tips for first timers on Celebrity Solstice and/or as Elite level would be greatly appreciated. May thanks.
  2. Thanks for your replies. We reached the Platinum status 6 months ago. Neither the Boarding Pass or luggage tags show Priority, although the online website VIFP section shows we are Platinum. I rang the Customer Service number and the girl I spoke to said that no-one's documents show their Priority status. She said it will be recognised by the manifest when I get to the port. No idea what she means, as this contradicts everything I have read. I guess I just have to hope for the best. I will print our our Platinum status from the carnival website and take that with us along with our useless boarding pass incase that helps. I know it isn't a huge deal but it would be nice to experience this Priority boarding if possible. Not sure this will help with our luggage though as they take that off us way before we get to talk to anybody about our priority boarding. Very confusing!
  3. We are cruising in March and this will be our first time as Platinum members as we have reached the magical 75 points on our last cruise. The carnival website shows that we have 75 points each but our boarding pass does not show our Platinum status. How do we prove we have priority boarding when we get to the pier to join the ship at the start of the cruise? What exactly does prioity boarding entail? Thank you for any info you can give me.
  4. We are saling soon for first time on Ovation in a JS. Is Coastal Kitchen better food and menu than MDR for dinner? Thanks for any advice.
  5. What a great idea to take a screenshot showing we have been allocated cabin 11238. Not sure if I would be brave enough to complain though should it be taken off us and replaced by a lowly (possibly even obstructed) balcony cabin, as, lets face it, that is all I paid for - a guaranteed ocean view balcony. Seriously, I was stoked to get a great deal on a guaranteed balcony as we normally go Oceanview. As the old saying goes - "you get what you pay for" but maybe, just maybe for once we are lucky enough to get "more than we bargained for", Thanks to everyone for your kind replies.
  6. Thank you all for your replies. Please all bow down to the omnipresent Upgrade Fairy and ask her to be kind to us and let us keep this wonderful Junior Spa Suite. I will post back after our cruise and let you know if we managed to hold onto cabin 11238.
  7. Really nervous now (not to mention paranoid). We have booked a guarantee balcony cabin on Ovation for cruise on 28th November. Yesterday we were allocated our cabin - 11238 which is a spa junior suite. We were over the moon until someone on CC pointed out that RCI can change our cabin number again at any time prior to sailing. Human nature being what it is, we thought we would be really happy and lucky to get any unobstructed balcony cabin but now we have been allocated this great cabin WE WANT TO KEEP IT. Has anyone had an experience of being allocated a great upgrade like this and then later having it changed to a lesser cabin (but still within the guaranteed parameters which you paid for?) I guess I will be nervously checking our booking every day from now till we sail, hoping that we get to keep this great cabin. Don't know if my nerves can stand it LOL.
  8. I am so excited that I just had to share our good fortune with you. We had booked a guarantee balcony cabin on Ovation for 14 night New Zealand cruise on 28th November at a cost of $2150 Australian dollars each with $150 American dollars onboard credit. Just checked a moment ago and we have been assigned cabin 11238 which is a junior suite ! We have never had the luxury of a junior suite before on any ship. This will be our first time on Ovation and what a great start. Our suite class is selling for $4067 Aus dollars each which we could never have afforded to pay so how lucky are we? We are diamond members so don't know if this helped with the upgrade fairy or not. I AM SO HAPPY AND EXCITED !!!!!!
  9. Sailing on Ovation of the Seas end of November 14 night cruise round New Zealand. Can't find anywhere on Cruise Planner to book North Star. If it doesn't come up on Cruise Planner before we cruise can I book it as soon as we get on the ship? I have booked Pixels through Cruise Planner. Any tips or hints on getting the most from our experience on Ovation? We are Diamond members. Thanks for any advice.
  10. Thank you all so much for your valuable feedback. As bubby and I are in our mid 60s (ouch) the only other thing we DEFINITELY do not want to miss is the North Star experience so I will check cruise planner daily to see if we can prebook it for a sea day. Any other things we should make sure to experience wbilst on this magnificent ship? We love the Diamond lounge on Voyager and Explorer but believe it is not as nice on Ovation. Is this correct? So many questions, sorry to be a pain.
  11. So excited. Live in Australia and although we are Diamond members we have never sailed on a ship as big as the Ovation before. We are doing a 14 night New Zealand cruise on Ovation on 28th November. What activities can we prebook and when? So far cruise planner only shows Pixel available and nothing else is listed. Is Pixel a good show? Really keen to book the North Star but not sure how I can. Any other activities or shows you recommend and can they be prebooked? Thank you so much for any advice you can give this very excited cruiser.
  12. Thanks for the advice. I now know we could end up with an obstructed view balcony cabin but will still go for it as it is a good price and the main thing is we will have natural daylight. Really looking forard to the cruise as it will be our first time on the Ovation.
  13. Thank goodness I live in Australia. I always paid our gratuities on RCI and to be honest I HATED it on principal as it is not part of the Australian culture but I paid them reluctantly. I guess RCI got fed up with the mile long queues at the Service desk on the first day of every Australian cruise as people queued to request their removal so they no longer apply auto gratuities on cruises that depart from and disembark from any Australian or New Zealand port. I don't know if they have now included them in the price of the cruise as I have not noticed any increase in pricing. I now give out lots of cash tips to staff on our last day, cabin steward, dining waiters, bar staff we have enjoyed etc and have no idea whether they can keep them or not. I really do not care as I feel good tipping this way but most importantly I enjoy telling the staff how wonderful they have been as I am slipping them the cash discreetly as I feel embarrassed doing it. Silly I know, but again I think tipping feels embarrassing when you are not used to it. I understand that Americans think nothing of it, but please respect that we are not all used to it.
  14. I have just booked a 14 day New Zealand cruise on Ovation leaving 28th November. The booking is held for 3 days before I have to pay our deposit. I have never booked a guaranteed balcony cabin before and am hoping it works out OK. Is there a possibility that we could end up with a balcony cabin with an obstructed view? The category just says "Oceanview Balcony Guaranteed". Thank you for any advice you can give.
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