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  1. I'm B2B 3 nights in Singapore with all transfers included. I cannot understand this too. They say different people have different packages. Also said it is changing from day to day so might get to cancel with a full refund tomorrow. Depends if RC cancel the cruise which i can't see them doing as it would cost them too much. TA kept saying their hands are tied nothing they can do. Very frustrating as it seems to be getting worse. Asked the question what if the cruise is cancelled when we are in Singapore how do we get home. Was told it would be 1st come for the flights, very reassuring.
  2. Were you B2B or 9 nights. Just been told if i cancel i would get cruise credit but lose flight money as the cruise is not cancelled.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I phoned again this morning and once again the girl could not deal with it saying the change team would call me. still waiting
  4. Perfect thanks very much for that. I am waiting for a call back been on the phone but the girl i spoke to was the wrong dept and could not help. Said someone will phone today, tomorrow or soon. Thanks again Enjoy Dubai
  5. We have a 21.30 flight out of Singapore any ideas what to do as we will have luggage. Cannot get a day room anywhere. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  6. I'm booked for Feb and my cruise planner is taking bookings for Ripcord By Ifly. £ 22.04 per person for 1 minute ride.
  7. Big thanks to Hadley for this brilliant review. So much info has put my mind at ease. Thank You
  8. here is a PDF that i found interesting for others who maybe going on a Culturally enriching cruise. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/General_Info/Culturally_Enrich_Cruises_2018_FAQs.pdf
  9. Thanks for the posts regarding my worries about this cruise. The food i expect to be Asian orientated but there has to be alternatives for others. I did a 3 week organised land tour of China 2 year ago and the food was bad, so decided to go on a cruise expecting the food to be more varied. I know all about pushy Chinese with their bad hygiene habits so i am ready for that. This is a RC cruise where i expect good food with good service. I would be unhappy if i did not get Beef Wellington at least once.
  10. Recently booked a B2B leaving from Singapore for 18 nights for Feb 2020. Never thought about reading reviews about this cruise as sailed with RC many times, until now. It is very hard to find a good review. Seemingly everything is really poor which really surprises me. Has anyone been on this ship in Asia who can put my mind at ease. Any info would be great. The food is the main issue as it caters mostly for Chinese so if there are any menus out there can anyone share them. Thanks very much
  11. I will be writing to P and O head office to raise my concerns and find out what did happen on this cruise. If they reply to me i will post the reply on here for all to see, and hopefully this will not happen again. It won't change my mind i will not be back on any P and O ships which is a shame as the entertainment and bars were very good.
  12. There were no towels in the bathroom under the sink so i called the room steward and he told me they had run out and he had none. There were people on deck with white towels so they had none also. Every night we went to the buffet there was Indian food which was 8 from 14 nights. I love pizza and was disgusted with what was on offer. I asked the server at the pizza bar when he was making fresh pizza and he told me the pizza on offer was fresh. I took a slice and could not cut it with a knife, i picked it up with my hand and banged it on the plate to show him how hard it was. He was not bothered and still he never cooked anymore. I waited around for 10 mins and eventually left empty handed.
  13. Just off my 1st P and O cruise( Britannia) and have to say it will be my last. I have sailed RC, Celebrity, Princess and now P and O. Britannia is a lovely ship with great venues and 1st class shows but the food was absolutely dreadful. If you don't eat fish or Indian food you have very little choice. Fast food is the worst i have ever tasted on a ship. Hamburgers are thin and tasteless, pizza never had a fresh slice in 2 weeks. Everytime the pizza was cold and hard. Celebrity would win this contest hands down everytime. Would rather pay more for an experience you remember rather than save a few quid for a unforgettable holiday for all the wrong reasons. Never been on a ship where they have run out of pool towels and knives in the buffet rest. The quality of meat was very poor, i handed the beef back as it was a plate of fat. There is no free room service you have to pay for all the food brought to your room.
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