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    Princess Grand National Parks cruisetour at end of August 2009 will be my first cruise
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  1. Hello, Been ages since I have been on, but talking to step daughter and she and hubby have 10th anniversary next year in April and were thinking about a cruise that would safely monitor and entertain 4 and 8 year old to give them (mom & dad) some alone time, as well as offer some family time. They would ideally leave from Florida port. She was talking about some ship she had heard about with water park on board too. Any suggestions??
  2. EliseRN

    "Coach" from Denali to Copper River

    It looks like it may have been renamed to (I cut/pasted it in below). It was wonderful. We appreciated the fact that we were able to leave and do a little of our own things too...although we missed the group pic at Denali because it was the day we chose to take the whole day tour to Wonder Lake on one of the park buses. It was nice to get a north to south 'glimpse' of such a beautiful state. Connoisseur - Tour PB8 8-night Escorted Land Tour featuring 2-nights Fairbanks Princess Lodge, 2-nights Denali Princess Lodge, 2-nights Copper River Princess Lodge, 2-nights Kenai Princess Lodge and a 7-night Voyage of the Glaciers cruise. Travel Sequence: Tour first, then Cruise Ship: Island Princess
  3. I am sorry to beat a dead horse but have seen some varied opinions here and there on the site. We are first timers on an Escorted Alaskan CruiseTour with Princess. (fyi..we picked our trip by itinerary and ended up with escorted). During the Land and cruise we have serveral excursions booked (whitewater rafting, flightseeing, hiking, kayak rental w/guided glacier walk for an hour, fly/drive flightseeing, horseback riding, etc., etc.) I have read that some people tip by percentage and others tip a standard 10-20$pp depending on the excursion and service. What do you think?? Also...opinion on how much to tip captain for day long halibut fishing excursion on Prince William sound?? Different from other excursions? Thank you in advance for your input!:D
  4. EliseRN

    Princess cruisetours of Alaska

    We chose the Princess Grand Natl Parks CruiseTour because of the itinerary...2 nights Fairbanks, 2 nights Denali, 2 nights Copper River and 2 nights Cooper Landing down in the Kenai peninsula...then the 7 night cruise. We are going in a day early as well. It turned out it was an escorted tour but we have tweaked it a bit. At Denali we will forgo the Tundra Wilderness Tour and take the Park Shuttle to Wonder Lake. There were several places on trip advisor and cruise critic that recommended this because they say you see more wildlife plus alot more beautiful scenary than the TWT especially if you take the first tour of the day. You can turn around and come back anytime you want or get off and hike at any stop and pick another bus up later. It is 12 hours round trip to wonder lake but I hear that it is well worth it. Another poster said sit on the left side of the bus ;) (and it's less$ than TWT) Just something to consider. We haven't gone so I can't report, but I saw some recent reviews of May tours and one had done the wonder lake shuttle and said it was great. Good luck!
  5. EliseRN

    Deadlist Catch

    Check the Alaskan tour saver book...I think there is a coupon for half off or something like that;) http://www.toursaver.com/index.php/bering-sea-crab-fishermans-tour/?SGLSESSID=27dfaa710f73ffc22f1d273b144df584&/1/
  6. EliseRN

    Ships with Chef's Table?

    good idea! will give it a go :-)
  7. EliseRN

    Ships with Chef's Table?

    We desperately want the chef's table but won't be boarding until later because we will be on an excursion. (won't be boarding until about 7pm ish). Coral princess end of August for southbound Ak crusie. I was wondering how fast they fill up or if there is anyway to get it done before we board so we have a chance at seats? Does anyone know?
  8. EliseRN

    Princess Secrets......

    what about hot water and bring my own tea bags....no charge right?
  9. We are on a cruisetour and doing our land first. Hoping we enjoy the same weather you had! :-) We have 2 nights in Denali and on advice from the trip advisor board ditched the Tundra Wilderness tour that was included and opted to take the shuttle to Wonder Lake. Was just wondering what time your shuttle actually left? (you said you got up at 4am). We are scheduled for the 0610am one and am hoping we will also see alot of wildlife. Also wondering how much food/drink you packed? I am assuming the shuttle stopped to point out wildlife then and allow a minute for pictures? Did they make stops to allow everyone a stretch and bathroom break or did you have to take the break and wait for the next shuttle? We scheduled a fly/hike trip with Michelle at Island Wings and looking forward to that...glad to see your trip with her went well. We have a balcony cabin and just wondering if you can see sunrise and glacier viewing from your balcony, or would still recommend the port side aft over balcony? Just out of curiosity...do you happen to remember how much the 'coke' cards are and how they work? We have been debating about that one. Did they ever server king crab on the ship? (I love it so had to know) Did you happen to notice if it was really expensive at the land restaurants? Ok...I think that's all for now :-) Thank you sooo much for posting all this info
  10. EliseRN

    Just back!

    I am sure you are correct and glad you posted on another forum which I will check! 69 days and we are off to AK our selves...land and cruise. Have everything pretty much set up but it's very very expensive for excursions and I always want to hear both the good and the bad so I can make an informed decision. Thanks!
  11. EliseRN

    Anytime dining

    I will keep all that advice in mind :-) thank you!
  12. EliseRN

    Anytime dining

    Does this mean that anyone who signed up for Traditional dining can change to 'anytime' dining whenever they want....but you have to get permission to move from Anytime dining to traditional dining? something so simple is beginning to sound really confusing :-)
  13. EliseRN

    Alaska trip...How much memory to take for Camera??

    I have 2 batteries and after all the good advice will get another. Did you just charge them all up the night before or do something different? Did you buy a second charger or just have one?
  14. EliseRN

    Anytime dining

    are there 'anytime' dining rooms on more than one deck?
  15. We sail at end of August...I have seen general photos of it from outside...just curious if anyone has had the cabin ;)