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  1. I have had a manicure, pedicure, facial and hairdo in MSC spas and never once experienced a sales pitch.......made such a pleasant change from other cruise lines, where I have stopped using the spa because of the intrusive sales tactics. I found the services to be very good and reasonably priced. The ladies were also very pleasant ☺️
  2. I was perfectly happy with my YC inside on Seaview last year....also on a Mediterranean cruise ☺️ The cabin was very comfortable, with all the usual YC amenities. The TSL is just steps away, and I really enjoyed the outside seating area there so I didn’t miss a balcony at all. My only comment about the cabin - and not unique to the inside cabins I believe - is the very strange wardrobe which makes half of it inaccessible due to the design of the doors.
  3. OTC at Boots or Superdrug, or any pharmacy ☺️
  4. https://www.superdrug.com/Avomine/Avomine-25mg-tablets-28s/p/464650 Available here in U.K. Active ingredient promethazine theoclate
  5. I’d rather eat the outer packaging than the ryvita......in fact they taste just the same🤣🤣 I can think of way better things to eat [emoji4] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. As a guess [emoji4] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. I sailed in this suite in January..........and no, my luggage was not taken onboard with me. It was delivered quite promptly though, I think an hour or so after boarding. Enjoy the suite, it is very nice........though I found the balcony to be a disappointment, being unable to use it for much of the time due to the wind.
  9. customerservice@msccruises.co.uk I don’t have any other phone numbers, but when I had an issue with a booking, I found the above email very responsive and the problem was resolved
  10. Thank you for taking the time to respond Bea, I appreciate it. Your comments on this cruise have been invaluable in helping me plan my own trip :) That must have been a difficult experience in the YC. I experienced something similar on Preziosa last year....but this was only a 7 day cruise, so I can imagine that this being for so much longer emphasised the issue. I keep myself to myself, so other passengers rarely impact on me......but this occasion was different! A male passenger, travelling with his mother, was a real ‘Walter Mitty’ type .......now, his tales might have been funny but they became ever more inventive and some themes were offensive to me. He was also very loud, so hard to miss......he would capture any unsuspecting passenger, but I think my body language gave him the message to leave me alone :rolleyes: By about day 3 I wanted to lob him overboard......and though the butlers were incredibly professional I suspect they felt the same......he was running them ragged with endless demands and moans. Throughout the trip I never heard his poor mother speak, don’t think she had an opportunity bless her. If this had been for 28 days, I would have been driven crazy!!
  11. Last question, I promise :cool: Enjoy your barbecue :D
  12. Hi Bea :) Thank you so much for spending time reviewing the cruise, the information has been invaluable :cool: Earlier you mentioned some issues in the YC.......I wonder if you feel able to elaborate on this?
  13. Thank you Bea :) I’m still undecided about Yokohama......but at least I know the debark tour is an option :)
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