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  1. silver service

    Iower decks

    I suppose i invited the humour! However i am serious. I would have thought most passengers would like to know, What is beyound the crew only signs. Just a glimpse of the shiny Painted stairs and walls, through an open door.
  2. silver service

    Below passenger decks

    Roscoe39,please where can i get these plans? Just for my own reference. Non specific, just intrigued.
  3. silver service

    Iower decks

    what is below the passenger decks? I always wondered. Any members have any knowledge? I wouldlove to know!,!
  4. silver service

    Below passenger decks

    i would love to know what is below deck a, on queen victoria. The passenger lift goes down to deck a. Been there on going Off deck 4. Unable to find any hull plans on the net. I know there Are some of us here, with the information, thanks!
  5. silver service

    Not a new topic

    sorry in advance. However, what is the latest policy on cunard Considering booze carry on. We know p&o have become very Restrictive. Has cunard followed suit? Thanks.
  6. silver service

    Boarding time

    E ticket says 14 30. Platinum level. Would you go earlier? Cunard hq says can not change the E ticket. Suggests arriving between One and two, and show the platinum level on the ticket. Obviously Do not want to have to wait an hour or more if forced to wait to the Ticket time! Help!,
  7. silver service

    E tickets

    how close to the cruise date do you get the E mail E ticket? My cruise is just short of 6 weeks away. Thanks in advance!
  8. silver service

    Anyone booked any of the new 2020 cruises ?

    Vo27 19 nights, hopefully to the sunshine!. September 2020.
  9. silver service

    Future Booking 2020

    World club members from today. The rest from tomorrow.
  10. silver service

    The end of PSQ's

    No one has actually said that they declined to complete the survey. We are not required to fill in these forms, for free market research. Surely, there are many who do not complete these questionaires. Even for a prize draw.
  11. silver service

    Summer 2020 schedules.

    If you search back a bit, someone has posted some details. From the u.s.a, i believe.
  12. silver service


    when will the cruise programme for summer 2020 be announced? Perhaps this month? Thanks in advance.
  13. silver service


    when is the cruise summer programme released? For 2020. Some news this month? Brochures next month? Thanks in advance!
  14. silver service

    QM2 stateroom 10034

    Just to add back in 2006, my wife and i returned from new york In the twin cabin, on the other side. She is the one in the wheelchair, And with planning the route, we managed very well.
  15. silver service


    It will be n the deck plan. Also look on the cunard web site, For qm2.