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  1. We rent - you can go to dinner, hit the store for some last minute goodies, especially if you're limited on luggage weight - we buy our toiletries in Florida.
  2. No, that's their whole claim to fame is that they will take you where ever you want to go and pick up people in underserved areas where taxis won't go. Now maybe they can set a radius or whatever. I do remember an Uber driver telling me how they've figured out ways to outsmart the system, but I was a bit ummm "under the weather" to remember lol. I've taken Ubers as far as 50 miles in Florida and never had an issue.
  3. The Uber drive finds out where they're headed AFTER they accept the ride. They know they take a chance of driving far.
  4. THIS^^^^^ OP is going to be up for hours at that point. If not a nap, just a quiet place to hang your hat and chill. I hate sitting in that terminal, we board around 2p, its so less hectic then.
  5. I like to be more in the "action", for the places we like to walk to, the Pelican is a little isolated (to us) If the Marriott Beach Tower wasn't so icky, we'd stay there, IMO they have the absolute location. We stay that either the Hilton and the W, we love their pool areas.
  6. I call the hotel as soon as I get a phone signal in Miami. Even though its noted on my reservation, I ask for an early checkin, I also tell them that since its only the for the night (sometimes even just for the day and we're hanging out for a late flight) that I don't really care about the location/view/bed sizes in the room. We just want a room to put our stuff down and shower before we leave. That call usually works. Either way, we have our swimsuits and cover ups on (cover ups that look like clothes), we get to hotel, give the bellman our bags, check in and hit the pool
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