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  1. gingernut9999

    UK/US price differences

    Hi, I know we all know prices differ from region to region, but how do you think Cunard justifies such a massive price difference as this? QV, V922, 14 nights, 6 Sept 2019, Q4, no flights included in either price: -UK Cunard website £13,409 (about $17,218) -US Cunard website $9,299 (Both prices as of yesterday)
  2. gingernut9999

    QV wine list

    Does anyone have a recent wine list from the QV that they could scan and email to me? it would be very gratefully received...
  3. gingernut9999

    ex-QE2 QG Maitre'D, Dennis

    Does anyone know if Dennis, the Maitre'D on the QE2, has now transferred to the QV or the QM2? and is he still in the Queens Grill?