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  1. gingernut9999

    QV wine list

    Does anyone have a recent wine list from the QV that they could scan and email to me? it would be very gratefully received...
  2. gingernut9999

    ex-QE2 QG Maitre'D, Dennis

    Does anyone know if Dennis, the Maitre'D on the QE2, has now transferred to the QV or the QM2? and is he still in the Queens Grill?
  3. gingernut9999

    Webcam of QV construction?

    Hi, does anyone know if there is a webcam of the QV construction? regards, Donna
  4. gingernut9999

    QM2 Queens Grill: Table for 12?

    There was a table set for 13 in QG last summer. As you walk in to the restaurant, the table was in the back left-hand corner along the windows - quite a good location. Hope that helps.
  5. gingernut9999

    Queen's Grill QE2

    He is great, isn't he! He was still there on the 10th June Med cruise...
  6. gingernut9999

    QE2 refurbishment

    I was on 10th June Med cruise too - i'd say the service and food were both excellent but the entertainment did not appeal to my tastes. The carpet fitters appeared to be working both day and night, laying exactly the same carpet designs as they were ripping up.
  7. gingernut9999

    Senior Officers' Party on QE2

    Has anyone ever been to a Senior Officers' Party on QE2? Where are they normally held, and how many people would you say are normally there?
  8. gingernut9999

    Electrical sockets QE2

    i thought that there were UK, and European (rather than US) sockets...
  9. gingernut9999

    Cappucino and Lattes On QM2 ?

    I had an espresso after dinner every evening in the Queens Grill on QM2 last summer, so there should be no problem ordering cappucino/latte for breakfast/lunch/dinner...
  10. If 'code oscar' means man overboard, and 'code phoenix' means there's a fire, are there any other 'codes'? and what do they mean?
  11. gingernut9999

    man overboard! how do they know?

    so, if 'code oscar' means man overboard, and 'code phoenix' means there's a fire, are there any other 'codes'? and what do they mean?
  12. gingernut9999

    QE2 Aquitania suite

    How does it look?
  13. gingernut9999

    QE2 Aquitania suite

    Hi, has anyone ever stayed in - or got any photos of - the Aquitania suite (cabin 2149) on the QE2 ? thanks in advance