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  1. With no resume cruising date firm, not getting too excited about cruising. As long as the pandemic continues, I hesitate to book any travel. We have enjoyed WS excursions. The discount is nice. However, we prefer hiring our own private guide and not be part of a group. On some cruise lines, there is talk of not allowing guests to get off in ports unless they are on a ship excursion. That might make me stop cruising. For now, I plan to wait and not book until safe cruising or travel resumes.
  2. Never knew I had a syndrome. I loved cruising until March. Wish that I had stayed home. Being stuck at sea, afraid to do anything, was awful. Going nowhere, unable to enjoy ports, most venues closed is not a great vacation. I will likely travel again after a vaccine is widely administered. For now, I feel safe at home.
  3. Too soon to book or really think about cruising. As more people get sick and die, cruising is not a good option. This virus has changed everything. I stay home and only go out for essentials. I wear a mask. I am fear getting too close to people. I get upset if people come too close. I am afraid. After being stuck on a cruise in March that was denied entry into several ports, I am wondering if I will ever be relaxed enough to sail. I used to cruise 4-5 times a year. For now, I stay home and wait for safer times.
  4. Upgrades were nice when available. I hope that that didn't go away. I am actually surprised and pleased that Windstar is offering its repeat guests some token of appreciation. It's been almost 2 years since I was first told about a loyalty program. After all, we keep coming back. On most WS cruises you meet lots of repeaters. We've met people from previous cruises. Looking forward to safer sailing times.
  5. With Europe Having a surge in new cases and about to lockdown again, I doubt that ships will be sailing soon. Have patience and wait for a safer time. I am not happy with the prospect of staying home this winter. We will travel again someday.
  6. It’s something for nothing. Thanks. I was hoping for good free WiFi for everyone like Viking and Oceania. WiFi has become essential. The WiFi service needs an update. I don’t buy it on Windstar. It’s unreliable and too expensive. You can easily find WiFi in ports. We were delighted last year in a Portugal when we found that the whole country has free WiFi. It was so useful.
  7. I enjoy a combination of some tours and some independent adventures. It depends where I am sailing. Windstar excursions are usually excellent. I have enjoyed them. As we get older and slower, a tour group isn’t our best choice. I also like hiring a private guide just for the 2 of us. That way, we don’t slow down a group. We also decide where we want to go and how much time to stay. I know Windstar offers this. However, booking a private guide from Windstar is very expensive. If the only way to get off in a port is to book a ship tour, we will not cruise. We expect that after a vaccine is widely distributed and people feel safe traveling, cruising will rebound. The cruising attraction is a relaxing stress free way to enjoy traveling. I am patient and can wait for safer times. Looking forward to future travels.
  8. Med center on Sirena is on the side with even numbered cabins.
  9. Depends. On a port intensive cruise or in cooler weather, the balcony is seldom used. We were in 7115. Huge veranda. Cruise was in Med in Oct/Nov. We seldom used it. We were opposite service elevators. There was noise. It was convenient to aft lifts. A standard veranda is ok. While I haven’t been in Oceanview on Marina or Riviera, I might book it. Those cabins are midship.
  10. It’s says it is 180 degrees different...and it is. I like it. However, I have met guests who were bored and unhappy. If you like glitz,Formal nights, crowds, nightclub shows, loud music, bingo, casinos, huge buffets, etc., do not sail on Windstar. If you like uncrowded, great food and service, Interesting small ports, and a casual Atmosphere, Windstar is it. It’s my first choice.
  11. Yes. They can reroute you or skip ports anytime. Oceania doesn’t refund port charges too! On one cruise, we had 3 ports changed for a variety of reasons. It was tough luck if you wanted to visit one of those ports. On my last cruise in March, we only stopped in 2 ports. We skipped St. Barts supposedly for high seas. Stopped in Martinique and St. Lucia. We stopped quickly in Antiqua only to put off EU nationals. We were not allowed off. We then skipped all other scheduled stops. After requesting port charges and being told that Oceania didn’t charge them, got a small amount of fcc. Since cruises are not sailing, I hesitate to book again.
  12. Where I live, to attend public schools kids must be vaccinated for small pox, etc.
  13. Sauna and steam rooms were free. That was before COVID. Spa terrace is free for concierge and suite guests. It’s up front in a windy location. Not a really good place. I prefer the midship pool deck or my own veranda.
  14. Not like Seabourn. Seabourn still has formal or dress up nights. Windstar is casual.
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