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  1. Redtravel

    Unlimited internet

    For those people who need to be connected, I understand your concerns. It may be better to check with your mobile carrier to see if there is a plan that gives you unlimited access both on the ship and off. I have AT&T. They have some good international and cruise line plans that work for me. Before you buy wifi from Azamara, check your carrier. You may find a good plan that covers you everywhere.
  2. Redtravel

    Unlimited internet

    It seems strange that people on a cruise spend hours online. This discussion is petty. Perhaps Azamara should include unlimited internet like other premium cruises. Oceania, Viking, etc. include unlimited wifi per cabin/suite. The benefits as discoverer plus are not as good as the same level elite plus on Celebrity. Isn't Azamara supposed to be more deluxe than Celebrity? Each time that I sail on Azamara, the discoverer plus benefits are fewer. Would it cost azamara too much to include wifi? I don't use most of the included minutes. I am on a cruise. I turn my phone off and leave it in the safe. I check my emails once a day and sometimes I look for info on a port.
  3. Redtravel

    Meet and Greet on Oceania

    People who join other people from cruisecritic exchange info way before embarkation. On our most recent Oceania cruise we shared private tours with 3 people that we exchanged info on the rollcall. There was no meet & mingle. We arranged our own places and times to meet each other. The meet & mingle is just a nice way for people who like cruising to meet. I have never arranged a private tour with anyone while on the ship. I like to plan in advance. When Oceania has a meet & mingle, it is arranged by somebody on the rollcall. I don't think that Oceania objects to an event. They don't seem to want to send out invitations.
  4. Redtravel

    Dress Code

    Went to a very formal white tie event. Never again! Men had to wear white tie and tails and women had to wear floor length gowns, elbow length white gloves, and high heels. I hate wearing high heels and long gowns. The last time I wore them together, I got the heel stuck in the gown's hem. Everyone looked at me as I fell and broke my leg. Not a fun evening. Landed in the hospital. If I had been wearing flats and a short skirt, it would have been a better time. After reading some of the postings on this very long thread, it seemed like it was a discussion of the white tie event. That event was in 1965. Time changes how people dress. Insisting on hanging on to formal nights is living in the past. Black tie optional? Optional means your choice./ If you want to wear formal attire, then do it. However, just because you like dressing up, don't insist that others do it too. If you stare at what other people wear, it only bothers you. Most people dress well, wear comfortable attire, and don't look at what other people wear. It is your cruise. You may choose your own attire. Most people like to fit in. If you happen to see a person in jeans, look away. Don't stare.
  5. Redtravel

    Meet and Greet on Oceania

    on some cruises, we have had complimentary drinks and snacks. On some cruises, there is nothing. I don't know what makes it happen or not. There are some cruise lines that like to meet & mingle with guests. Some lines avoid making it easy for cruise critics to meet. Guess that they don't value the meeting. Azamara has hosted multiple coffees to greet and discuss various things. On my first Azamara cruise, there were 4 events during the 2 weeks. If you want to meet people from your roll call, start the event, pick a date and time, let the cruisers know, inform the cruise line, and hope that there will be some refreshments.
  6. Redtravel

    Table for two please

    Good luck. I have had both experiences. Got on line, got table for 2 without a problem. I have also been on cruises where I could only get a shared table in the specialty restaurants. Each cruise has different people who have different preferences. If you cannot get a reservation online, don't worry. On embarkation day, go to concierge area. There will be sombody reserving tables. There are some people who do not use computers. Relax. It will be ok. Mdr always has tables for 2. We have met some nice people sharing a table. Be open to sharing if need be.
  7. Redtravel

    transfer from port to Rome?

    I use either RomeInLimo or Rome Cabs by Stephano. I have used their services many times. Never been disappointed. Cars and drivers are good. I will not use trains in Italy when I have luggage. Trains are a prime target for pick pockets and baggage thieves. Not worth the risk of being robbed. I know too many people that have had problems. Also, in Italy there are strikes. I took a train from Livorno to Florence. Somewhere in an unknown place, the train suddenly stopped. We waited while there while there was a strike. We did not where we were and were unsure when we would move. Tense? Never again. Use a car service. Also, be aware that Rome has scheduled transportation stoppages to ease polution. During that time, no motor vehicles can move in Rome historic area. Fridays are the worst.
  8. Thanks for the update. I will look at the Jan 2020 cruise. With fewer long cruises and higher fares, we will likely look at other lines. I registered for the meet & mingle. See you on the Reflection.
  9. Redtravel

    B2B Curious as to how it works

    Never knew about the b2b discount on Celebrity. I have done b2b on several lines. I am not a fan. The turn around day can be hectic on celebrity. Last time I booked a b2b on Summit, we waited in the lounge a long time before they zeroed the ship. After that, we had to turn in old seapass cards and get new ones. check in with US customs, take photos, etc. There were over 300 b2b guests. We were lucky in that we did not have to leave the ship. On some b2b cruises on Celebrity, you have to get off the ship and reboard it. Celebrity makes you zero your account on each cruise. If you have OBC, it cannot carry over. Spend it, cash it, before the next cruise. Be certain of the amount on each cruise. Check with Guest Relations. Each time it changes. The best b2b was on Windstar. You get a sea card good for your entire voyage, took a free complimentary excursion, got discount on each cruise, got free same day laundry for the entire voyage, had a special lunch, and returned in time for the muster drill.
  10. Redtravel

    You may be on a b2b?

    Pack less. Just keep it clean. Nobody remembers what you wore and when. Most days I cannot recall what I wore yesterday. I usually take trips that combine cruise and land stays. I pack in twos...2 changes of underwear, 2 long sleeve shirts, 2 short sleeve shirts, 2 dressy tops, 2 pair of dress pants, 2 pair of jeans, 2 pair of shorts, 2 bathing suits, 2 sweaters/polartec, etc. If I have space, I will take a few more short sleeve shirts. Make sure that you pick clothes that can be worn in many combinations. Stick to solids and darker colors. Depending upon place and time of year, I may ditch a pair of shorts and a bathing suit. I cooler places, a scarf, hat , gloves are nice. Waterproof jacket, umbrella, and shoes that will stay dry are a must anywhere. Wear the heavy shoes on the plane. Pack the lighter pair. If I don't pack it and need it, I will buy it. I select clothing items that don't wrinkle and can be washed out and dry overnight.
  11. I am elite plus. I have lost track of how many cruises that I have taken. I sail on Celebrity and other lines too. For the last 11 years since I retired, I have been taking longer cruises (14+ nights). January is usually a 14 night Celebrity Caribbean cruise. I like Caribbean cruises out of Florida. I can fly there in 2-3 hours. I sailed several times on the Eclipse until it left the Caribbean route. This January I am on the only 14 night Caribbean cruise on the Reflection. I just got the email with the new cruises for 2020-2021. I cannot find any 14+ night Caribbean night cruises. Am I missing something? I have done b2b cruises and prefer not to take them. I hate the turnaround day. I also don"t like seeing the same menus and entertainment. I also noticed that fares are up. Time to look for longer winter cruises that aren't b2b. Any suggestions?
  12. Redtravel

    Problem with Infinite Veranda, on the New Edge

    You may wake up to the crew fixing or washing something outside your window. It happened to us. We close our drapes. One morning when we got up and discovered the crew fixing something on our veranda. They obtained access from outside. No advance warning. Imagine our surprise.
  13. Redtravel

    Concierge Class boarding day lunch

    First day and last day are important. Too many cruise lines, not just Celebrity, exclude guests from venues that are open on other days. A bad embarkation or disembarkation can alter your opinion of a cruise. When you read reviews, there are many that address those 2 days. Since many people have limited vacation time, they fly in on embarkation day and fly home directly after the cruise. Until I retired, I did that many times. Stress levels are high, people are tired, many need a shower, and being directed to a crowded Buffet doesn't give a guest a great impression. There should be a better way to start a cruise. Spread out the guests. Open Luminae, Blu, MDR, specialty restaurants, pool grill, etc. in addition to the Buffet. Add some sandwiches at Al Bacio would be nice. I wouldn't mind paying extra to avoid the Buffet. Before Bistro on 5 became Sushi, we liked to eat lunch there. Since I don't like sushi, I do not go to Sushi on 5.
  14. Redtravel

    Formal nite attire

    We were delighted when Celebrity ditched formal nights about 4-5 years ago. There ate Chic nights seem to be a bit dressier than other nights. Women wear anything they want. Men question what they should wear. Most men do not wear formal attire or suits. Some wear sports jackets. Mostly men wear slacks with a collared shirt. There doesn't seem to be much difference between casual and chic nights. It is your vacation. Wear what pleases you. I really like cruise lines that have gone to completely smart casual.