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  1. Redtravel

    Fares Gone Crazy

    Supply and demand will eventually find a price that sells cabins. Fare have gone wild. We looked at fares in November for a Caribbean cruise in Jan. 2020. Same cruise is now double. We did not book it. Am I sorry? No. I could wait and see if fares drop or move on to other vacation options. While Celebrity does a nice cruise, it doesn't compare to other lines that I often book. The new higher fares and amenities cutback make it very easy to book other cruise lines. My next booked cruises are not on Celebrity.
  2. Redtravel

    Spanish Serenade

    I did the Spanish Serenade in 2017. It was a great cruise. We took the ship Alhambra Excursion. It was strenuous. Expect to be on your feet for a long time. Tour was excellent. The included lunch in Grenada was fabulous. We also took the Picasso tour in Malaga. I would not recommend it. In Malaga, we docked in town. Get off and walk. Picasso museum is about 10 minute walk. Malaga is an easy walking town with lots to see. We also docked in Seville, not Cadiz. We walked into town and went to the Alcazar, Palace, and Church on our own. It was easy. Not worth taking a tour. However, if the ship docks in Cadiz, you will be a 2 hour ride from Seville. You will need transportation to Seville.
  3. Redtravel

    Reflection 6268 Location Advice Please

    We were in 6268 on Eclipse. Cabin was nice. View was good. It was between divots. You can see down to the water. The only negative was the noise from the Ensemble Lounge which was below us. At night, we could feel the music. Since we don’t turn in early, it wasn’t terrible.
  4. Redtravel

    Do You Keep Wedding Ring/Diamond on Board???

    Leave good jewelry home. I never bring my diamond wedding band or other expensive jewelry. I bring “travel jewelry”. Costume items that do not look expensive. I wear it on cruises. On land trips, I wear minimal jewelry. Love my timex watch with cloth band. It lights up. It doubles as a night light. Nobody would mug me for it. It cost less than $50.
  5. Redtravel

    Elite wash and fold

    I use the laundry? Yes, but be careful. If something is dear, don’t send it. They do great on knits. Broad cloth shirts need pressing. You have some free pressing. On the laundry slip, write which items need to be pressed. Sometimes, without asking, you will get clothes pressed on hangers. I did have a problem on Infinity. Many years ago, on Infinity they used a black pen to write cabin # on the item. On light colored shirts, the black ink bled through. Celebrity paid to replace ruined items. Never had a problem on any other ship.
  6. Redtravel

    Disabled disembarkation in Greenwich

    The pontoon was easy to use. There is a slope if you go from the pontoon to the shore. It is not very steep. If you take the river boat on the Thames, it is level. We really appreciated being in Greenwich. It is a nice area.
  7. Redtravel

    Concierge Laundry Benefits

    Windstar. Any cruise 14 days or longer includes free same day service. Clothes are pressed on hangers. You can send out laundry any day of the cruise. It is nice when you board after traveling on land. It is also wonderful when you pack at the end of the cruise. I pack clean clothes. The best is unpacking clean clothes when you get home. On shorter cruises, I have bought unlimited laundry service. Cost was about $7/pp per day. Best money spent on a cruise.
  8. Redtravel

    Concierge Laundry Benefits

    A wait time more than a day is not good. 3 days is terrible. I hate doing laundry and love it when somebody does it for me. I use ship laundry services when they provide good service. Using ship laundry should cut down the amount of clothing that you pack. My favorite cruise includes free unlimited same day laundry service. Clothes are pressed and hung on hangers. You can send out laundry everyday. At the end of a cruise, I pack clean clothes that I unpack and put them away.
  9. Redtravel

    Elite no longer get priority ??

    We were on Jan. 4th. Raise out of terminal 25. Embarkation was strange. Lots of long lines. We got into the elite line which was close to the entrance. After waiting some time, an attendant noticed my spouse’s cane and told us to follow her to the handicapped desk. We walked to the far end of the building. We waited in another line. Then had to walk back the entire length of the ship to get onto the ship. Not everyone that is handicapped is in a wheelchair. The handicap line is a good idea when it shortens the wait and walking distance. Unfortunately, the placement of the handicapped desk is the furthest from the entry. I hope somebody reads this and rethinks the location of the handicap desk.
  10. Redtravel

    Dress Code

    Nice to see that Seabourn has come to a point where tuxedos are less common and more casual attire has been accepted in the restaurants. It is 2019. Just returned from a cruise. Amazed at how casual attire is the choice of many cruisers. Guys in tuxedos were few. There were few gowns. They looked old and out of style. The dress guide becomes what people wear. It seems that women can wear almost anything. Most people dress casually and conservatively. They look smart and look comfortable. No more formal attire. I donated our formal wear to goodwill.
  11. Redtravel

    Once you try Oceania, do you ever go back to Celebrity?

    We just did a 14 night cruise on Celebrity Reflection. We had 14 warm sunny days. In the fall, we did 14 nights on Marina. Weather was cool with several rainy days. We had a nice time on both cruises. We did do comparisons. We are looking to book another cruise. Looking at Oceania., not Celebrity. Celebrity costs less. Oceania costs more. If you have the money, go for Oceania. Oceania cruise is better. Oceania outshines Celebrity in food, amenities, and service. Celebrity has better entertainment and coffee bar. Cafe Al Bacio on Celebrity is open late at night. If you don’t feel comfortable with the cost of Oceania, go for Celebrity. Celebrity does a good cruise.
  12. Redtravel

    Buyer Beware on B2B Bookings

    My experience will lead me to look at itineraries carefully before booking again. We booked a 14 cruise on Marina. There was no mention of it really being 2 b2b cruises. We had one booking #. When I tried to make restaurant reservations on line, I had some problems. It listed that We should get 8 reservations. I could only get 4 reservations. Most were on the second week. When I tried a few days later, I got one more reservation. A few weeks later, I got one more reservation. Having sailed on Oceania previously, I knew that there are always reservations put aside for people who don’t use computers. In retrospect this was my first hint that me cruise wasn’t a sole 14 day cruise. Next hint was that there were no excursions listed for the turn around day. That was really odd since it was at a popular port. It was a port that I had visited many times. I really wasn’t interested in doing an excursion. Once on the ship, it became obvious that we were on a b2b when I went to make the missing restaurant reservations. I was told that I had to wait until a day before the first cruise ended before making more reservations? The penny dropped . Even though It was listed as a single cruise and my sea card had one reservation #, it was treated as 2 cruises in many ways. Luckily, we didn’t have to do a second checkin. We had to do a second lifeboat drill. Menus and entertainment were repeated the second week. There were no activities on turn around day. I have done b2b cruises on other lines. While not ideal, I did know that it was a b2b before I booked. That wasn’t the case on Oceania. We got 1 Oceania credit. On the cruise, we met people who had booked it as 2 separate cruises and got 2 credits. That is not really fair. It would be more equitable if they had a per night system.
  13. Redtravel

    Pride debarking in Barbados...

    We disembarked last year in Barbados. Bags out on the last morning. Breakfast and off about 9. Although we have stayed in Barbados many times, we opted to take a ship excursion. Our plane was at 4pm. WE figured it was better than sitting at the airport which is not air conditioned. AC only after you pass through security. You cannot checkin until 2 hours before your flight. The excursion was excellent. It went to places that we hadn't visited on other trips. The stop at the plantation which included a great lunch was better than expected. Tour got us to the airport where our luggage was waiting for us. Windstar does it right.
  14. Redtravel

    Oceania vs. Celebrity suites

    Food is subjective. We just got off the Reflection. Food was ok. In November, we were on Oceania Marina. Both cruises were 14 days. Oceania has the best food. All of Oceania's food venues are excellent. Buffet is a class act. Buffet has excellent choices, tasty food, and great service. Never a wait or problem finding a table. The MDR is open for all meals including lunch on port days. Oceania does not have separated dining rooms by class of cabin. They treat all guests well.
  15. Redtravel

    newer ships

    My favorite is the Summit. It is smaller and less crowded.