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  1. Ordered room service breakfast on Millenium before a long full day excursion. The maitre’d suggested at dinner the night before. He said that 1200 guests were doing an early excursion. He said that the Oceanview would be crowded. Our order never came. Went to Cafe AlBacio got coffee and a muffin. I like room service when we return after lunch hours. When several excursions return after lunch, it’s either the grill or room service. Charging extra for room service is just another cutback. The list of cutbacks keeps growing and growing. What’s next? Surcharges in the MDR? Just more things that send people away. This is not the Celebrity Cruise Line that I used to enjoy.
  2. Gty assignments can come at any time. I have had assignments in less than a week after booking. I have also waited until embarkation. On one cruise I was assigned and reassigned 3 times. My first assigned cabin was a sweet 16. I was thrilled. That was short lived when the next cabin was assigned. Cruise line can move you many times into any cabin from the gty category you booked and up. Best upgrade was 8 categories up on Zenith. I never had a really bad gty cabin. Usually get the same category that I book. I never book gty unless I can save significant money.
  3. Points don ‘t interest me. I am discoverer plus/elite plus. Never plan on getting to Zenith. What matters is what the loyalty level means. I was put off by Azamara LCV benefits. On previous Azamara cruises, LCV discoverer plus got us 2 bags laundry per person. That is what we get on Celebrity. Now we get ONE tiny bag. WiFi minutes are half of what we get in Celebrity. WiFi on Azamara is very bad. Celebrity CC benefits are so much better than Azamara.
  4. IKEA furniture looks better than those wooden chairs. It looks like they got a good deal on chairs from old school cafeteria. Just showed the photos to my spouse. We will not be on that ship!
  5. Yes, you will be discoverer plus on Azamara. Unfortunately, the discoverer plus benefits are not nearly as good as elite plus on Celebrity. When I first started cruising on Azamara, the benefits were better than Celebrity. The benefits now include only one bag of laundry per cabin per week. Just did a 10 night cruise and only got one bag of laundry for both of us. Bag was small. Smaller than a Celebrity bag. Celebrity, we get 2 bags free laundry per person. On any Celebrity cruise, we get 4 bags. Azamara has free laundry rooms where you can do your own wash. Washing clothes on vacation is not my idea of a vacation. On Azamara, we each got 120 WiFi minutes. On Celebrity we get double that. We had a good time on Azamara. However, we were sadly surprised at how little loyalty means.
  6. Thanks for the info about Miami. I have done b2b on Oceania in Europe. It was very easy. No need to check in again. Just another day on a cruise. They do block off the cabins for guests embarking that day. However, we were to bypass the blocked off cabins if we wanted to go to our cabin. There was also a lunch in the dining room for only b2b guests. B2b is known as aGrand Voyage. See guest services for laundry.
  7. Just did a cruise on Azamara. I am elite plus on Celebrity and discover plus on Azamara. At the repeaters cocktail party, I met several people who were taking their first Azamara cruise. They had all sailed on Celebrity or Royal. Does Celebrity invite first time cruisers on Celebrity to their repeaters party if they have previously sailed on another Royal Cruise line?
  8. Sugar free is not the same as plant based. Not sure if my diabetic spouse will be happy.
  9. It was a stop on recent Azamara cruise. It was a waste of time. The excursions were expensive and terrible. We stopped in July. We were the second ship to ever stop there. Hope nobody goes there. However, if you stop there, do not get off. Not much worth seeing. I would rather pack than waste time in that port.
  10. On one cruise, I went to the laundry room the first day. We had been traveling for a week. The laundry room was crowded. Lots of people had the same idea. On my most recent cruise, I tried several times to do a wash. Gave up and sent the clothes out. Not worth spending time trying to do a wash.
  11. Always check your account on the tv screen in your cabin. Do not wait until the end of the cruise. There are always errors. Usually a call to guest service will get somebody to correct the mistakes. After you disembark, call Celebrity and explain the problem. I have often had extra charges posted after we left the cruise. They are small. Last time it was less than$10. . Save your final statement to verify that the same amount has been charged to your credit card. When I called Celebrity, they said that it happens all the time. The charge was for something in the minibar. We had everything removed at the start of the cruise. It was an inconvience, but it says tons about how Celebrity charges extra.
  12. Yes. I used it at a Tuscan grill a few years ago. They were aware of the discount. They said that nobody had ever seen it. Luckily, I had the printed list of benefits with me. After much to do, they comped us dinner. Dinner wasn’t that good. MDR is better.
  13. The response from LLP just reinforces why I am not booked on any future Celebrity cruises. The marketing dept has really turned me off. While some people keep rebooking Celebrity again and again, there comes a point when you will get fed up with the penny pinching attitude. Each time something is changed, it sends a message. I would rather sail on a more expensive cruise line that includes the features that make a cruise a great vacation.
  14. It is ok. Not very fast. It would be nice if Windstar gave guests free WiFi. There are several cruise lines that have free WiFi. Most hotels give it away. If you have a problem with WiFi on the ship, ask the crew. They know where to find good free WiFi in most ports. They also know where to eat and drink in most ports.
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