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  1. As it turned out, it was the vaccine that caused the problem - Windstar was to have had sufficient supply to vaccinate their remaining crew in St. Maarten, but it did not come. Windstar has now made arrangements to sail to San Juan after current sailing disembarks and allowing the 2 weeks for the crew to be fully vaccinated, necessitating cancellation of June 26 & July 3 sailings to be cancelled. I understand your disappointment, but vaccinations in foreign countries are in limited supply. It is not really Windstar's fault.
  2. Per my post above, I am not continuing this research any longer, except obviously there are cabins available for sailings more than a year away. As for transpacific 9/4, cabins available in all categories. Little, if any, price reductions.
  3. Not much booked at all yet in cabins below Owners, Classic & Deluxe which are not available -
  4. July 10 - also plenty of availability. 8 Cabins in top 3 cats - owners, classic, deluxe. 7+ in each of five cats - 2 balconies & 3 oceanviews, 6 cabins in other cabin cats.
  5. 156 total Cabins for yacht ships (lengthened). For our sailing, there are 4 categories with 7+ available, with some sold out, and all the other categories (including up to Owners, there are 14 total). At least 42 empty, so possibly have room for 84 pax to book to 100%. Windstar told me they would be maxing out at 80% availability for the first 4 sailings, but might be able to open up more cabins by August. 80% of 156 total cabins = 124 cabins approx. can be sold, leaving 32 needing to be vacant. More availability on 7/24 - 6 Cats w 7+, all others add up to 12 cabins. More than 54 cabins available to 100% Cap or 22 to 80%. Anymore sailing dates you may wish to know? Or specific cabin category? All cruise lines are being careful to follow CDC regulations and err on the side of safety. As for pricing, the RT St. Maarten sailings have been on 7 for 7 multiple times in the last month, so they are doing their best to get them sold. It is highly unlikely anyone will receive an upgrade even if there are vacant cabins. If anyone is interested in upgrading, be prepared to pay the current list price for the category, unless you are at level 3 or 4. Lines have already lost so much money over the last 16 months and they are not giving anything away probably for the next two years anyway.
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