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  1. Maybe a call or email to your cruise consultant can help. He may be able to do something for you because you made your plans based on his information.
  2. My mistake. I thought you just had to book in that time frame. Sorry for the false hope.
  3. Newbie8, you don't have to cruise before it expires, you just have to book any future cruise before that date.
  4. I've had this problem in the past. The problem was this, I used my cruise next certificate as the deposit for the cruise, which has a value of $250. The cruise I was booking, was a 14 day Transatlantic which normally has a minimum deposit of $400 per person. It wasn't until I made a payment of more than $550, to satisfy the normal $800 deposit, that I was able to make smaller payments on-line. However, I was able to make small payments before I paid the $800, by calling NCL with my booking information and having them apply the small payments with a credit card. Long story short, call them and they will apply any amount to your booking. Regards, Eric
  5. Danish Viking, thank you so much for all the infomation with links and pictures, that you posted. We got off the ship Sunday and have spent the last few days here in Copenhagen. We stayed at the Adina Hotel which was a nice location for scenic waterfront walks. Getting into the areas around Stroeget, Nyhavn and Tivoli was extremely easy using the #26 bus. From Nyhavn we took the water bus to the area around the Little Mermaid and walked back to the hotel from there. We used the 72 hour City Pass which covered all our transportation. Thank you again because all your information made this possible. Eric
  6. Thank you Danish viking! I could not find these answers on-line. The information I did find, had me guessing some of the answers, but I was not sure. Thanks again
  7. Hello Danish Viking, can you please tell me if the Oresund train from the airport to Osterport is a good option? Would one piece of luggage for each of the two of us be a problem in this train? Last question, would we be able to use a 3 zone bus/train/Metro ticket for this service? I am looking at this option because it does not involve any transfers. From Osterport, we would then walk to the Adina apartments, where we are staying pre-cruise. Thank you for your help.
  8. Hello BabsterA, we recently sailed in an AB forward suite on the Spirit. The cabin had a wired connection available to plug into the laptop, so some suites do have an internet connection, but I am not certain which ones. The rates are the same, but the speed of the service depends on how many people are using it onboard.
  9. I believe it means that it is already booked and not available. I've gotten this message when I was trying to book 10168 on one cruise, but 10668, it's twin, was available.
  10. Sbarbow, I'm sorry I missed your post. I haven't been on this site for a while, but just to add to what others have said, the Riverwalk was open early. We were coming from the Embassy Suites on Julia Street and went up the elevator next to the escalator (which wasn't running). We entered the mall in the food court area, walked across and to the right and out the riverside set of doors. From there, you follow it around until you come to a large set of stairs that lead down to the terminal. As long as you aren't overly burdened by luggage, the steps are manageable. We intend to follow this route again on our upcoming cruise in February. Happy Holidays All!
  11. Dan, yes you can change your existing reservation to a new ship without any charge. In fact, any money you have already deposited, will be carried over. I have done this in the past with no problem whatsoever. You might want to check the NCL website to see what cabins are available for your new cruise and then request that. There may be a difference in the total cost of the cruise, as they may be priced differently if you are selecting a different cabin catagory, but you can pretty much get that information by going thru the NCL website and pricing the specific cruise.
  12. The 16 day Boston-NOLA on the Spirit, because last year, we took our first cruise on NCL and it was the 14 day Spirit repo from NOLA to New York. It was, hands down, the best cruise we had ever taken (our previous cruises were with Carnival, which were nice too,but this was better). Part of the reason too, is because we love New Orleans and it is a great pre or post cruise city. As far as the Jewel going to NOLA, I'm not sure that ship does go there. What we loved about NCL was the Freestyle dining, where they accomodate you like in a restaurant, as far as the number of people in your party or seating you with a favorite waiter. Regardless of which cruise you take, I think you will enjoy yourself a lot.
  13. NolaAlive, thanks for posting these pictures. My wife and I have sailed out of New Orleans 3 times so far, with another cruise coming in February '09. On our last trip in March/April '08, we stayed at the Embassy Suites and walked to the terminal. Your pictures have me re-living the great memories of that trip and also have me 'chomping at the bit' for our next visit. Thanks again.
  14. The Spirit has a 16 day repositioning cruise, leaving from Boston and ending up in New Orleans, October 23, 2009. This one goes to Aruba, which is also one of my favorite islands.
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