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  1. Where did you find this information?
  2. Their 90-day processing time was posted on March 18, and is still the most recent policy as far as I can tell: https://www.crystalcruises.com/corona-virus-health-advisory/issuance-of-cruise-refunds It says "it may take up to 90 days from the day of cancellation for them to be issued to guests." No reference to business days.
  3. Here is our information: Sailed on 2020 World Cruise. Embarked Jan 5, 2020. Feb 27, 2020: Crystal notified WC guests on board of option for early termination of the cruise, with disembarkation in five days in Sydney on March 3, 2020, and refund of unused nights of the cruise fare paid. We notified Concierge Desk on board that day of our intention to accept offer of early ending of cruise. (Original WC was to sail until April 21, 2020, so unused days would be around 48 days, depending on exactly how it is calculated.) March 3, 2020: Disembarked.
  4. Great idea to use Shazam. Looks like the song is from a company that sells music for commercial use. Thank you...mystery solved.
  5. Does anyone know anything about the music played in the Crystal Cruises World Cruise 2020 promotional video? Is it by a known artist? Or is it stock commercial audio that can be licensed for use? I thought I recently heard part of it in a television commercial that had nothing to do with Crystal. I found it interesting because it immediately gave me a warm fuzzy feeling even before I realized why. It took a while to make the connection to the Crystal promo video...I had watched the Crystal promo video so many times in excited anticipation of the cruise, that even hearing the music
  6. Thank you Keith. I did not intend to trigger discussions in the direction that this thread has gone. Your post answers my original question very nicely. And the link to Crystal's updated refund policy that Crickette posted was also helpful. My travel agent did called Crystal, and she was told a refund would take "2 to 3 weeks", which is why I posted my question. But I think my TA probably called just before the updated "up to 90 days" policy was posted on Crystal's Advisory Alerts page. Although Crystal cruisers share a lot in common, there are differences, and the degr
  7. Suzeluvscruz, how long ago...was it a relatively recent experience you had with a Crystal Cruises refund?
  8. For those World Cruisers who chose Crystal's option (announced Feb 27th) to disembark in Sydney on March 3rd, has anyone actually received their refund for the unused nights yet?
  9. My understanding is that it is the label, and the information contained on it, that is important. Not the actual pill bottle itself. When I use the last of the pills in a prescription bottle, I peel the label off the bottle, and stick it back on to a little plastic coin bag. Then I take that labeled bag when traveling. Transfering the label takes a little patience and practice, but can work quite well. If it doesn't stick well, I've used a piece of clear packaging tape to cover the label and adhere to the bag. Another option that I've used is to have the prescribing pha
  10. Seeing that many credit cards nowadays charge a foreign transaction fee, are transactions processed by Crystal Cruises considered foreign transactions? If so, does this include booking transactions as well as on-board account transactions? I know there are credit cards that do not charge foreign transaction fees, but my curiosity is about those credit cards that DO charge this fee.
  11. Excellent! Thank you for the helpful reply.
  12. Can the computer lab be used to download/transfer photos from a camera memory card to a guest-provided USB drive, either by the guest or as a service by the computer concierge? I'm thinking of Serenity in particular, if that matters.
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