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  1. You can just turn up to the shows - no need to book. We didnt use the gym so I dont know about that. As a guide when we sailed 14-21st Aug we were told there were 1342 passengers against a capacity of around 2880 with 840 crew
  2. We were on last weeks sailing and were told the evening before about the masks that were required by port authorities in Scotland. The special masks were provided by the ship as we left the ship there.
  3. Update. Celebrity have messaged to say that the gratuity charge is added to the booking as this is the only way they can ensure that the staff receive them. Then what they do is apply a discount code to cancel it out and this will be shown on the onboard final invoice
  4. We are sailing from Southampton on Sat 14th. Can anyone help with a query about added gratuities please? I was under the impression that our booking already included drinks/WIFI/Tips, however we logged into our reservation last night and there is a box that says "edit gratuities" (see below ) . I'm confused as if tips are already included why are we being asked to contribute an additional £164.92 - and what happens if we dont? Take care of our crew so they can take care of you. You may elect to prepay gratuities or service charges for all guests in your reservation. That gives you more time to enjoy and relax on your vacation. + £164.92 GBP Per Stateroom
  5. You will not be allowed to board and sent on your way very quickly. What would be the point in us all having PCR tests if they were going to allow those testing positive to get on the ship anyway? Why on earth if you tested positive would you even set off to go on holiday ? Sorry if I'm sounding harsh or am I just missing something here?
  6. Its on the UK site for cruises departing from Southampton
  7. Since we booked our cruise Celebrity are now offering Free Car Parking on New Bookings. Can anyone tell me whether the best price guarantee covers the car parking? If so, how do we go about claiming as there isnt a place on the claim form for this. TIA
  8. I was under the impression all guests booked on celebrity were now AI - unless you booked quite a long time ago?
  9. I also had issues with the Eurofins Portal to the point of being on the verge of deciding not to bother and book a Boots test instead. However, if you hold off doing anything for now as around 2-3 weeks before your sail date Celebrity will send an email to everyone on your booking - to the lead email address which contains a link to register and book your complimentary Eurofins PCR test - this was really easy to do and we now have tests booked. We sail on 14th August and received the emails on 25/7, I would guess that as you are sailing 4th Sep you should receive your emails around 14th August. Hope this helps .
  10. Interested to hear any responses on this as we will also have to put a claim in
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