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  1. Yes, it is a parents decision on how to travel with their children. And making the decision to risk a child’s life because it’s more convenient is selfish and irresponsible. It is absurd to me that with so many transportation and child seat options to choose from these days somebody would still choose to forego their child’s safety because it’s easier for them.
  2. I would not recommend lap seating a child even in a shuttle bus. Even if the law doesn’t require a car seat, a child should be in one if they are of the age and size limits. It is short sighted and irresponsible to risk a child’s life because it’s more convenient.
  3. I completely get your stress about the car seat travel, it adds so much extra hassle! We will be bringing two car seats on our upcoming cruise and will find transportation to use them with in Florida. As for the ports, we are sticking to things where we won’t need to drive. In St Thomas we booked an excursion that has a boat leaving from where the ship docks and goes to a beach and back with no driving involved. Other places we just plan to stay near the port or places we can take a boat to because I don’t want to deal with the hassle of car seats and what to do with them at the ports. It’s not ideal and limits what we will be able to do, but that is just what comes along with this phase of life having young children.
  4. I would really appreciate menus so we can plan which night to do our specialty dining. Have a great cruise!
  5. On our past Princess cruises we've always done anytime dining as we prefer the flexibility, but decided to try traditional on our upcoming Regal cruise since we'll have our young kids with us and wait times can vary with the anytime. We requested early seating and the cruise personalizer lists it as confirmed. I have a few questions about how traditional dining works though. I've read on here that requesting a table size is just that, and doesn't always have the number of people you request. Is there a way to know what table we will be at before dinner the first night so we can confirm it really is a table for 4? Not to sound anti-social, but I think the meals will go more smoothly for the kids if it's just us at the table. If we see it isn't the correct size could we talk to somebody about switching to a different one or even anytime dining at that point? We also received a free specialty dinner promo when we booked the cruise. I was thinking we would tell our waiters the night before so they know not to expect us, is that the norm? What if the free dinner is assigned the first night, do we just not show up to the traditional dining or should we let somebody know? I know I'm probably overthinking this, so thanks for any replies!
  6. Thanks for the info on the resort pass website I hadn't heard of that so I will check it out! I don't expect a hotel to hold a room from the night before for us, I just wasn't sure if some might allow early check in if there's been rooms already cleaned and available after the previous guests have left. That's good to know that storing bags isn't out of the norm for many hotels.
  7. We are planning on staying in Fort Lauderdale the Sunday after our cruise ends then flying out of FLL early Monday morning. The issue is that disembarkation is in the morning and all the hotels I'm coming across list 4 pm as the earliest check in time. Does anybody know of any hotels near the port or Fort Lauderdale Beach that will do early check in? Being able to check in early and use the facilities would be ideal, but we'd even be happy if the hotel had a secure place to store our luggage and two car seats so we could at least head out on the water taxi or find somewhere nearby to keep our kids entertained for the day. Any other suggestions on what we could do with the luggage/car seats until a room is ready would be appreciated as well.
  8. I completely understand that lugging around a car seat and finding transportation to accommodate it can be a hassle. I am dreading dealing with it on my upcoming cruise and having to adjust our plans in ports accordingly. However, you should really take a minute to think about the WHY behind using a car seat. Laws may be different from place to place, but the purpose of a car seat is to protect your child in case of an accident. Even if it's not required by law you should still use one. An airport shuttle is still a vehicle driving on roads with other vehicles. If you use a car seat at home when you drive, why wouldn't you take those same precautions with somebody else driving? If it was an older child I could maybe see using a booster or some sort of alternative but I wouldn't even entertain that idea for an 18 month old. It's safest for kids to be in a rear facing car seat until at least 2 or until they outgrow the weight/height limit to rear face in their seat. It's ridiculous and irresponsible to risk the life of a child because a car seat is an inconvenience to deal with.
  9. Loved “sailing” along with you! Thanks for taking the time to post about your trip.
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