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  1. Automatic call backs would be a great option. I’m always worried places will call back when I’m unavailable, but it beats waiting on hold for hours!
  2. Long waits during a time of increased volume like this isn’t poor customer service. Bad customer service would be an employee and them being rude or not helping. What options are there for decreasing wait times? Decreasing call volume, hiring and training more personnel (which wouldn’t help the current situation since that takes time), or hanging up on their other calls before finished. None of those are feasible options so do you have another suggestion?
  3. That’s an odd response without actually having a clue about someone’s situation and really isn’t relevant at all to saying a different opinion isn’t a lecture. For the record, until I cancelled a couple nights ago my family was scheduled to sail on March 22. I will be losing a large amount of money by not going. But to bring this back on topic, I did have a couple hour wait time, but once answered the lady who helped me cancel had good customer service while being efficient.
  4. If Princess is aware of people being infected and not taking precautions this would be on them, but otherwise what are they supposed to do? Not all cases have been severe, so with the virus sometimes presenting asymptomatic or mild means there are likely people walking around all over with it. It’s not limited to Princess or the cruise industry even though the spotlight seems to be focused on them.
  5. People responding to your statement with different experiences or opinions does not equal a lecture. If you’d prefer no one respond perhaps a message board isn’t the ideal place for a statement.
  6. I felt this way on my last cruise before all this started. Kind of puts you on edge. Unfortunately many people just think of themselves and don’t care about infecting others. They don’t want to miss out so instead of doing the responsible thing and staying to themselves if possible, they go out and spread it around. An illness one person considers not a big deal for themselves could turn into a hospital stay for someone else. Until people practice better hygienic practices and stay to themselves things can spread around no matter what the crew does. This isn’t limited t
  7. I’m sorry you had to cancel. We did too and it’s so disappointing. We were mostly concerned about getting quarantined and not being able to get home. I think you made the right call because both for the quarantine possibility but even more so because the mortality rate of this virus greatly increases with age, so with your mother being 70 it’s just not worth the risk.
  8. I don’t know the official answer but my guess would be that if you’re not paying for them you aren’t getting credit.
  9. Was a reason given for the hotels not accepting people from the Regal? Maybe hotels close to the port are booked up between normal business plus people from today’s cancelled voyage?
  10. Obviously there is going to be longer wait times right now. Hiring and training people takes time so it’s not like they could suddenly add people to deal with this. I was on hold for super long the other night but when someone answered they were friendly and efficient even after what I assume was a long day dealing with upset customers.
  11. Something to keep in mind is that COVID19 tests in the US have thus far be very limited as to who is able to actually get them, so the numbers of infected are misleading and likely much higher than they appear. I kind of feel like the cruise industry is being made a scapegoat and the companies are having to take a lot of blame. The same crew is dealing with guests during the asymptomatic period, but hows that different than a land based restaurant employee who may have been unknowingly exposed serving people? If people aren’t being tested to know they have COVID19 it can be unknowingly spread
  12. The port fees and taxes should be refunded. The actual fare percentage refunded vs. given as a future cruise credit will depend on what cancellation.penalty window you’re in. The dates should be listed on your invoice from booking. When I cancelled last night I was in the 75% cancellation penalty window. The 75% was applied as a future cruise credit and they are refunding me 25% plus the entire port fees/taxes.
  13. It’s a great savings strategy that goes to show a business can do good by themselves while also doing good by their customers. They have the right to enforce the cancellation policy in the contract we agreed to at booking, but them offering a future cruise credit so I’ll at least get something for my money instead of losing it all, makes me way more likely to return to them. Before this I was unsure. I’m very appreciative.
  14. I’m curious if your ex had an issue with the cruise before all of this COVID19 stuff began? If he has been reasonable up to this point, you may consider how you would feel if the tables were turned and you had concerns about a trip he was planning with your daughter and he still took her against your wishes. I personally would have a very hard time keeping an amicable coparenting relationship if my child’s other parent disregarded me and took them into a situation where I was worried they may get sick or quarantined. Whether or not to cancel a trip you’ve been excited about is a to
  15. Yes, it is a parents decision on how to travel with their children. And making the decision to risk a child’s life because it’s more convenient is selfish and irresponsible. It is absurd to me that with so many transportation and child seat options to choose from these days somebody would still choose to forego their child’s safety because it’s easier for them.
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