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  1. I wonder what happened to the Destiny class ships (like 101k tons I think)? I sailed on the Destiny years ago from San Juan and it was a blast. I thought it was a nice ship at the time and certainly nicer than the Fascination. It looks like the Destiny may be gone at the point. (and I believe it was built after the Fascination??)...I may have to look that up. In regards to why we love that itinerary...It's because my family loves to snorkel and/or SCUBA dive. Every stop on that itinerary has excellent (some world class) reefs that are easily accessible.
  2. Wow...I am the OP...this has been a busy thread today! (ha) I was simply looking for vacation options for my family and wanted to share my thoughts on why I won't been looking at CCL at the present time. Hopefully they won't limit port stops even more! I personally enjoy 4+ (good) stops on a 7 night cruise. ...and call me old school but I want to be able to truly enjoy what the islands naturally have to offer. For example, I imagine that there are quite a few visitors to Roatan that don't realize they have world class reefs that you can reach via snorkeling. They don't realize it because
  3. Yup...Because if they ever want to see us cruise again, we have to see value. Unfortunately, they don't offer that itinerary in the summer where we can utilize it. We have 3 kids. BTW...Don't beat me up because the cruise lines try to maximize profits in sending people to 3 ports (in many cases) on a 7-night cruise. (including their private islands etc) I am wanting to book another cruise for my family however many of the itins that we see…well suck. If it doesn't change, no biggie...we rent beach homes all the time. I posted this in case reps from CCL actually care what is going t
  4. We miss the W. Caribbean itinerary out of Miami that visited Cozumel, Belize, Roatan & Grand Cayman. Please consider bringing that one back. We honestly feel many of the 7-night itineraries are quite lame now-a-days. (Nassau stops are tired) Step up your game CCL so you can get this industry rolling again. Also, please get a decent ship ported in San Juan…We are not feeling the Fantasy Class ships anymore.
  5. We have booked the land sea tour with Cosol. How much time do you typically get to stay at the beach there? My wife and I have been to St.Lucia before (and have seen the Pitons etc) but this is the 1st time with our 3 teenagers. Recently, I have found out that the snorkeling is supposed to really good there. My kids have experienced snorkeling in Roatan and Belize and I worry they are spoiled in regards to seeing the reef quality there. (Roatan has AMAZING reefs on it's West end) Now I am intrigued by the reefs on Sugar beach after seeing pictures... I just want to make sure th
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