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  1. Indeed it was a momentous day Phil. Now we can all have hope for the world and of course start to turn dreams into reality about cruising again❤️🛳❤️
  2. We too are thinking of some land trips, it’s just the longing to board a ship again! Having had three cruises cancelled since the pandemic and rebooked one for 2022 then we also need a bit more certainty before booking for next year. Vicki
  3. Phil, I know from my limited knowledge that it is more difficult to be declared fit to sail following a cold layup and I assume it’s not a short process. Will just have to watch and wait ! Vicki
  4. Although the new Greece intensive cruises on Pursuit for May are available to book on Azamara site they seem to have disappeared altogether from a well known U.K. cruise site. Any clue if these are going ahead? Would love a week in Greece
  5. We have just Lifted and Shifted from March2021 to 2022 on a Japan Intensive. Never booked this far out before but seemed like a decent deal. who knows what will happen but we can dream! vicki
  6. Not sure Phil but maybe the OP is referring to the Dubai to Athens on Journey on 26th April. We too are meant to be on that cruise but as yet no decision by Azamara, although I don’t need a crystal ball to guess! vicki
  7. Same here on my iPad, but asked my son and he”fixed” it, so can’t offer any further advice unless you want him to come round and have a look! Be prepared for a roll of the eyes though😂
  8. Thank you, isn’t realise that and it has worked Vicki
  9. Dumb question but how do I access the USsite. No matter how I try (on my iPad) it reverts to U.K. Site Thanks Vicki
  10. Sorry to hijack the thread but on this theme can anyone tell me if Fevertree tonics are available on Silver Spirit? Thank you Vicki Brown
  11. Just seen this thread and think I need several hours to digest and analyse, although I see several respected and knowledgeable contributors have posted their thoughts. Another nail in the loyalty coffin! vicki
  12. One factor to consider is the length of the cruise. The packages are the same price no matter what the cruise length is. Therefore you would need to do the math on the cost of drinks package and full WiFi access, which on a longer cruise may be costly without a package.
  13. No adequate explanation was forthcoming. My advice is to obtain a copy of your final account from Guest Relations on the morning of debark if you are sailing on Pursuit because none are delivered to you and the promised email version did not arrive until we were charged and spent two weeks trying to sort it out
  14. I can now report finally we have had a refund processed and today it has appeared in our credit card statement online. It certainly took some persistence and involved contacting multiple Azamara contacts by both email and telephone. , not always even receiving a response. Thank you to all who offered advice and support Festive greetings to all Vicki
  15. Good news, glad all is now in order. We too have the cheque from BA, but still awaiting the promised refund from Azamara. Its only 3 days now so will wait until next week until we panic again on that one. Thank you for your help and have a very merry Christmas Vicki
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