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  1. Not sure Phil but maybe the OP is referring to the Dubai to Athens on Journey on 26th April. We too are meant to be on that cruise but as yet no decision by Azamara, although I don’t need a crystal ball to guess! vicki
  2. Same here on my iPad, but asked my son and he”fixed” it, so can’t offer any further advice unless you want him to come round and have a look! Be prepared for a roll of the eyes though😂
  3. Thank you, isn’t realise that and it has worked Vicki
  4. Dumb question but how do I access the USsite. No matter how I try (on my iPad) it reverts to U.K. Site Thanks Vicki
  5. Sorry to hijack the thread but on this theme can anyone tell me if Fevertree tonics are available on Silver Spirit? Thank you Vicki Brown
  6. Just seen this thread and think I need several hours to digest and analyse, although I see several respected and knowledgeable contributors have posted their thoughts. Another nail in the loyalty coffin! vicki
  7. One factor to consider is the length of the cruise. The packages are the same price no matter what the cruise length is. Therefore you would need to do the math on the cost of drinks package and full WiFi access, which on a longer cruise may be costly without a package.
  8. No adequate explanation was forthcoming. My advice is to obtain a copy of your final account from Guest Relations on the morning of debark if you are sailing on Pursuit because none are delivered to you and the promised email version did not arrive until we were charged and spent two weeks trying to sort it out
  9. I can now report finally we have had a refund processed and today it has appeared in our credit card statement online. It certainly took some persistence and involved contacting multiple Azamara contacts by both email and telephone. , not always even receiving a response. Thank you to all who offered advice and support Festive greetings to all Vicki
  10. Good news, glad all is now in order. We too have the cheque from BA, but still awaiting the promised refund from Azamara. Its only 3 days now so will wait until next week until we panic again on that one. Thank you for your help and have a very merry Christmas Vicki
  11. Sorry to hear this. Maybe that explains the issues with difficulty contacting some UK support that I and others have experienced recently. I know others have had invaluable help from the U.K. based team in the past. I suppose it’s watch this space as the new team emerges Vicki
  12. Hallelujah, just got a phone call from someone at LCV. Although she couldn’t offer any explanation into the charges, and was in total agreement with our figures, the main thing is that we are to expect a refund on our card Again I shall await with baited breath until I see it in black and white on the statement. Now to get on with that Xmas shopping 🎅🏼 Thank you all for your input Vicki
  13. Because we are experiencing extreme difficulty trying to get a response we have indeed put the charge in dispute with our credit card provider as well as sending emails to I think four different email addresses including Bonnie’s suggestion and speaking to Customer relations who promised faithfully to get back to me over a week ago. They also promised an email copy of the account which again hasn’t materialised. Its a real pain as we have had to document an extensive letter outlining the problem as well as completing paperwork from the bank, not to mention the hours on hold to these organisations . What should be relatively simple appears insurmountable ! Vicki
  14. Thank you Bonnie Did as you suggested yesterday , as yet no response not even an acknowledgement The only emails I am receiving from Azamara are trying to sell me another cruise🙄
  15. No Bonnie I spoke via telephone to an operative named Candy, who told me to send my evidence to customerrelationsuk@rccl.com. I also sent the same to Richard Twyman at RTwynam@azamaraclubcruises.com Vicki
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