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  1. We already had some so can’t remember an ATM but I do remember fellow passengers in the queue that didn’t have any so we gave them a few. Maybe they will take dollars and not give you change but 1 real ( if the price is the same, locals use it so it won’t be very expensive)is worth virtually nothing! Can you get a minimal amount from an exchange in the US?
  2. It’s very easy to do this yourself We walked from the ship to the elevator which I believe was less than 1 real. You are ten in the historic district which felt very safe and busy. I think we picked up a walking map and took our time strolling round, had a drink then returned to the ship via the elevator
  3. Please tell the lovely Ruby to save a few bottles of the stash for Vicki in November 😉😉😉
  4. Sorry I realise it was not your post I aplologise for the error
  5. I know I’m going to get burned here but I feel very strongly about this final sentence on your post You may be aware o the following fact but if not here goes Different kinds of plastic can degrade at different times, but the average time for a plastic bottle to completely degrade is at least 450 years. It can even take some bottles 1000 years to biodegrade! That's a long time for even the smallest bottle So I’m afraid your darling little bottles are going to be around and causing future generations massive environmental problems long after you and I are long gone I do not want this to sound like a personal attack’s but want to raise awareness that we can still enjoy our luxury products but it won’t literally cost the earth
  6. Yes your right I have upgraded my drinks package on other cruises but take the precaution of packing some decent tonic. It would seem I will need to continue doing this to enjoy the upgraded spirts.
  7. Although booked via a TA it’s an Azamara package that had a $500 credit with the booking.
  8. We have some OBC for an upcoming cruise. Does anyone know if it can be used to purchase an Indulgence package prior to the cruise? Thank you Vicki
  9. We have visited Salvador by cruise ship before, however we return to this port in November. on our previous visit we took the Elevador Lacerda to the Pelourinho district and spent several enjoyable hours taking in the sights. Does anyone have an alternative suggestion about what to do in this port. We are quite adventurous and don’t mind local transport but realise safety may be an issue in certain parts. Any thoughts appreciated
  10. Personally I would support a dispenser. For me it’s about the quality of the product. If we had a quality product and were able to eliminate the single use plastic which continues to devastate the planet then it’s a win/ win situation.
  11. Hope the ship will be well stocked in November as we leave Lisbon to head to Rio. Not many options or opportunities to restock on that cruise. May have to squeeze a case of Fevertree into the luggage!
  12. This again confirms my suspicion that the algorithm only comes into play when the TOP bids are equal. In other words whoever bids the most is successful and if two or more bid that figure then the multiplier ( or simply who is the top loyalty bidder) is applied. In this scenario Azamara collect the most cash available. I asked Bonnie in a thread if this was how the system worked but didn’t get a response! If this is true then loyalty means virtually nothing in the process. I may be wrong but if no one who knows for sure clarifies the process then based upon results such as above it remains a possibility
  13. Well I think you know my thoughts Phil on the gym. As a regular daily user of this facility I would expect the equipment to be maintained and replaced promptly. It can get quite busy in there so it’s important to have safe functional equipment. We have to wait until November for our next Pursuit outing, so I’ll watch this space! vicki
  14. Not sure if it applies to anyone else but I’m Discoverer plus and didn’t think I had received the survey . However I did find it in my junk email box which I rarely check.
  15. Very revaeling though that U.K. passengers are charged at $1 equals£1!
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