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  1. On 4/16/2020 at 6:16 PM, travelhound said:

    Despite all the negativity on the CC forum, cruise bookings for next year are actually up.  I think there is going to be a lot of pent up demand and many ships next year will probably sell out.

    While this is true most people are using there credits to book for next year.  Currently booking for new guest are down I have inside info from my wife.   I believe the big issue is someone would be scared to book a new booking in today market I truly believe that in the coming months there will be good deals from the cruise lines and they want to fill the ship however I am thinking they have lost some of new cruisers with the news in the media the long term cruisers will return but be a bit more guarded. 

  2. What a great question! I would most likely not do anything different as of now. After the bottoms falls in the industry, I might offer  more incentives or all-inclusive deals to get people to book like beverage packages. Heck, I'd bring back happy hour at Crooners. That might do it. 

    I agree princess has done a great job and I think moving forward the cruise lines will need to win people back with perks and price but I think it will come back.

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  3. Will go down further.
    From analyst reports new bookings are down over 35% compared to last year at this time.That does not even take into account all of the canceled cruises, costs of refunds, as well as all of the FCC and OBC.
    NCLH and RCL have already started tapping revolving lines of credit.
    CNBC had a good segment in the Covid-19 special dealing with the cruise lines.

    I agree very tough tomes for the cruise lines And the families and the suppliers huge spin off on this

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  4. We have read a lot of great and bad things going on with the virus. Now here is my question would you do something different on how princess is handling it and what would you do once this is over to get old and new customers back.



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  5.   Believe what you want  .CNN dow futures are showing 1174 points down at the open tomorrow . Those are facts not hopes or wishes  . In all truth I would not buy  any cruise line stocks  or travel stocks  .It is like skating up hill & the hill is full of  glue 
       My money is in cash & precious metals 

    Hey you are right however if you have a bit of spare money kicking around it’s the best time when Markets are low.

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  6.  Personally I wouldn't even place a $11 oder for CCL or RCL or NCL 

    Right now it is crashing if you hold on long term it will bounce back tang is what i have always done and it has worked for me

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  7. In my opinion there’s no better time to buy stock in Carnival I don’t think we’ll see the stock is low as it is now anytime soon. I’ve also purchased Norwegian and Royal Caribbean and saved a fair dollar. We all know once this virus goes away the ships will start to feel again and the stocks will grow

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  8. On 9/4/2018 at 8:47 AM, Coral said:


    It has a weird texture, color and taste of any other prime rib I have ever had. It is almost "steamed" or "boiled".


    I am used to slow cooking prime rib as I live in midwest and that is how they do it here - though we don't do it from frozen here. Maybe that is the difference? Oh , yea, different quality.


    You are right, the quality of the beef in the dining room is very low quality.

    I agree some times at the dinner table a few people were wondering if it was even beef.  To be honest I have never had a good cut of beef in the MDR steak house different  story. 

  9. No not true.
    When it first came out a few years ago they did but changed it.

    That’s what I thought as well just saw someone posted it on Facebook I guess they don’t know what they are talking about as I looked on the princess site and could not see anything.

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  10. On CB during the holidays, ordering a drink with the Medallion was only about 60% successful. Sometimes, they brought it in 5-6 minutes. Other times, it never arrived and the status simply was changed to "cancelled." It was pretty frustrating. There were times on the Sun Deck where the app couldn't find me, so it wouldn't let me order. Then, i moved 10 feet in one direction and it worked fine. It's a great idea, but still pretty buggy at this point.

    Totally agree once they get it working better will be a game changer.

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  11. Did it on the Royal has a great time water was nice beds were easy to get a spot. One thing I did notice all depends on time of day you go one time around 11 am we went and was really busy and about 12 most people left it was 99 dollars for a 3 day cruise we got our money worth.

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