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  1. Thanks for the update. Hoping the pain subsides for you, but honestly, that area looks pretty far from being healed. Such a series of unfortunate events, as they say. Keeping you in prayers, and healing thoughts coming your way. Will the blood clots dissolve eventually? My DH had a DVT in his leg and the doctor explained that it had calcified in his thigh and the veins do eventually make their way around it, but it has never be the same as far as circulation goes. Being a nurse, i'm sure you a lot more knowledgeable about these things, guess I'm just curious why some blood clots dissolve (he also had a pulmonary embolism) and some just hang around. lol
  2. keeping you in thoughts and prayers. hoping the surgery this time will give you some relief.
  3. thanks for the update. feel so bad for you that the injury is not healing as it should. praying that the antibiotics will take care of it and you wont have to have surgery and the open drainage. I agree with you and the others that a lawyer is the way to go now for the workers comp. also, if you expect to be out of work for at least a year, you could look into social security disability. you don't have to wait a year to file for it, but the doctors would have to indicate in their records that they expect you'll be unable to work for a year. and the way things are going for you, it may just be that long unfortunately. glad to see you had some good news, regarding the other side of the foot, the medication costs etc. keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!
  4. Was thinking of you today. Hope things are improving for you!!!
  5. hope you get everything figured out with the doctors. like you need that on top of everything else! wishing you an easy recovery from here on out!
  6. Hopefully, the comp will get resolved quickly. Although I have heard that some cases just drag on, keeping my fingers crossed that isn't the case for you! Good luck with your recovery!
  7. Have always enjoyed your reviews. So much detail, I feel like I am there! So sorry what you are going through with your foot/leg. Hopefully you will be feeling better soon! My DH is on Xarelto (has been for several years). He is on a program thru Janssen Carepath for it. We have other insurance and our copay would be about $150/month (as you said, no generic so copay is higher). He gets it at our regular pharmacy (walgreens) and pays $10/month. The pharmacy submits it to our insurance and then to Janssen carepath for the remainder. Including a link so you can check it out! Good luck! https://www.xarelto-us.com/xarelto-cost
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