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  1. True. this would be a very interesting development in the cruising world for such a large cruise line to go AI. The only other to be attempting it is Virgin... and that has yet to be tested.
  2. The death rate is so low... how many people normally die in your state daily? I’m so over this BS. Cases are meanIngless with so many false positives. thats why you look at statistics of deaths and hospitalizations not cases. Yes some people will die of the flu, aids ect. what would have been useful is if the government said hey” it seems like obesity is a comorbidity that is an issue with covid 19, let’s all loose some weight!” Your avg American could have lost 20 pounds or so in 6 months it’s been since the beginning. BUT NO! instead we have people running a
  3. Cases... which are meaningless. I care about deaths hospitalizations and ICU admissions. There are no hospitals overwhelmed in the USA
  4. If you truly want to follow the science, than there is no better science than what you are seeing right before your eyes. What is the data are we seeing in front of our eyes at the reopening of schools.... in 30 counties around the world with no mitigation schemes, no masks, or social distancing and the answer is: absolutely no uptick in cases, no transmission from children to teachers or elderly grandparents. All things people were concerned about. The opening of Disney in Florida is not resulting in a huge uptick in hospitalizations or god forbid deaths of Covid 19. It just simply i
  5. If everyone has a negative test than isn’t a ship the safest place to be? I don’t know what I’m missing
  6. And that’s is 100% your choice. But let the rest of us who want to cruise do so!
  7. Social distancing has never been an established public health construct ever before. Why start now?
  8. Yeah 100%. If they’re that concerned they should stay home
  9. Then why are you here posting? LOL y’all are laughable
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