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  1. I agree, they need to be updated. Steak Diane was on the menu a month ago, there was some talk that it was taken off but that didn't hold true.
  2. Same on the first Millennium cruise from St. Martin. Hopefully it is just the first cruise.
  3. Luckily theyve never upsold at the elite wine tasting
  4. I find more people are using flights by celebrity these days than the in past… could be wrong just an observation
  5. I have no disagreement or dislike with what Jo said at all, just getting our facts straight to comparing hotel chains comparable to X. I have never been to either property so I don’t know. I agree with you on age demographics and I think that’s how we got to AI. I like always included so no qualms with that. but do those properties make you choose your daily service… id be curious to know
  6. According to Celebrity they think they are comparable to One & Only and Jumeirah… i’ll let that sit there
  7. I agree. LLP did all that market research during the pandemic and we got “all-included” out of it. And learned that people don’t want to make decisions while on vacation they want it all included. Okay… so how does this thesis go along with go green… it doesn’t 🙃
  8. Honestly, the Family Veranda’s on the M class are very luxurious features. I’d hang out there on my own balcony and happily get my own glass of wine from the buffet! If all- inclusive is sticking around theyre ways to make the experience just as luxurious, you just have to do more of the heavy lifting 😜
  9. We’ve been in every category as many have posted. Suite are a nice treat but it is possible to still have a somewhat luxurious experience in Veranda/ Concierge and certainly in AQ. Don’t much care for the larger room or the retreat lounge, the sundeck is okay - but Liminae is the real star of the show. They will do anything for you in there.
  10. Yes. We’ve sailed Equinox 3 times since 2013 and every time the crew was fantastic
  11. Our staff on the Millennium a few weeks ago were absolutely fabulous. Couldn’t get better
  12. Just applied for mine as Traveling to and from the Millennium was a mess 3 weeks ago. Looking forward to having it for the future!
  13. Always do the research on flights... sometimes it is more, sometimes it is A LOT less.
  14. 😄 haha. There is only so much I can drink!
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