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  1. Hi Looking for a Ghost Tour to do in NOLA. Thank you for any suggestions.
  2. We did a NOLA departure a few years ago on New Years Day and it was warm leaving port and freezing coming back into NOLA.
  3. We have had really good deals pre cruise using Priceline express. Going to try for NOLA departure
  4. THank you for the responses. I think I will go ahead and book and see what happens!
  5. Hi Hoping someone here can answer this questions. Our itinerary says we go to Belize City and Harvest Caye the next day Does that mean we can book with a vendor like cavetubing.bz? Cave tubings web site says you can't book if you are on NCL because of where they stop. I am thinking that is if you only go to Harvest Caye. I did email cavetubing with no response. Also, the price difference between booking with NCL and booking with cavetubing is about $100 pp which is significant. Thank you.
  6. Okay, I am just asking for clarification because I thought the person on the phone at the travel insurance company was not really sure. He told me that my policy through NCL only covers if my house is destroyed by the hurricane and I am displaced. I was under the impression that I had cancel for any reason insurance. Also, the refund is only in future cruise credit no cash refund? I don't need to be criticized for my choice in insurance providers I just need to know if this is accurate information. Thank you.
  7. No cancellation yet. Just got off the phone with NCL
  8. Just got off the phone with them. Cruise to Cuba on 9/11 has not been canceled.
  9. We are supposed to cruise Monday. I would just rather get a cancellation notice at this point.
  10. We were on the Island Princess for an Alaska cruise last September. We loved it. I would not hesitate to book it again.
  11. Wow - I was always taught to take only what I can eat on a buffet. All I can say is people are strange!
  12. I wondered it that may be the problem. I am going on the MSC Cruise web site and then I search for Cuba. It comes up that way but won't let me go any further.
  13. Hi Very interested in MSC Opera that departs from Havana. The webiste is making me ready to throw in the towel. It takes me through the part of the booking but when I answer how many in a cabin it stops me. Is this because I am trying to book from the U.S? Should I just give up and call? Thank you.
  14. On the Reflection last week my husband had the premium package. He would just tell them he wanted Merlot and they would bring something. He said they were all fine. Funny enough every restaurant served him a different brand and none were above his package limit. That was in Lawn Club Grill, Tuscan, and the main dining room.
  15. We were on the reflection last week - great cruise. Couple of things from this one Came back on disembarkation day to our table in the buffet where we had left all of our bags and there was a plate on the table. Thought it was odd but a couple of seconds later an elderly gentleman came to the table and said move that bag my wife is coming to the table. There were lots of empty tables. I guess maybe he wanted to make a last minute friend? Waiting for a luggage a woman comes to the luggage carousel and even though the numbers are listed is complaining at the top of her lungs that this is the worst luggage system in the world and how do people know where their luggage is. She tried to get a porter to help her and they just ignored her.
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