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  1. Seems so shallow to even ask during this difficult time on planet earth but..... Anyone have experience staying on deck 10/Aqua on Connie? Have these rooms been added? Is it a busy deck/quiet/convenient? Thank you and please take care
  2. Honestly I would have reported her.
  3. It's such a shame that people abuse the system calling a family pet a service or emotional support animal. My husband has had Parkinson's Disease for 24 years and does have an emotional support dog. We are very careful where we take her including flying. She is trained and very quiet. Neurology and psychologist have supported the need. Not all are fake
  4. I understand that Venice and Cannes must protect their cities and people. We were on the Royal I believe, and it was probably the best cruises I have ever been on.
  5. We took a fantastic Princess Cruise with Venice as a port a few years ago. I cannot find any Princess cruises going to Venice. Do they no longer go to Venice? 😞
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