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  1. rockdoctor

    Mega upgrade

    So true!
  2. rockdoctor

    Alaska cruise - Seattle

    American Airlines is a smaller carrier?
  3. rockdoctor

    Extra fee to book with refundable deposit

    Wow, this is not good news but hotels do it all the time. I hope that make the non refundable deposit reasonable.
  4. rockdoctor

    Alaska cruise - Seattle

    Be aware that SeaTac is one of those air ports that don’t let you check in till 2 hours before flight time.
  5. rockdoctor

    New to cruising - foreign exchange

    Thanks OCruisers.
  6. rockdoctor

    New to cruising - foreign exchange

    I used to get real excited about exchange rates but considering the few dollars a bad exchange rate costs me relative to the total cruise price, I go with the flow.
  7. rockdoctor

    Seeking advice on when to book

    My advice would be to book as soon as you know you want to go. You will wake up some morning and unexpectedly find your cruise Waitlisted.
  8. rockdoctor

    Planning Alaska Land tour and Cruise....need help?

    IMHO, where you start is personal preference, but the cruise south is more interesting than the cruise north. You will spend more daylight hours with something to see. Killer whales, mountain ranges and more. Enjoy!
  9. rockdoctor

    Airport Transfer to Rome Fiumicino

    Whenever there is a long transfer from airport to ship , as in Rome or Santiago, we use Princess Transfers. Our experience is that when a bus is full, it leaves rather that at fixed intervals.
  10. rockdoctor

    Club class mini suite dining

    I have posted on this topic before amd must warn you that you and your spouse will be alone together at a table for two or a table for eight. Sorry.
  11. rockdoctor

    Is Princess really worth this cost?

    This thread is curious to me. I consider Princess to be less expensive than Celebrity for similar value and similar itenerary and only sail Celebrity for an special itenerary. Maybe prices are very different outside the US.
  12. rockdoctor

    Regal Princess Seafood Lunch Buffet

    Never heard of it.
  13. rockdoctor

    What Gratuity to Leave at Specialty Restaurant?

    Not true. The ship knows where you are eatting. Those serving you get the gratuity. Whether it is MDR for breakfast or ATD or Suite Breakfast in Sabatini DR or Club Class or Pub lunch, the appropriate staff get their due. We tip extra when due.
  14. For my last cruise, we had a drinks package. In a later promotion, the price dropped and we get free gratuities. We thought that was a better deal. You need to ask yourself, what’s it worth. But then I just drink scotch neat and my wife gin and tonic. Great info on this thread.
  15. rockdoctor

    Did I make a mistake?

    As others have said, don’t book a cabin you wouldn’t be comfortable in and be happy to get an upsell rather than needing one. You didn’t make a mistake. You cannot make a mistake on something you have no control over. We have gotten one up sell in more than 20 cruises - on Celebrity from a Sky Suite to a Penthouse Suite. If you really want an upsell, book in the shoulder season when fewer people travel. Don’t give up hope.