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  1. I totally suggest going to Savor or Taste for breakfast in the AM. You can also go to the observatory for some buffet items and it's usually not as busy, but Savor and Taste are much busier than normal due to the buffet changes, so go early.
  2. Agreed, I saw a man the other day at the buffet get sauce on his hands from his plate, lick all of his fingers, then grab a serving spoon to get more food.. disgusting..
  3. I must have missed that one, theres a quarantined ship? I was in a cab in Barbados with a woman who was talking to another woman about being exposed to something (I think she was a nurse) and mentioned someone told her they had to tell the CDC, she didn't seem to care other than getting on the ship for her vacation. I'm hoping she wasn't from our ship.. some people... Good to know it's out of precaution and not an active incident onboard. I'm in the spa now, we're not even allowed to get our own towels or robes, but yes salt and pepper shakers were everywhere at breakfast.
  4. Not sure if it's due to the page in the middle of the night to bring a medical team and stretcher to a room on deck 14, or something else but the ship appears to be on mitigation mode for illnesses. The self service stations in the observation deck were manned by staff dishing out food, guests weren't allowed to serve themselves. Can't speak for the buffet, but when a family member asked why they were told there was a "virus reported on the ship".
  5. Current Bliss officers, can't type it this second. This is on the current 1/19 sailing.
  6. It's actually a 14 day southern Caribbean next, we're going aboard tomorrow. Looking forward to it! Though from everyone's reports about sea conditions in going to go out and buy dramamine lol.
  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to take the pic and upload it, very much appreciated!
  8. Thank you! Good question, the last few away class ships I was on, it was Deck 6 Forward just to the left of the hallway that leads to the atrium when facing forward.
  9. Hey everyone! Hope you're enjoying your cruise! Any chance someone can upload a pic of the officer wall photos if the 'free' wifi let's you on CC?
  10. Hi Arzeena & RJ! We're going to be on the ship this Sunday and it was suggested we could ask you a question since you're already onboard keeping the ship warm for us 🙂 1. Does you / anyone have a list of the current officers on the Bliss from the M&G? Or a snapshot of the picture wall? 2. If you / anyone happens to have a moment where it's convenient, would you be willing to ask someone how many free bags of laundry platinum members will be able to get on next weeks 14 day itinerary? Thanks so much, hope you're all enjoying your cruise!
  11. That's good to know, so we might actually get 2 bags per platinum member? I'll have to call and see if I can confirm if that's the case for us. Thank you!
  12. Yes, you can use the latitudes rewards laundry perk on any day you want.
  13. Yes, you are correct. Just to clarify, what I mean is on a two week cruise (two 7 day B2B) I typically do laundry once a week and since it's technically two separate cruises I would get a free bag each week. That isn't the case on an actual 14 day itinerary, I only get one free bag so I want to space it out so I do laundry on the $20 promo day and not waste my free bag right before it unknowingly requiring me to pay full price for the second bag and going bankrupt. 🙂
  14. We normally do B2B 7 day cruises which we're normally able to predict the laundry promotion timing from dailies posted from previous sailings. We're going on the 1/19 2-week Bliss cruise at the end of the week and since it's not a normal itinerary we're trying to figure out the best timing for when to use the platinum promo. Is anyone familiar with the timing and frequency of laundry promos on a 14 day (not 7 day B2B) itinerary?
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