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  1. They've already released their own press releases about their trip to the Bahamas for humanitarian aid. While I commend them for their actions because the Bahamas sure needs it, I can't help but feel the motivation behind it was purely PR and to bury the bad press beneath the new press. I don't blame them for changing ports or cancelling the subsequent cruise, but I do blame them for how they handled it, the lack of communication, the time, money, and resources they wasted by announcing decisions and then changing them hours later after people scrambled to change flights, hotels, and travel plans, and the lack of support they provided people despite claiming they provided it to everyone. No one offered us support or assistance, and we kept asking for it. I had an amazing experience on that cruise, aside from my wedding on another ship, it was the best cruise we ever had.. The staff was amazing, went above and beyond offering Haven-like service, then they ruined it all by a series of poor decisions. I was sticking up for them at first in my posts, but I can't defend them after how they handled things. And for all the NCL cheerleaders out there, don't confuse our dissatisfaction of how NCL screwed this up as a lack of compassion for the people injured, killed, or alive left with nothing in the Bahamas. We are allowed to be furious with what we had to deal with. That doesn't mean we don't have compassion for those who have it way worse. Being kept safe on their ship doesn't grant them free license to screw with people's lives and abandon them at a random port and take off. I am beyond sorry that I purchased more cruise next after this stunt because I have only ever cruised NCL before, but now I am compelled to try their competitors.
  2. Ahh thank you for that. When I get home I have to make sure I check the process for the full refund they're supposed to give on the B2B they cancelled. The Breakaway was in New Orleans until 4pm local time. I heard its horn and looked out the window and got to see it sail away without us.
  3. For those that needed to get back to another airport, or who required a hotel to since flights were not available until the next day, they have done nothing. At least for myself and the rest of my family. They did announce they'll pay up to $300 per person for "change fees" but no instructions how, and its unclear if that will cover our scenario of having to change airlines completely in order to get home. Not complaining, just reporting some facts.
  4. I do have trip insurance, and not via NCL but with a third party. I'll give them a ring.
  5. The 8/25 sailing of the Breakaway will be terminating the cruise in New Orleans instead of Miami due to the hurricane. I'm curious what happens after they dump us there. Their update on the website said they would be assisting passengers with travel arrangements, but from what I've seen already that just means they'll let passengers use their phones and computers for free. Has anyone ever experienced this with NCL first-hand before and can enlighten us with what to expect? Thanks
  6. So far on the Breakaway, they extended the beverage package where the last time this happened they didn't according to staff. Dining packages are only for X nights so you would probably keep the nights you had left if any. They're handing out new keys to one deck of people at a time, not sure how the keys look yet as far as UDP and BEV package go. Spa is still opened to ua.
  7. Now text messages are being sent instructing people to call a recording which says the 9/1 cruise has been shortened to a 4 day cruise setting sail on 9/4.
  8. We're actually both of those, not sure what to do at this point
  9. Captain just announced current plan is to return to Miami on 9/4.
  10. Yes, but no estimate or idea of how long. All they know is we can't return to port tomorrow to drop off passengers or pick up new ones, so the next cruise is cancelled. That explains why they weren't telling anyone about the next cruise being cancelled, it didn't only affect those people but everyone currently on-board who now have to cancel their flights and /or hotels but can't book anything new since no one knows when we'll get back to port. Again, it's not NCL's fault since they have no choice as the port of Miami was closed on them. I just wish they stuck with their original plan to extend the stay in Cozumel. I wonder how many days we're talking about until they re-open the port...
  11. Captain just announced that the port of Miami will close at 10pm tonight and we will NOT be returning to port tomorrow and will remain at sea until the captain of the port re-opens it.
  12. I can confirm that I called NCL in Miami and they told me that tomorrow's cruise is cancelled. I called up an officer on the ship and they wouldn't tell me anything other than "The captain will announce if there are any changes". We were supposed to be sailing B2B next week but haven't been told anything about the cancellation yet. I'll respond once I hear the official announcement..
  13. Not accurate, that was changed and we have indeed left cozumel.
  14. Considering how long it took them to update their site with the first update, I would assume they will eventually post the new update eventually. The staff is outside doing their last port all on board party thing and they announced all crew must be on board by 5:30pm to depart.
  15. Me too, many left thinking all-aboard was tomorrow morning, not 5pm today.
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