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  1. The SS Oriana from Sydney to Noumea, Vila, Vavau, Suva, Pago Pago & Nukalofa in 1983 - my dad was a musician and I was 12. No parental supervision and we pretty much hung out in the arcade, the cinema, and the pizza and ice cream bar! Image via https://www.australiaforeveryone.com.au/ships-orient/
  2. Our deposit is now in our bank account from July 2nd (cancelled August 9 and August 19 cruises on March 9th).
  3. We are booked on a Transatlantic/Baltic later this year, 29 days with our kids. As of today, we are pretty sure we are going to cancel and try and do what we can by land. Our final payment isn't until May 8 though so will wait until then to cancel. My husband has long service leave, we have booked our two kids out of school for the term and we have basically spent $30k, mostly non refundable either side of the cruise. Our back up plan is this: Syd-Lon-Copehagen (supposed to start cruise here)- fly Reykjavik-fly Toronto - drive to Nova Scotia - friend's lake house in Nova Scotia for the remaind
  4. I hope for those like you who are past cancellation time that cruise companies do the right thing by you all! My mum just messaged, there is a case just diagnosed at Northern Beaches Hospital 5 mins from home and where my husband does the phones... will be going out with my antiseptic wipes today 😂
  5. We are on a 29 day Transatlantic with 2 kids later this year. We called TA 2 days ago - our final payment is May 12 and we have until May 8 to cancel with full refund. We are going to decide then and have a back-up land plan. Having sunk years of savings into many non refundable bookings either end...it’s hard to know what to do!
  6. As others have written - why not Australia/NZ? We don't feel unsafe here re the virus and we are in desperate need of tourism now that the bush fires have ended.
  7. I noticed on both of our Carnival cruises that someone was always cleaning the railings on the staircase! We use the stairs a lot because we have a rule on cruises to never use the lift (so we can eat and drink what we like lol). Good to hear HAL is the same. I also saw on CC many years ago that people bring Glen 20 to spray the air con vents and room as soon as one arrives. We have done this on our 3 previous cruises... touch wood...no-one has ever been sick!
  8. We are booked with SPB this coming August for a 2 day private tour - I have no concerns about touring with them and making it back to the ship on time - having researched a lot about this before we booked! They mentioned to me that because of roadworks, we may miss one sight but we are also adding a Russian Doll experience for the kids. They were the only ones who replied with someone specific for kids if we wanted that.
  9. We are a family of 4 and I guess not typical HAL clientele for a TA but we are very much looking forward to the same cruise as scubacruiserx2 We chose it because of the ports and the stops in Norway, Iceland and Greenland - we have also added the Baltic to the beginning. I like that the HAL cruise stops overnight in Reykjavik (many others do also). Originally this cruise was to end in NY but the destination was changed to Boston. We have hired a car in Reykjavik for the 2 days and in Akureyri. Isafjordur we are doing a HAL tour.
  10. We are doing the same cruise this year - just out of interest, and to perhaps lower expectations, what ports did you miss?
  11. We just watched the Rick Steves Northern European Cruise Ports on YouTube - it was highly informative.
  12. Yes! Reading above, 27c doesn't seem terribly warm - especially as we will be in the North Atlantic!
  13. We are sailing for 29 days in August/September with our 9 year old and 11 year old to the Baltic/Transatlantic. Just looking for an update on the Zuiderdam - reading above, it sounds like they are heated, specifically for pools that children can use, is this still the case re temperature? Also, are there hot tubs in the child friendly area?
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