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  1. shudie

    Suggestions for packing without wrinkling

    I use packing cubes too. In the Eagle Creek starter pack, you get a shirt one with a sheet of plastic to help fold tops as though they were on a shelf in a store. I always pack mine in that. Here’s a pic. Great for a cruise, you just take the cube out and transfer to draw.
  2. shudie

    What has happened to Cruise Critic?

    I started 2 B2Bs for August 2020. It was so difficult to find the right place and then finally started them in the 'if you don't find your roll call, click here' so I'm not even sure others will find the thread?!
  3. shudie

    Iceland in September

    I haven’t been there yet but we have booked a cruise that goes there (late August, 2020). I have just been looking at hiring a car to do our own thing. Our ship has two full days in Reykjavik and it has two other ports. There are also many organised tours where you can see inland.
  4. shudie

    Is Club HAL always this anemic?

    Great feedback, thank you! How did your kids find the cruise when they were the only ones? Ours will be 9 and 11 at time of sailing.
  5. shudie

    WHY Indian Food ?

    Yes, this is the case. We sailed P&O x 1 and then Carnival Spirit x 2 and many of the chefs were Indian. Behind the scenes tours confirmed this! As a vegeterian and as someone who lived in the UK for 15 years, then travelled India extensively, I was very happy to see Indian on the menu in the MDR almost every night. All 3 cruises had a thali most nights - 2 or 3 different curries, dal, yogurt and bread. Sydney doesn’t have great Indian food IMO - cruise Indian was the best we have had since leaving the UK. Im hoping HAL Zuiderdam has some good Indian choices.
  6. We bring seaweed rice crackers for the kids, nut butter, nuts and I have never been in a holiday without taking vegemite!
  7. shudie

    Is Club HAL always this anemic?

    We’ve just booked 29 day Jewels of the Baltic and Viking Passage. Apparently last year there were 5 kids in total. From what I am reading above, Zuiderdam will have a kids’ club but it will be limited and all kids in together? Ours aren’t terribly fussed about it but nice to have the option. On our two previous cruises, they usually chose a few activities to attend.
  8. My husband and I + 2 kids are booked on 2 HAL cruises. It will be our first time on HAL. We are taking our children out of school for term 3. We have been looking these 2 for about 5 years - excited to finally be booked! August 9, 2020 - Zuiderdam 10 day Jewels of the Baltic August 19, 2020 - Zuiderdam 19 day Viking Passage
  9. Zuiderdam cabin VB Veranda - does anyone know where I can find a picture of these cabins done up for family of 4 please? Is it just that teeny sofa pulled out? Also, does anyone know if the Baltic cruises get many families? If Viking Passage is in the UK summer break, is it likely to get more families? We aren’t too fussed... but might be nice to hook up for private tours. Thanks.
  10. Thank you for clarifying. We are doing the B2B Baltic and Viking Passage with 2 children and are hoping they can swim indoors if that option is available.
  11. shudie

    The very special Noordam? Where is she?

    We saw her earlier this week at White Bay, Sydney Harbour. We just booked the Zuiderdam in 2020 so popped down for a bit of ship spotting with the kids. When the cruise departs from here, the ship goes under the Sydney Harbour Bridge - one of the highlights of our P&O cruise a few years ago.
  12. Thanks! My mum is coming also... she is a senior but a better social life than us lol. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. Hi Judith, thanks for your review, were there any children on board? We are thinking of doing similar in 2020. Our children will be 11 and 9. Following Royal Caribbean also for info. Sent from my iPad using Forums