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  1. Thank you SO much for posting these great photos. My husband and I are also vegetarians, but it looks like we'll have no trouble finding delicious food on our first Holland America cruise.
  2. For those who may be planning to visit Amsterdam or The Netherlands soon, this Guardian article may be of interest. 'We must act now': Netherlands tries to control tourism boom. Strategy may involve tourist tax and closing down attractions in crowded regions.
  3. Yes, I am getting what I'm looking for this time, thanks! And actually, I last raised this topic last November (a lot can change in five months) and I was asking about the Koningsdam. Too often I have experienced that cruise line's online descriptions are not always accurate or complete, and that on board, food and drink policies seem to be very open to crew interpretation. So, I always like to get a preview of how a beverage policy is actually being applied on board a specific ship. I could call and ask HA of course, but with each call I suspect I'd get a different answer to my question. 🙂 But, I did just find this Koningsdam Welcome Book online. On the page that lists beverage packages, including Quench, it just not show the GDC as an exclusion.
  4. Thanks, but have you actually tried to use it at the Grand Dutch Cafe? I'm looking for personal experience. I know what the Quench Package description includes on their website, but as it's not listed as an exclusion, and as the Grand Dutch Cafe is not on all HA ships, I'm wondering if they just didn't include it in description of what IS included.
  5. Just hoping someone can tell me, from personal experience, if I can use the Quench beverage package at the Grand Dutch Café to get cappuccinos, special teas, etc. We will be on the Nieuw Statendam in June. Thanks.
  6. I did a global search of CruiseCritic and could not find any other reference to this story, but if I missed it, my apologies. This news applies to all cruise lines of course, so please move this post if there's a more appropriate place. "Currently only available in the United States and United Kingdom, TripAdvisor Cruises will give travellers the TripAdvisor treatment: the ability to review and post photographs of cruise trips, by expanding maritime getaways to an audience of up to half a billion monthly users." Full story.
  7. Sorry, yes, I meant that terminology is regional in Canada, not internationally. I think it's probably the French influence in Quebec that explains this Canadian difference. Yes, in Europe entree often refers to the starter (I'm British, so I still tend to call it a starter rather than an appetizer!).
  8. I'm also wondering if the Quench package covers 'specialty' teas. I suspect it does, but they're not mentioned in the package description. I also think it's possible the package is supposed to be accepted in the Grand Dutch Cafe. It's not listed an an exclusion, it's also just not mentioned, and I think that may be because that cafe is only on the two newest ships so they just didn't bother to include it in the generic description. That's what I'm hoping at least! From HAL's website: Enjoy unlimited mocktails, juices, bottled water (sparkling 330ml or still 500ml), Exploration’s Café Beverages and sodas. Only on the ms Koningsdam, the package includes Freestyle Coca-Cola which provides 100+ refreshing Coca-Cola flavors to choose from. A 15% service charge will be automatically applied to your purchase. The Quench Beverage Package must be purchased for the entire duration of the voyage. All guests booked in the same stateroom must also purchase the package. The package is for unlimited non-alcoholic beverages. The package excludes purchases made in the Mini Bar, Chocolate Seduction, In-Room Dining, beverages purchased on Half Moon Cay. Packages are non-transferable or refundable. No sharing is permitted. Participants may order only one drink at a time. Beverage Management reserves the right to evoke the package if misused and reserves the right to refuse service for any reason.
  9. I think this may be regional difference in Quebec. I've lived in Ontario, Alberta and B.C. and in my experience an entree always refers to the main course, not the appetizer or starter.
  10. Hi everyone - my husband and I will soon be celebrating our 28th anniversary on board the Crown Princess. I think it might be nice for us to enjoy the Ultimate Balcony Dinner on that date (I could surprise my husband!). I know this dinner is usually lobster and steak, but my husband is vegetarian, and I eat fish occasionally but not meat. Will Princess be willing to prepare a custom dinner for our UBD? Any input would be welcome. Thanks!
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