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  1. Good Morning. There is one thing that I don't think I will ever forget about the Panama Canal. That is getting up early and looking at all the ships surrounding us, waiting for their turn to go through the Canal. It had a rather eerie feeling to it. I am trying to remember which photos I have previously posted. If I make any duplications we will put it down to an aging brain. Val
  2. Good Morning. A quick update on the forest fire that has been impacting my cousin. My cousin is still under an evacuation alert. The good news is that the fire has decreased in size from approx 250 hectares to 181 hectares as of yesterday. We were in Sitka in 2012 on the Amsterdam. Lovely little town. I will try not to repeat photos, but no promises. Val
  3. Good Morning. I heard from my cousin last night and she said that the evacuation order has been lifted\ Although they are able to return home they are still under alert. Plus the sprinkler systems placed on the roofs by the firefighters are still in place. Val
  4. They definitely are. I am actually looking forward to the chaos that will ensue when they visit. Love a house with big dogs. Val
  5. Good Morning. The news I had from my cousin yesterday was that a fire guard had been built around the fire. Plus they had a down pour of rain with no lightening. As far as I know they are still evacuated. This is Blanche as a puppy. Blance is a Great Pyrenees blend and has grown a great deal since this photo was taken a year ago. She is my DS' dog. Ellie as a puppy. Val
  6. Good Morning. @Live4cruisescongratulations on your retirement. It is a beautiful sunny day and the heat was not overbearing when I had Ellie out for her walk earlier. Hopefully the remainder of the day stays that way. I have not heard from my cousin yet today. The provincial forest service website is showing no changes in the fire since yesterday. So hoping that no news is good news. Val
  7. Good Morning. My cousin has told me that the fire has spread, but no homes have been consumed. Her dh and ds are both safe. Val
  8. Good Morning. I woke up this morning with news from my cousin that a forest fire is 4 km from their home, and that they are evacuating. Her husband and son are both volunteer firefighters so they will be remaining behind to help with battling the fire. I have not been able to get them out of my mind and keep looking for an update from her. I will report back when I know more. In the meantime our temperatures have dropped substantially and it is possible to go outside without feeling as though you are stepping into the garden. If we continue with the cooler weather I
  9. Happy July 4th! Here are a few shots of Bar Harbor from our Veendam cruise. Val
  10. It is. I think I have heard 90 percent of the village is gone. I hope I am wrong. Just watching Premier Horgan speak on this subject. Val
  11. If you go into YouTube there are various sharing methods. If these don't work, default to right, click on the address and then paste it in the document you are trying to send. I hope this helps. Val P.S. I think it is called the "address". Someone please correct me if I have used the wrong term.
  12. A little update on Lytton. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/bc-wildfires-lytton-july-1-2021-1.6087311
  13. Good Morning. Much cooler today, and there is a breeze! It was so nice to feel the air moving when I had Ellie out early for her walk. Current temperature is 21 with a possible high of 27 this afternoon. So much better than the 42 degrees we were experiencing on Monday. Perhaps with the return to more seasonal temperatures I will be able to get back out in the garden. Val
  14. Good Morning. It is still terribly warm here and I am not looking forward to the heat of the day. Ellie enjoying some time in the mud. Val
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