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  1. Letsgocruising, IMHO, leaving Thursday and staying over would be my plan. We travel in to NYC or Port LIberty from Western MA leaving early enough to work our way around delays. But leaving from Boston would make me "antsy" so to have a happy first day stay near to NYC on Thursday night. I would recommend Park Right for parking instead of at the terminal. The terminal has gotten so expensive. We have used them the last couple of times we took the car. (usually guilt one of the kids into driving us and picking us up) Drive there, a driver gets in the car brings you to the terminal and drops you and luggage off. After the cruise they will come pick you up. Or one of has walked to the garage, goten the car and headed back to get the other person/people and luggage. https://parkright.com/ We have stayed at the Holiday Inn Express for a cruise. We had taken a bus down the night before because of the weather. short cab ride from the bus terminal, food nearby, breakfast included, between 5th and 6th Ave so half a block to walk for a cab (hotel offered to get a "cab/car" for $60.....cab was $10). So taking a bus on Thursday could be an option also. Saves gas, wear and tear and stress. No matter what you decide --- enjoy your cruise.
  2. The Summit has the Rooftop Terrace which is a nice place to hang out. They show movies up there I cannot remember if they are during the afternoon or evening. We also hang around alot in our room, usually on our balcony. We usually do Aqua on deck 11 soit is a short jaunt to the Oceanview bar, the buffet or the Rooftop Terrace. Look for Donovan in the buffet for breakfast. He always has a big welcome for everyone.
  3. You did not say which cruise lines. RCCL and Celebrity are easy to get around. Get off ship, walk out to road and catch the city bus. Several years ago we hipped the City bus and did Gators n Golf. We played a round of mini golf and then fed the gators that were in the enclosed pool. There were snacks, ice cream and cold drinks available. There used to be a free tourist bus at certain times of the year. We have also gone to Jetty Park. We took a taxi. Nice beach, restrooms, changing rooms, food, fishing pier (rental of fishing poles). We have seen manatees, sea turtles and dolphins. If it is off season, limited hours for snacks and no chair rentals. There is also Exploration Tower. It is a 5 or 6 story building that looks like a sail. Lots of displays and a great view from the top. Port Canaveral ended up being a favorite stop. We must have done it a dozen times on the Breakaway and a couple on the Anthem of the Seas. http://www.explorationtower.com/ https://www.portcanaveral.com/recreation/jetty-park-beach-pier https://golfngator.com/
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