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  1. Hi djh, the royal suites get a bit extra in the bar fridge. French champagne and French wine. i don’t think the junior suites get that. But all wine on board is available to all cabin classes whenever you want one. Except the above. you will be impressed from the moment you board. So jealous could do it again in a heart beat.
  2. Hi aapreciate, Just realised this is your original from January 🤦‍♂️ 😂 and you are giving feedback 6 months later. Could not work out. Now it makes sense. 😁
  3. As I said food is subjective so I make no direct comment on that. https://www.scenic.com.au/-/media/scenic/australia-old/content-pages/river-cruises/dining/jasper-opal-amber-bar-menu-2017.pdf I can say you are being unkind about drinks selections on offer, I have attached a link but if this link opens it shows the booze available, but if not then it is available on the scenic website. we also cruised both times in a royal balcony suite. FYI.
  4. Hi aapreciate Kathy. i have just completed my 2nd Buda to Amsterdam cruise with scenic. They were exactly 5 years apart. Hand on heart I could not say that the service levels or food had deteriorated in that time. The older ships had been upgraded to a comparable level to the really new ships. Obviously cabin sizes can’t be increased but they did a good job. food is subjective on any cruise and from person to person. But in my experience on the current cruise, we met couples from Dallas, New York, Vancouver, Toronto and we did not hear one word of complaint against the food. The quandary was which main meal to have. In a few occasions we had an additional main to share with the table to try. That request was met with of course you can. we had to do a ship swap due to water levels, clearly not Scenic’s fault. It was handled extremely well and seamlessly. Both ships swap relevant information about the passengers, dietary requirement, spa bookings etc so it was just like nothing had changed, except the staffs faces. Lol. The cruise director will always stay with the original passengers to keep a familiar face on board. If any corners were being cut, I did not see it. And I am the type to discuss concerns with the hotel manager. I read on this thread that someone said alcohol was sub standard. Can’t work that statement out or why it was. There was virtually every type of booze on board. - not scenic home brand. Lol. Wines from many countries available. Moët available during breakfast if you wish. Btw, we just booked scenic again for a Mekong river cruise. relax, you will have a great time. Happy to answers and questions you may have. cheers mark.
  5. We just had to do a ship swap from passau to regansburg. And were bused between the 2 ports. scenic did it well, a bit of hassle packing and unpacking, but at least we will be able to continue the trip.
  6. Thanks for quick response. yes melk is a lovely place as is the Abbey.
  7. Hi notamermaid, in melk at present and heading towards Passau and then regensburg. so typically, at what water levels at pfelling does ship swap start to become a reality? expectlng the worst I am afraid. cheers mark
  8. Hi 1 to 4, a dietary query if I may. did you notice if the food offered had gluten free options, whilst I am not celiac, I do have an intolerance for gluten, I can have it but..... without making a fuss fuss about it, did they have gf bread as a standard offering etc. cheers mark
  9. Hi helenandfrank, have a a look at the thread from 1 of , it’s long but has great info about scenic etc. almost 5 years to the day, we did scenic Budapest to Amsterdam, the same one we are doing next week. I always said to the misses that I would love to do it again. And we are. Given that we do a lot of travel, ocean cruising over 30, not boasting but just giving some relevance to my next quote. we found that the service, food, overall experience staff far more superior than a 5 star ocean cruise in one of their suites. We tend to do a lot of things by ourselves and scenic gave us the best of both worlds, we could join in any organised tour at any time, or just get out and do our own thing. it would be hard pressed for anyone to say they did not enjoy it, out side of factors beyond Scenic’s control, river levels etc.
  10. Hi notamermaid, thank you for all the updates you do, so invaluable. i am sorry if this has been asked somewhere previously, but at what levels , at he main locks, do we start to concern ourselves with ship swaps etc. leaving Budapest to Amsterdam sept 11. thanks and cheers.
  11. Hello all you knowledgeable people, we are considering scenic river cruise from Basel to Amsterdam. there is a big price difference from sept dates and October dates, and was wondering why this maybe? Weather related, river conditions etc. any thoughts please. btw we are actually on the scenic jasper next week from Budapest to Amsterdam, and have been keeping a keen eye on the river condition posts. thanks all, mark.
  12. Thanks for quick responses everyone. No point worrying about things I cannot control, 🤞 for some rain in the next 7 weeks.
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