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  1. April 3rd here, and just made final payment last week. This time will be the last time for a while if it happens, hate to say it but I’m done. First was last April, this would be the fourth can kicked down the road. Gimme my cash and I’ll try again in 2022 perhaps
  2. I’m missing cruising for sure and if as expected our fourth in a row (4/3-4/8 on Sunshine) is cancelled, we will likely look to AI. We’ve always done Adults Only with Palace Resorts in Riviera Maya at Aventura Spa Palace, which is now a Hard Rock, and Le Blanc in Cancun, hands down the best AI ever. We also did a Holiday Inn, yes a HI, in Montego Bay that had an adults area as mentioned in previous posts, it was smaller but was an affordable getaway for our needs. The Palace spots were comparable food and beverage wise compared to cruising, entertainment though was so-so but not really a f
  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but FCC and OBC are two different things, right? FCC, at least in my case, is money I have paid as cruise fare, not freebie funds Carnival is using to keep me from cancelling...that’s the $300. The refund process took so long, kicking the can down the road 3 times, from initial cancellation of April cruise till the May announcement of “limited August restart” that excludes my home port. Just went back to look, my 3rd rebook was April 27, “sorry we’re not restarting Charleston in August” cancellation letter came 5/4😢. Each rebook was cheaper so we finally g
  4. April cruise was cancelled, rebooked for June...also cancelled, rebooked a third time for August, it was cancelled. As far as I know, I have until 12/31 to make a decision on refund or rebook and sail by 12/31/22 Given how fluid the situation is, we have extended this offer until December 31, 2020 for you to make a selection. After that, you will automatically receive a Future Cruise Credit*.
  5. Stinks that Charleston and Sunshine couldn't be in this list. 4/4 cancelled, moved to 6/22 cancelled, moved to 8/8 now cancelled. Was hoping third time to be the charm but guess not. Guess it’ll be refund for us sadly, no way DW will let me go for a round 4. My 8 y/o is the one who’s gonna be crushed😢
  6. Waiting for a callback from the PVP, guess we’re rolling the dice on 8/8 Sunshine🤞🤞
  7. April 4th on Sunshine cancelled, moved to June 22nd Sunshine now cancelled. Debating on rolling the dice on an August 8 Sunshine (really looking forward to übering to port from home for once). Just not sure on “3rd time’s the charm” deal. 😢
  8. Matey was our first CD aboard Victory several years ago, really do miss him. Our last cruise, on Paradise, the Atrium bartenders were the best ever. Yhudi and Allen, would love to hear from them
  9. Thanks for this update, I guess I will need to call my PVP. It’s been several weeks since we cancelled and rebooked. Still shows a balance and our cancelled cruise fare, less taxes and fees, more than covers our rebooking (thanks to the two free days sale).
  10. Following as I should be on Sunshine right now😢. We cancelled and rebooked for 6/22 and have been wondering the same thing.
  11. I guess like everyone in the travel industry, they’re swamped with email/calls. Called their 800# and got through to a very compassionate and friendly agent. Passes cancelled and balance refunded. Now if we could all get back to “normal” and start cruising again, that’d be nice
  12. We were scheduled on Sunshine to Nassau April 6 and bought day passes to use that obviously we won’t be able to use. I sent an email to the resort from the email confirmation (yeah shoulda booked through the ship, I know). Haven’t heard anything back. Has anyone else experienced this lately with the current cruise ban?
  13. We were on the same cruise😢. Brighter side I just rebooked on Sunshine for 6/22-6-27, they’re offering two-free days it appears. A few days ago balcony or ov, can’t remember which I was looking at was $629, just got a balcony for $378😳. Hoping they throw the difference from the April cruise along with the $300 for not cancelling as OBC as well.
  14. So we were on Sunshine sailing 4/4-4/9 and received this email yesterday. It says we have until the end of the year to decide, at that point it automatically converts to FCC. Dang up-sell fairy had just hooked us up hours before too
  15. Just got upgraded for my 4/4 sailing About 30 mins ago, went to the site to mock book and see where the room is and it worked
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