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  1. our first cruise with RCCL was on Grandeur..We have mixed feelings..We are 63 and 68..we were on deck 2 forward although we didn't have a port hole..we did have a nice window..the first night out was very choppy to the point that the water went up and over the window 🙂 Anna was our room stewart and VERY good. I have to say the service on RCCL was excellent.. The food was very good also.. If you don't like a hard (and I mean hard no give hard) bring a mattress topper..Anna did put extra quilts on the bed which helped..but not the greatest..and they were low..to the point where we couldn't put our suitcases underneath them. We had plenty of storage..the bathroom was ok..the sink was a bowl type with the faucet very close to the rim so hard to get your hands underneath..The had a nightly show some good...some were ok.. ALOT of trivia..We arent into that to much so we wernt kept busy the TV had alot of sales/shopping/nd excursion channels. When they mention a older crowd it was OLDER..lots of scooters/walkers and canes. only like 34 kids aboard. We did My Time Dining which is a separate level from the set dining. It was nice because we did a set time reservation...the only thing about that (and I have mixed feelings on it) you got the same table every night,,,good because you didn't have to wait in line..bad you didn't get a different location in the room...but we did ask to sit somewhere else one night and they did accomodate us. they do have an enclosed pool adults only area,,get there early otherwise nothing is available...especially on those cold/rainy sea days. We stayed at a hotel which kept our car nd transported us to the port and back...although the port is easy enough to maneuver if you drive yourself..much easier than NYC port..I would try RCCL again...maybe out of Bayonne and not the 12 day. maybe the beds would be better on a "newer" ship..but that said the service was excellent..
  2. 😞 NCL had them at one of their complimentary eateries (Blue Lagoon) which I guess was sorta like the Park Cafe. and they were pretty good..
  3. thank you for the review..You sound like my husband and myself..the actual cruising is the best...the sites are extras. Sadly he can't walk to far..but I would love to explore the ports themselves. Is there a place on board where you can get stuff like fish and chips or chicken wings pretty much anytime of day?
  4. good to know the mountain dew was ok...Since they offer Coke Products
  5. We've been sailing with NCL which has MTD only..so I guess separate dining rooms would make sense for the set dining as they have a set table/set time. where as the MTD can come and go
  6. I think you are right...maybe it was the show at 7pm?
  7. guess I need to clarify: if I made a reservation for 5pm each night..along with that reservation can I request the same table? I realize waitstaff may change due to schedules.
  8. are you able to request the same table if you reserve a specific time? our friends eat at 7:00-7:30 and that's to late for me to eat. think I'll be falling asleep in my salad as I know they kind of draw out the meals :)
  9. We've signed up for my time dining because we eat between 4-6pm..Our friends have signed up for a later set time... 1) do people with my time dining,,eat in a different dining room? 2) Can we on occasion sit with our friends during their set dining time? 3) What would be the difference for signing up for a specific dining time vs anytime dining with a set reservation time. This will be our first time sailing with RCCL an we normally go for Anytime .
  10. Kids...thats for 12 and under right? I would like to take advantage of that but my grandsons are 13 and 14 :(
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