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  1. Just finishing first week of b2b and have very mixed feelings. Ship is drop dead beautiful ,comfortable and elegant from the rooftop gardens to the spa and pool areas to the elegant 4 main dining rooms . The speacialty restaurants are superb with my favorites being Eden-quite innovative food and the Fine cuts steakhouse couldn’t be better . The food in the main dining areas was also better than in the last 25 years. Now for the problems some of which I hope can be addressed. The canned music almost everywhere too loud and not suited to the demographics lots of hip hop ,and club fare not suited to the prevalent age group. Lack of paper - give me back crosswords and news of the day. Trivia multiple choice on phones doesn’t cut it. At least some should be written in groups for a more social atmosphere. The production shows in the theater were imo horrible, bizzare and unwatchable for most. the shops - virtually all high end , Tiffany ,Cartier etc very littlein the moderate price range . Phone service Having paid AT and T $100 for unlimited phone and text for Cellular at Sea . I found it did not function 90-95 % of the time. i hope these are mostly growing pains and will be addressed in the next few weeks before I return next year and on the Apex in 2021
  2. Isn’t there a floss app on your phone?
  3. The Hyatt Regency in Jersey City has a phenomenal view of the New York skyline , the Statue of Liberty and is a stones throw from Ellis island. Great hotel!
  4. Doesn't clapping shed dead skin from the hands and launch it into the air ?And cheering ,think about the oral microbes being expelled. I'm fearful that both do permanent irreversible damage to the ear drums. It's a downright dangerous world in which we live. I suggest that Celebrity provide us with a virgin second set of twirling napkins to keep us healthy and safe. Better yet, I may never cruise again in favor of staying in my bubble.
  5. Previously squeezed fresh orange juice. Anyone disagree?
  6. I think it was named for the Michael who rowed the boat ashore, allelujah !
  7. Please don't let this thread become serious. It was started in the spirit of stupidity and I would hope it could rain as such. This is neither the time nor the place for legitimate complaints. Please if you are serious or sober take your comments elsewhere.
  8. What is that word" Rolle" in my last post. Am I being hacked by Celebrity for voicing my legitimate concerns ?
  9. Are you in the premium or classic package ?one additional demonstration of lack of attention to detail. On my recent cruise on the Equinox when my stateroom attendant changed my toilet paper he placed the roll backwards so I had to reach in back rather than over the top in front. Who trains these Rolle anyway ?
  10. That too as well as freedom toast freedom cruelers freedom doors and freedom kissing.
  11. When is celebrity going to get over itself and abandon the archaic port,starboard,aft stern thing ? How about front rear left and right ?and what's with "butler" why not man-slave? And what of all this French stuff like maître d'? Why can we get past all the pretense and call him dining room boss guy ? Finally I'm tired of all that walking fr the dining room to the theater at the end of the ship. Why don't they put them on top of each other or at least put in those horizontal elevators they have been promising for years. I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore
  12. Based on past experience I believe that lean just to the left of of Eric Holder. If so I apologize to them. I also apologize sincerely for digressing from the thread that I started which was addressing the most pressing issues of cruise service.
  13. Sorry for the error in the last post . I'm just so upset at the diminished services,It should have read what's next removing your own lobster tail from its shell or placing your own napkin in your lap ?
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