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  1. It was to my understanding it’s $150 per unvaccinated passenger. I’m expecting to pay $300 for my two if picked
  2. Yes they do. I flew jetblue in February and they were in that terminal. You can find out more info at adventhealthdotcom
  3. I think it was to keep people from crowding and not distancing. As well as keeping the non players who are just sitting around smoking and not drinking
  4. Carnival was able to get John clearance to fly. He’s headed to Miami to join the cruise
  5. Most unvaccinated will be under 12. Considering the circumstances, don’t think that’s too bad
  6. I have no idea what this means, but can’t be good.
  7. Personally, I wouldn’t send my kids to a daycare just so I could drink or gamble or do whatever. I bring my kids to go on a family vacation, to be with the family so kids clubs open or closed wouldn’t decide if I was going on a cruise.
  8. Serious question because some people are genuinely upset about this. What do the people who collect them actually do with them after the cruise or even after that day that they pertain to? I know mine just collect in the desk and tossed at the end of cruise. Only thing I do is cut the long strip That told me what was going on throughout the day.
  9. Yup, with the charge for already picking our seats, it was only a few dollars more. See you aboard!
  10. Sailing August 7. Second sailing out. Flying down day before on Spirit. Couldn’t beat the price even with the extras. 5 seats, 3 checked bags, 2 carry on and the even bigger seats for $265pp RT. My preferred airline JetBlue was over $700pp and didn’t include checked bags. To be honest , just looking to get the hell out of here and relax on a ship. Sun fun during the day casino at night
  11. Possibly, but maybe not because they sail under a foreign country?
  12. When I canceled a few months ago took about 3 weeks in my experience
  13. Not to sound stupid, but where the hell is Bimini? I have never seen that listed as a port of call
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