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  1. Sorry just saw this now. When I went to buy internet on the check out page, it gave a better price for the whole sailing. That price was a better deal. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. We loved, absolutely loved the pan pacific. They gave us a free ride to the port as well. The room was very nice and had a great view of the space needle. The service there is absolutely superb. We went to the zoo via public transportation (bus). We only had to walk a little bit from the hotel to get to the bus. There is also the biggest Whole Foods I have ever seen down below from the hotel in that same plaza. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Just wanted to comment on the luggage valet service from the port of Seattle. It was excellent! We put our luggage out the night prior to disembarkation and they were gone by the next morning. We were a big nervous about our luggage making it, but it was great. We were able to spend a bit of time at Pike’s public market without the hassle of a whole bunch of luggage. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. @lkturtle I really do recommend the Neptune suite! I think you will be quite happy. Plus the movies on demand free in the room are entertaining for kids. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. My daughter is an only child aged 6 1/2 and she had a great time! The crew were so good to her, and she wanted to take pictures with them before we disembarked. No one seemed to be annoyed by her presence. I was also a bit worried about taking a cruise with a young child as there is sometimes a negative reaction to writing about taking a child on some of the boards on cruise critic (not the holland boards but on other cruise line’s boards). But it was absolutely fine and she had a blast! The kids club on the eurodam was excellent and the crew staffing it were incredibly patient. We bought 2 of the internet packages for our cabin so that she could have her iPad when she wanted. She and my husband shared that login and I had my own, it worked out well. I think you’ll be fine. Four years old is old enough in my opinion, especially if she is mature for her age. My daughter being an only child is used to talking with adults and is very polite. She gets excited also but when people see that you are trying to keep a reign on the behavior, they tend to me more understanding. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Now that I’m off the ship, I can say that we were in cabin 6164, aft Neptune suite. The ship personnel took the smoking smell very seriously, they came out to our verandah, and were able to smell the cigarette smoke. They are the ones that initially suggested that it was the designated smoking area we were smelling smoke from. But when he smelled it as it was happening, he thought it smelled too strong for that since it is on deck 8 I believe, but they investigated very carefully. I never heard further about it except from the Neptune lounge concierge a day later who said they were still investigating. She said they were having housekeeping keep an eye out for left over cigarette butts in the rooms above my stateroom, etc. I did happen to stop by the designated smoking area a few times during the trip as I think the ny pizza and the bar is right by there and the cigarette smoking smell was very strong there. I have a feeling, the smokers were on the very aft of the ship as the ship left port the first day and again as we were sailing glacier bay to view the wonderful scenery. It was a nuisance, but not enough to fully mar my trip. I felt comforted that it was really taken seriously.
  7. When we were on the eurodam, they showed some of the newer movies that were on demand on our tv on the main stage during the day.
  8. Thanks so much! We were so spoiled by and enjoyed ourselves on the Eurodam.
  9. Thanks so much for this info! It’s so difficult to find any pictures online searching. We don’t mind low key at all, it’s what we prefer anyway!
  10. hi, We loved our 7day Alaska cruise on the Eurodam. So much that we want to do a 14 day Alaska cruise on the Amsterdam. I believe it went thru dry dock. Does anyone have any comments on the ship? We will probably do a neptune suite again, is it as updated as the Eurodam was for us? Thanks so much!
  11. We just got off the Eurodam with a 6 yo to Alaska and she loved club Hal. There were quite a few kids taking part in club Hal. Every time we picked her up there were at least 7-8 other kids there. The staff at the kids club were so nice! We only did it about 4 times but she loved it each time! Hrs were about 9-11:30, 1-4 pm and 7-11. On the glacier bay day they earned a junior ranger badge and they were taken on deck to see the glaciers. On the last day, they had the magician come to do a few magic tricks after his show on the main stage. That’s a really nice touch! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I bought the Bfull 12x50 binoculars on Amazon. $33.99 but there’s a 20%off coupon that can be clipped. It feels sturdy, great light and magnification. I’m so glad we brought it to use on our excursions. Very easy to wear with glasses and I felt a good deal for the price. Came with case, strap and lens cloth. Also has a lens cap for both the front and back of the binoculars. It states it’s waterproof but I can’t vouch for that.
  13. Have a great trip!! I heard it’s nice weather in Seattle also. It was a pretty good sized boat with upper and lower deck. There was a very basic bathroom there also. I think there were about 60 people. It was an excellent tour and they really make it a point to try to see and point out as much wildlife as possible. The boat ride was bumpy though, so if you’re prone to sea sickness you may want to take something. Our daughter who only occasionally needs dramanine on the eurodam really needed something on that smaller boat. There were several other kids and they all looked a bit sick. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. We’re on deck 6 and there is definitely vibration when we are sailing full speed out at sea. I will probably try something on deck 7 in the future. But it’s not something that is deterring me from having a great time. The aft wraparound balcony is certainly usable and wonderful for seeing sights and taking pictures. The only negative is the occasional cigarette smoking smell that is probably emanating from the sea view which is also aft. Have fun! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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