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  1. I hope you and your husband have many wonderful years of cruising in this new reality, and that you are able to take on these new tasks with alacrity. God bless!
  2. I think the idea is the big granite rocks and the lighthouse. It's a pretty contrast. If that's not your thing, maybe you would rather spend the 3 hour round-trip drive to go to Lunenberg? It's a UNESCO site so it has to be impressive. I did just what you did and the town looks so pretty. There's another pretty site on the way, called Mahone Bay, really pretty churches. Looks like you can take the coastal road to Lunenberg, then take the highway back; if you're curious enough about Peggy's Cove to take the detour off the highway (and the extra 45 minutes). I've heard that Peggy's Cove is a lot less busy in the afternoon since it's every tour's first stop. If, however, you are not interested in driving and pretty scenery, you would probably do better to stay in Halifax. There seems like a ton to do right in town. Here is a link to a quite comprehensive port guide. Hope this helps! https://www.tomsportguides.com/uploads/5/8/5/4/58547429/halifax-06-15-2011.pdf
  3. I'm on HAL, so no limits as long as it's carried on, and one bottle of wine with no corkage fee per person, but thanks for your concern.
  4. Thanks again to OP, was able to reprice (actually same price) but added $300 in OBC, while losing $100 in "beverage cards," so I consider that $200 in free money!
  5. It’s like those cars you see with huge aftermarket rear spoilers. Just not quite right.
  6. Does your daughter enjoy sea life? It might be fun for her to check out the tide pools in Acadia. I think the free bus is still running in September, so you can do a little research on the area you’d like to focus on in the park, then hit the bus when you get off the tender. http://exploreacadia.com/index.htm In Charlottetown, I’d personally rent a car and make my own “best of PEI” tour, to suit both your daughter and your dad. In fact, I think I’d recommend that for every stop except Bar Harbor. In Sauguenay, the musée du fjord has an aquarium as well as historical displays, so that might hit all the right notes for your group. We have enjoyed many years of three-generation travel, sometimes to places people told us would be boring for our son, sometimes to places people told us would be too hard on my mother-in-law. We have always had a wonderful time, and learned so much about our world in the process. Kudos to you for getting the family together, and enjoy!
  7. When I entered the link, it was en-CA and it redirected to what I linked. Basically the sale is 2x the OBC for the View and Verandah fares. March and April cruises are eligible for OBC as well. One can only hope that the "sale" is an actual "sale" and that fares will decrease for those few days, as well. Again, thanks to OP @Crazy For Cats for bringing this to all our attention. Hoping I can at least grab some extra OBC for my June cruise! Edited to add: when I go to the terms and conditions for this sale, all the information is from 2019, so this link is definitely not ready for prime time!
  8. Found more details about this sale. Obviously it doesn't work to book through this link, yet, but it does give a few more specifics. Hope it's helpful to someone! https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/deals/three-day-sale.html
  9. Oh my goodness, this just cracked me up. My mom still wakes up every day singing, "I don't have to go to school!" I'm a looooooong way to retirement, but as soon as I'm out of the classroom, I'll be on a ship! 🙂
  10. Thanks! I just put a reminder on my calendar. It's really kind of you to take the time to come on here and post about this!
  11. Hey, what goes on land goes at sea...
  12. The pdf I just mentioned only has the photo shop changing. Surely that can't be changing the deck plans that much! I wonder if they're making some category changes in the cabins?
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