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  1. Very good quality there- brought back memories for me of last September on Emerald Cruise 🙂
  2. Its where the fish and meat stalls are, pickled veggies and a few kitchen ware stalls....
  3. The photos on this post take me back to our trip last Sept...spent a great afternoon at the Central Market, check out the basement too, some interesting items there 🙂
  4. Thank you so much for providing the link, appreciate the info. canagal
  5. Looking forward to more as looking at this cruise in 2021😀
  6. Already enjoyed the Emerald cruise product. This will just make it even better🙂
  7. Hello CC community- has anyone done this river cruise offered by Emerald Waterways? It looks quite interesting, combining two of their popular itineraries... Welcome any comments thanks😀 Canagal
  8. Emerald was great in getting us to our very early AM out of Amsterdam last year, we were not the only passengers leaving early!
  9. Hello- we did Budapest to Amsterdam in Sept 2018. With regard to the extra excursions, we were able to book on board at the Cruise Directors Desk, just outside main dining room. Usually he had scheduled hours that he was there to help Also, port maps available for the day, ship contact number cards available at the "Hotel" front desk, also spa bookings etc. Documents and backpacks arrived about 3 weeks prior to trip.
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