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  1. Thanks bluemarble, I just intended to warn those who may be counting on the cancellation advice off of the Cruise Critic main page "Cruise Lines Modify Cancellation Policies..." which only references the UK policy. I have sent in a feedback on that link. Those of us only have the option to forfeit our deposit in April rather than pay 100% betting that this policy will be modified AFTER they have 100% of our funds and hoping for a 40% FCC. I "printed" to PDF at 11am AK DLT.
  2. I've been following Cunard's Posts on "Flexible Booking" on their US site. As of Mar 12th, the policy on cancellations for voyages sailing on or before 8/31/2020 could be cancelled up to 48 hours beforehand for FCC on non refundable portion. (I even made a PDF of it) If you will check on the US site now, that policy only applies on voyages sailing...before 7/31/2020. Whereas their GB site remains with the 8/31/2020 date. This is critical for those in the US who will be due to pay the full amount in April. One could hope this is a mistake that will be corrected but I doubt it. I went into
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