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  1. Good Morning Gary, I hope that both you and your wife come through this quickly with no issues. Hope to see you on these boards again soon getting ready for another cruise. Stay Well, Jeff (aka Majcigar)
  2. Morning Vince, Only reason I posted this was after reading numerous other threads where people were discussing what they were going to do in Miami. I don't think that this was ever planned as a stop where people were going to get off the boat. Especially, with the high number of COVID-19 cases in Florida right now! Jeff
  3. My #722 is a joke! Yes, The PCPC did actually show a change to Miami! I'm sure more to follow!
  4. Good Morning All, Another Monkey Wrench concerning our Bahamas Experience as of 0725 Pacific Time on 21 July! Just spoke to my Crystal Cruise Consultant! Everything is going back to the way it was a few days ago. 1. Overnight at Bimini is back on with a departure at 6am on Monday's from Bimini. 2. All stops remain the same as of about a week ago. 3. NO MIAMI STOP! Awaiting Change #723! 😎 Jeff (aka Majcigar)
  5. I'll sum this up in one sentence!! HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE!
  6. Go to the Crystal Website under Ships and look at the different pictures of the rooms. Also, there is ZERO Chance of getting a full suite even on Princess for under $3,400.00. Plus the Butler Service which would normally be WAY OUT of my price range.
  7. We are on the 28 August cruise and just received our Paid Upgrade Offer. We are going from a Guaranteed P1 Balcony Cabin on Deck 10 to our new PH Suite on Deck 11. Woo Hoo! 😆😆😆
  8. As a general rule, I make up my own mind, but this is one of those cases where I'm following the lead of those before me. I have cancelled my Golf Cart on Bimini. My reason wasn't that it was boring, but that everything was closed. Doesn't make a lot of sense to drive around and have no stores or attractions open to go into. Thanks for the reviews tinaincc & bitob.
  9. Interested if anyone did the rental on 18 July Bimini Stop!! Jeff (aka Majcigar) This Forum comes from the Spanish Wells Update: Began with information from @Island Dog -- Thank You For The Initial Information!!! For those who are interested....grab a golf cart from a vendor in the parking lot of the casino (located not far from the end of the pier) and head south. North Bimini is only 7 miles long. Alicetown at the southern end of the island has a sma
  10. With 46,000 cases of COVID-19 this last week in all of Florida, I will not be surprised at all that the ship will be on lock-down in Miami with no one getting off the ship.
  11. 28 August Cruise now has Miami on the 30th, San Salvador on the 31st and Great Exuma on 1 Sept. Since we were going to be in Great Exuma on the 31st all of the scheduled tours are now screwed up. I'm sure there is MUCH MORE to follow!
  12. As my NEW T-Shirt States: You can't YELL at me, you're NOT MY WIFE!
  13. If an advertisement makes me smile, I give it a thumbs up! I'm SMILING! Good job Crystal!!! 😄
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