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  1. I've read the Ts & Cs, and still have the following question, which I admit is likely a foolish one: Assuming I would purchase virtual gift cards electronically, may I charge the cost to my travel card? If so, I get my cardmember benefits in addition to my 9.X% discount, and HAL incurs the credit card transaction charges to boot! To me, it doesn't pass the smell test. =Bob=
  2. I agree completely and absolutely. As a general matter, there are undesired/undesirable consequences flowing from such so-called "wash" transactions, and I would wonder if the same or similar jeopardy applies here. If it's not illegal, imho, it oughta be. =Bob=
  3. I have to wonder about a service provider who consistently "forgets" to perform a basic service. He must have other, countervailing qualities. =Bob=
  4. I'm having a tough time right now with the "Re-Opening" guidelines. Here we have the risen Lord Jesus breathing on the apostles and thereby filling them with the new life and power of the Spirit, and yet we're supposed to see ourselves as emitting this noxious vapor cloud we have to protect each other from!
  5. AOSUSA has to schedule and vet the chaplains. That requires a long lead time. I'd say it's a reputable and reliable source. On the other hand, we can all hope and pray for a miracle cure and/or vaccine popping up and running all the bureaucratic trap-lines in the next few months. . . . Anyone want to sell me a lakefront vacation home in Louisiana, sight unseen?
  6. We were on her in Sept 2019 (Baltic Sea r/t Amsterdam). Of all the HAL ships we've sailed the Rotterdam was the most "tired," like it had been used hard and housekeeping couldn't keep up. P.S. Is it true that the Rotterdam and the Oosterdam will both be retired at the same time, to be replaced by the new ms Roosterdam?
  7. I'm not an insurance expert by any means, but I did wonder about where the "insurable interest" would be found. Even though I got confirmation (and we all know the old adage about oral agreements not being worth the paper they're not written on) from the Travel Guard rep that it was up and up, it just felt fishy to me. Thanks for chiming in! This is just the kind of expertise/experience that makes me marvel at CruiseCritic. Thanks for sharing the insight. It's a great tip.
  8. It should be a very good choice. Because of its location just aft of the midships bulge, you have an exceptionally spacious balcony. And it's on the portside, which I've always favored. That shouldn't make any difference on the east-west axis both coming and going but it appears that the ship circles the islands in a counterclockwise direction, which gives a decided advantage to the port side. The only drawback I can foresee, and it's a tiny one, is that looking down from your verandah, you'll have a lifeboat blocking your view to the left on the deck right below. Enjoy!
  9. That's the funny thing with insurance, isn't it? You don't know how good a product you've bought until the time comes to make a claim. One of our traveling companions had to be medevacced (sp?) a few years ago, and Travel Guard's performance was well beyond satisfactory. Experiences like that, coupled with the word of mouth, makes for huge customer loyalty.
  10. Thanks to all who have responded. Things I know only compliments of y'all: 1. The limited scope of HAL's "protection plans." The "standard" coverage has no medical insurance component. The platinum level does include medical coverage and medical-evacuation coverage but the coverage limits are relatively paltry: $10,000 in the case of medical and $50,000 in the case of evacuation. And nothing indicates that I get to designate the medical facility I am ultimately transported to. Perhaps since this is a Hawaii cruise (with only a single, nugatory stop at Ensenada, Mexico to satisfy the
  11. Up to now I've always booked our travel insurance with Travel Guard (principally because it's primary insurance). I've also always paid the upcharge for the rider that allows me, in the event of a medical evacuation, to designate the facility to which I'm ultimately admitted for hospitalization. Because I'm old but not yet doddering, I've also taken care to get the rider that sweeps in preexisting conditions. That rider, however, is contingent on buying the insurance within 15 days of the initial payment to the carrier (i.e., HAL in this case). DW & I are about to avail ourselv
  12. I just love Ruth's wry perspective. I always take what she says seriously, and often she is good for a few chuckles as well. I must say that the OP's question puzzles me: it's not like the Pinnacle Grill is frequented by a bunch of rowdies. Perhaps only on biker night? (Does Harley-Davidson make scooters?)
  13. I've just had my PCC put a courtesy hold on side-by-side verandah cabins on the Koningsdam 18-day r/t San Diego Circle Hawaii cruise in February 2021. I expected to find an abundance of inventory but found that the opposite is the case -- for all the reasons discussed in this thread. I have a few days to make up my mind (and to get our dear friends who would take the neighboring cabin "on board") but I expect that the "Have It All" promotion will be the clincher. I've found that I need a warm-weather getaway in February to make the doldrums of a Chicago winter bearable.
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