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  1. What airline? If United I would say NO.. others... maybe.. to you have TSA PreCheck? Is this on a Thursday or saturday? will the stars be aligned? Today disembarkation started at 745, last time I was there it didn't start until almost 845 due to CBP not clearing the ship as quick. Take it from someone who lives in NJ and frequents EWR.... unless you have a good backup plan and can afford any charges due to missing the original flight, don't chance it. Besides, you just spent time relaxing on a ship, now you want to get all stressed out rushing to EWR ???
  2. the day pass will start at $54 per person per day (it will vary by sailing), the cabanas are not cheap... I believe they will start at $699, the overwater bungalows will start at $999. (these are for 8 people)
  3. Day pass is to allow you into the area, use the pool, beach chairs, food options. Cabana includes the cabana for up to 6 (or 8 ?), attendant, and all of the other things mentioned.
  4. Their TA signed them up for early seating (the early seatings tend to be at 530 these days). the other couple must get their TA to change them to MTD if they are to join you. as for the time, with MTD you have the option of showing up when you want and you will be given a table as soon as one is available.
  5. RR is the refreshment package (it used to be called "Royal Refreshment". I think the DX is the Deluxe Drink Packge.
  6. I would add them and pick the best possible time and once you board go directly to the MTD desk outside the MDR and tell them what happened and see if they can get you the time you really want !!
  7. Regardless of when you pay off the cruise you cannot do the check in until 90 days prior to the cruise.
  8. I haven't been on EX for about 5 years, just on AD in May. they both seemed about the same to me.
  9. I just received an updated phone list that may have an incorrect number. I'll have to check it on monday.
  10. Correct, the first generation ships have half steel balconies as they are built into the hull. Second generation have the balconies external to the hull and they are full glass.
  11. That price is for access into the area, food, and the pool. Cabanas and over water bungalows will set you back much more... Keep an eye on that price. The pricing for the area is starting at $54 for some cruises.
  12. Call C&A at 888-437-1953 and tell them your preferences for the amenity. As for MTD (My Time Dining), you can either make reservations in advance on your cruise planner or show up when you want to eat. The check-in folks will point you to where you need to be for check-in and boarding. you cannot sit with the suite folks at the shows.
  13. If you are both on the same account it will apply to the total bill. OBC is posted as a credit to your account so, if the accounts are combined, the credits will be combined ...
  14. Adventure has not sailed from Ft Lauderdale yet this season so the menus are not available. I would check on the Royal Caribbean app to get a general idea. (These are usually pretty accurate).
  15. There is no access to any special dining for JS on Voyager class ships. On Quantum and Oasis class they have access to Coastal Kitchen for DInner only on a space available basis.
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