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  1. obc from a TA will never show up on the RCI Invoice (which the OP's post is an image from).
  2. The biggest problem is that it is spring break for many school districts so the ship is probably overrun by kids and larger families. I have sailed on Anthem in Early May (2017) and there was rarely a backup as described by the OP. The waits for Bumber Cars were maximum 5 minutes and they were trying to find people to use the Trapeze!!
  3. Have you had your reservation repriced? Sometimes you may lose a perk when that happens. Your TA should be able to get this straightened out by talking to X.
  4. You can check by clicking on "select ships" on the home screen. but, from what I see, it is not currently supported on the Solstice.
  5. you can bring the 2-750 ml bottles of wine and 12 cans/bottles of non-alcoholic beverages per cabin in your carry on.
  6. if you have a TA, they should do it for you. X may not even talk to you about it.
  7. No, you must be registered for Select (anytime) dining to do so. I would call X or your TA to see if they can get you either early or select (if they say it is not available, ask them to waitlist you). Also, go see the Maitre'd at the MDR whey you board and ask if they can move your time for you.
  8. I would think there is more to it as in "who is really signing the form if it is online ?"
  9. Royal Carribean International (the cruise line), Celebrity, and Azamara are owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd (RCCL). RCCL also has part ownership in Pullmantur (49%) , TUI (50%), Croisieres de France (49%), and Silversea (67%)
  10. The map that I have for the "opening" shows the airplane wreck is still about 150 feet from shore off of Chill Island (the first beach to the left after you get on the island. (map attached)
  11. Booking a guarantee will get you a cabin with "at least" the category you book in. The timing of cabin assignments can be from the day you book to the day you sail, it seems to be different every time. Your CC level will have no effect on it. Steve
  12. I would suggest that you contact RCI special needs department at 866-592-7225 to ask the question about availability and the scooter. Many personal scooters have been an issue in the past due to their size as well as the battery type. If you do need to rent one contact Special Needs at Sea (800-513-4515). They will rent you one that fits thru the door and have it waiting for you onboard. Steve
  13. contact the special needs dept at 866-592-7225.
  14. You will get $35 to spend in a la carte restaurants (izumi and Playmakers).
  15. The RCI funded ones will show up on the top line of the cruise planner so you can spend it there. Any OBC from your TA will show up the second day of your cruise.
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