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  1. The actual benefits are linked to when you purchased the NCC. Newer ones seem to have fewer benefits attached to them. The only way to confirm what is available is to call RCI and talk to them. have the NCC in your hands when you do.
  2. I'd suggest using a TA for this as you will have logistics regarding cabin locations and having an adult either in the cabin or nearby (you need to have at least one person, 21 or over, in the cabin or "across the hall", or next door)
  3. https://cancellation.royalcarribean.com Just worked for me (using chrome or ie)
  4. Correct. 8566 (with the *) is a category 1D cabin (3 or more occupants) and 8568 is a 2D cabin (2 occupants). Pricing is completely different with the two categories and is usually based on supply and demand. Also, as a starting point, the 3 or more cabins (1D, 3D) are "usually" charged more for 2 people than the 2D and 4D cabins. Steve
  5. Welcome to CC. The current restrictions regarding L&S are as follows: Original sail date must be before 5/1/21; new sail date must be before 5/1/22; same number of days, same cabin category, etc. You can check what sailings are available to you by going to https://cancellation.royalcaribbean.com. Follow the prompts for a L&S, just do not submit any choices you may make. As Biker said, you MUST talk with RCI to confirm that you are getting an AFT stateroom as the automated L&S process will assign you a cabin in some random fashion.
  6. There is a bug in RCI's reservation system that will sometimes show a negative balance instead of zero. It is usually related to the TA's commission. Just ignore it.
  7. no need for a ship to be a hotel, they already have some 500 rooms built there.
  8. I sort of remember that RCI has 350 or more employees who live on CoCoCay since the upgrade. If they return they will be in the same bubble as cruise passengers and will not be travelling to other islands.
  9. Just a FYI, they are all the same company, NCL Holdings (just like RCI, Celebrity, and Azamara are all part of RCG)
  10. Just be aware that most domestic US policies will REIMBURSE you for medical expenses outside the us as they are not accepted in other countries.
  11. if you go to the webpage http://cancellation.royalcaribbean.com you can see what options you have and, if you so desire, do it yourself... (if you do not want to do it, but just see options, back out before submitting the final request.)
  12. As I said, it is on a case by case basis, and it depends how your TA's relationship is with RCI.. (Being one of them I have some pull)... I have had it go both ways. Steve
  13. I'm not sure if you can do this from the UK, but in the states you could call RCI and ask that they contact the "resolutions department" who, in many cases, would allow multiple FCCs to be applied to one sailing. Steve
  14. This was just announced to the RCG TA community so it should be the same for all RCG companies. This includes L&S and best price guarantee as well. Steve
  15. I cannot see this happening at first as RCI (and all other cruise lines) want their passengers and crews to remain "in the bubble" where they have full control over who they interact with.
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