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  1. I am also curious where the shuttle drops you off in Florence and the approximate time it drops you off as we want to purchase tickets to the Accademia Gallery to see David. The tickets are timestamped so there is not a lot of wiggle room. Any one done this before?
  2. So I checked w/ DS and he said that the slide is not coming back after the charters. So sorry for those that were looking forward to this but there are alot of other things to do on board.
  3. I wish! Just did the last week of Alaska on the Pearl in Sept. You'll be on for week 4 of a 9 week stretch for him. He will be exhausted. I'll let him know you'll be there. Are your Reno buddies also going? Sorry for the hi-jack post. I will check with DS to see if slide is being replaced after music cruises.
  4. Swedish Weave - Look for DS on board. He's in charge of the tech side of the Music Charters so will be there for that cruise also.
  5. DS has been super busy and I haven't had the chance to watch the christening or go through this thread but he did send a photo of the cake.
  6. Enjoying Ben's adventures so far. Just friended you on Facebook. Sent a photo of Ben to my DS who is also on the Breakaway. I told him to look for Ben and have his photo taken with him.
  7. "It's beautiful" according to DS. Mind you, he's a typical guy, so for him to comment... that means a lot. :D He just got there today. He's onboard through the Christening and the CTN's. No pics yet tho.
  8. Thanks for posting Nathan. So sad to hear of things like that happening. Hey - e-mail me. I'm coming down to Vegas Easter weekend.
  9. DS spent a couple of weeks on the PofA and they had an outbreak of GI there. He was supposed to fly back to MIA and go straight to the Sky but had to spend 3 days shoreside so as to not pass the bug on if he happened to have contracted it. Luckily he hadn't caught it. He's never had it (Knock on wood). Sanitizes EVERY time he passes a dispenser, washes w/ soap and hot water, never touches railings, uses his elbow/forearm to push elevator buttons and levered door knobs, avoids shaking hands and keeps his hands away from his face. It probably helps that he's exposed to eight to ten thousand new people and their germs every month. Bet he has an immune system that can stop a truck! But he's very cautious about Noro which happens year-round.
  10. You can send it to: "Name of room steward" Housekeeping MS ________ (ship name) C/O NCL 7665 Corporate Center Drive Miami, Florida 33126 She could get it in a week .... or a month. Depends on the ship's home port how long it takes for things to get there.
  11. Don't know about federal court but in Superior court they usually already have a time frame in mind of how long the trial should run. They ask if anyone has a conflict and will either dismiss you, time served, or send you back to the pool for a shorter trial. Take your travel papers with you to court for proof if needed. Neither side wants a disgruntled juror on the jury due to a missed vacation. I wouldn't worry.
  12. Santa usually gets to Kids Crew to visit the kids and hand out goodies on Christmas eve / day (depending on schedule). DS got to be the big guy one year. Wish I had seen that! I sailed one year over Christmas and never saw Santa on board. Probably not going to see Santa the week before though. He's busy up at the north pole, remember?
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