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  1. my two cents - Murano for Anniversary dinner St Thomas - I would do the ship tour St John on your own. The ferry goes to and from the port - no worries about traffic. The ship will wait for ship excursions. We went off season so cinnamon bay was closed and trunk bay was empty. Very rustic but the best beach IMO. Before getting on the ferry for the return trip to the ship, get smoothies with a shot for the ferry ride home. yummmmmm!!! San Juan - We have been there several times, as people have said - forts, walk around Old San Juan, shop, ate at Barrachina Restaurant, touristy but fun place to go. We are going this March on Edge - making sure we try the rooftop bar/restaurant Punto de Vista - in the Milano hotel. 10:30 AM flight - way to close for me - its the end of a vacation - I would rather take a later flight than going right into rush mode. I try to stay destressed for as long as possible. LOL Happy Anniversary and enjoy your cruise! PS - best advice was from Seabee! DON'T BE LATE GETTING BACK ON BOARD. SHIP AND TIDE WAIT FOR NO MAN!! LOL
  2. Silent Disco - it is a lot of fun! Martini Bar - great place to hang out
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