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  1. Neil Rose is a very good cruise director. You should enjoy him!
  2. We are boarding the Royal on Sunday for a trial run on this class of ship. Based on everything we have read we may well be right back to the Coral/Island with you!
  3. Thanks for the information. We are boarding the Royal this weekend.:)
  4. Thanks to the O.P. and those that have added details from recent cruises. :) We are looking forward to a Feb 23 cruise on the Royal Princess. I have not read any reviews related to the Sky Walk, pool area water feature or top side bar that overlooks the sea. Has anyone been in a mid-ship mini-suite on Mariner Deck? What is generally scheduled in the Princess Live venue?
  5. Very good review, thanks. We are on-board the last week of Feb.
  6. There are several really good options on the Grand Princess. Each of these are dependent on your dining room assignment and the time you plan to have dinner. In order to give you a well though out answer, perhaps you could fill us in on some more details. :)
  7. I completely agree. The 15% per mixed-drink is more than adequate for the bar staff. Where people tend to short the bartenders a little is when they ask for sodas on the soda cards. The cards are "taxed 15%" upon purchase but no additional tips are collected for each of the re-fills. I will usually drop a five on a bartender or waiter who brings us sodas on the card especially if we frequent that venue during the cruise.
  8. We too have been invited once but as with your luncheon it was fantastic! Much more refined and professional than the lunch that I normally have on a work day here in New York for sure. Princess as always does a good job!:) We will probably not be selected again with so many cruisers collecting many more days every year. I am certainly glad that we have other interests because more than a couple of weeks of cruising per year are about my max.;)
  9. Tom, That type of nickel/dime behavior also leaves a bad impression with me as well. I did not receive the casino offer, although we do frequent the casino when we cruise every year. Just curious what level of play are you required to risk or commit to in order to qualify? Rod
  10. Great question as we are also trying to decide for our Crown Trans-Alantic cruise in October. I think we will also choose the Crown Grill. Specility dining will be something different for us as we usually are quite satified in the main diningroom fare but on a 14 day cruise variety is nice so maybe we will do both....
  11. I agree. I too would like to see the Sun Class of ships particularly on the East Coast, but the economics of scale are in the favor of the 3,000+ passenger large ships in the US market. :mad: The good news is that these ships are still sailing, being updated and within easy reach with a flight or two. :)
  12. Try this: After you double click the link to open the article, look at the top right of the page that comes up for a Translate Key provided by Google. Click there and presto Turkish is now English. :) Great article, Thanks!
  13. Sure that was the case as I too saw back before this method of tipping. What I am suggesting is something along the lines of a tips included or no tipping policy that is paid as part of the cruise fare. Several all inclusive lines have this policy and seem to be doing well with it.
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